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Orbital Project: From RDM to a Research Service


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Presentation for the JISC Managing Research Data Programme workshop 25-26th March 2013. For more info, see:

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Orbital Project: From RDM to a Research Service

  1. 1. From a RDM pilot to a Research Service Orbital Project | JISC MRD Programme Workshop 25-26th March 2013
  2. 2. Orbital (2011), All Singing All Dancing
  3. 3. Orbital (2013), A joined up service
  4. 4. Step by step0. ‘Learning the domain’ (Nov 2011)1. Minimum Viable Product (May 2012) CKAN (August 2012) Orbital Bridge (Sept 2012) ‘Researcher Dashboard’ (Jan 2013)5. ‘Research Services’ (April 2013)…
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Recommendations to SMT• Research Data Management should be a joint responsibility between the Library, ICT, R&E and the Registry.• Establish a ‘research systems’ Steering Group (RDM, Repository, etc.) which reports to RIEC.• Agree an RDM roadmap for Lincoln over two years: 2013-15.• Work with ICT to provide staff with versatile, secure, backed-up networked storage and develop a costing model for larger requests for storage.• Establish Research Services Developer post (ePrints/REF, RDM) to develop the research information environment, so as to meet researcher requirements, data legislation and funder mandates.• Undertake a cost/benefits analysis of establishing a ‘Data Scientist’ role to exploit research information environment.• Train existing Library and Research & Enterprise staff in RDM principles and practices• Undertake a longitudinal (annual) survey of research practices at Lincoln to identify need for support.
  8. 8. Live demo
  9. 9. Credits and contactAll Singing All Dancing image Dance image image Joss Winn