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Alternatives to Traditional Book Reports


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This presentation was share with elementary teachers at a recent workshop.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Alternatives to Traditional Book Reports

  1. 1. Alternatives toTraditional Book Reports
  2. 2. What do Good Readers do? Use strategies to figure out words Choose to read Re-read for information they need Share the books they read Predict what comes next Make connections to their own life Read often Read a variety of genre They have a list of what they want to read next Aware of their own understanding
  3. 3. What’s the Goal?• Celebrate the accomplishments of readers• Promote and plan for future reading• Foster the collaboration of a reading community• Establish a reading culture
  4. 4. Book Reports• Fail to motivate kids to read• Lack personal significance• Chore to write• Painful for students to listen to• Bore to grade• Easy to copy
  5. 5. Alternatives
  6. 6. Book Commercials• Advertisements - short, impromptu testimonials• Goal - Provide students with a forum for sharing the books they love• Model - Teacher provides his/her own book commercials• Discuss - How to share enough information but not too much
  7. 7. Book Reviews• Authentic Opportunities to share with other readers about the books they are reading• Study professional book reviews and book jacket blurbs - determine what information professionals include when evaluating books• Determine what makes a quality review• Publish in formats that encourage conversation: blogs, Destiny Quest
  8. 8. Class Blog• Authentic Opportunities to share with other readers about the books they are reading• Comments on posts begins conversations• Authentic Audience
  9. 9. Destiny Quest
  10. 10. Other Ideas• Create book trailers - short video created by students to highlight the key points of a book• Create animated or stop-motion videos about a books plot -• Create 3D interactive pop-up books - http://
  11. 11. In a Perfect World, what would a Reading Classroom Look Like?