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An API-first approach. Integrating ckan with RDM services


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Published in: Education
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An API-first approach. Integrating ckan with RDM services

  1. 1. An API-first approach Integrating CKAN with RDM services.Joss Winn, Centre for Educational Research and Development. 24th October 2012
  2. 2. Eating Your Own Dog Food: Building a repository with API-driven development From the very start, Orbital has been
  3. 3. Choosing CKAN for research data management We switched to CKAN because they caught up with us ;-)
  4. 4.
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  6. 6. • Access any bit of information in CKAN (if you are authorised!) • Edit any piece of information in CKAN • Create a whole new web front-end for CKAN (if you want!) The CKAN API follows the RESTful style and uses JSON by default. Client tools in various
  7. 7. Some uses… • Identify researcher from CRIS • Create research group • Create research project • Set user roles and permissions • Create dataset record • Import dataset (from file storage, instrument, ‘big data’, etc.) • Export dataset (e.g. csv, xls) • Query dataset (full SQL queries) • Export for SWORD conversion (e.g. via Bridge to ePrints)
  8. 8. Try the up-coming CKAN v2 for yourself!