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AATE Meeting February 2012 - Managing Apps/Share the Load


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This was a breakout session during a meeting of the Atlanta Area Technology Educators Association hosted by Greater Atlanta Christian School in February 2012.

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AATE Meeting February 2012 - Managing Apps/Share the Load

  1. 1. Managing Apps/Share the Load AATE February 14, 2012
  2. 2. Getting Started• Scale determines your management solution• Settings -- General -- Restrictions: you can enable a range of restrictions.You will have to enter a 4 digit passcode.
  3. 3. iPad Cart• Syncing with a cart• iTunes Account for school iPads• Volume Purchase Program
  4. 4. Volume Purchase Program•
  5. 5. Volume Purchase Program• Roles - Program Manager • Authorized by an educational institution • Manage program facilitators for the VPP • Facilitate the purchase and distribution of iOS apps and books in large quantities (20 or more)
  6. 6. Volume Purchase Program• Roles - Program Facilitator • Redeem Volume Vouchers for Apps • Search & order apps in quantities • May be anyone designated by the Program Manager • New, Unique iTunes account • Recommend to create new, generic email addresses
  7. 7. Volume Purchase Program• Purchasing Apps • Purchase apps at this site: • • Receive an email when app licenses are ready • Licenses listed in a spreadsheet • May be distributed via email or other means
  8. 8. Volume Purchase Program• Purchasing Apps • Optional, separate agreement that will allow your institution to use one or more iTunes accounts to sync multiple iOS devices • Master iTunes syncing accounts should be generic accounts kept inside the institution • Frequently Asked Questions for this program at
  9. 9. Volume Purchase Program• Redeeming Codes • One code is redeemed to a single iTunes account, iTunes is activated with that account on up to five 5 computers. The 29 remaining codes are kept on file in the event of an audit. • 30 codes are distributed and redeemed against 30 school managed iTunes accounts. • 30 codes are distributed and redeemed against 30 student managed iTunes accounts. App becomes property of the student.
  10. 10. Volume Purchase Program• Volume Purchase Program Explained•
  11. 11. Deployment Tools• Tools such as Casper can help• Import volume license information and keep up with codes/redemption• May be the way to go for a 1 to 1 with iPads
  12. 12. Now for some fun!• App Swap!