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  • To feel accepted and valued – assessment, to help them have ownership of their learning, to provide opportunities for learning, develop and promote skills they need. Technology is part of the pre-k guidelines State and National Technology Standards Finally – It’s a right! No longer a priviledge, and it’s our responsibility as teachers to help children reach the technology techs, national tech standards, .
  • Web 2.0 tools are available so long you have access to the internet. Different Types Never substitute real experiences for virtual one – the use of blocks for counting, or touching hot, cold, heavy, light Campus- ITRC, librarian, tech committee, ET facilitator Join your tech committee Hand to students with a purpose Teach them how to use it Web has many tutorial on taking better pics, rule of thirds, lighting, etc. Power of ownership of learning – insects – go to Target and browse the $1 bins for plastic insects, you check out all kinds of books, buys insect costumes, bring some livec ones in,
  • Use it to:
  • A sense of who they are and what they can do Social interaction is critical – be a spy - go around the room and find things that are green- together if two cameras or take turns Sharing the camera Utilizing self-control, ask permission to take photos of others, we ask permission to take photos of someone else’s property
  • Use photobooth *Take pics for self portraits of emotions "today you will take 3 pics of yourself – sad, happy and scared."  Use these cards to remind you of which emotions to use, teacher prints an emotions book – have children dictate I am a friend, I like to share, I am a good listener *Take pics for self portraits to describe self (with language or without language) *Make a "how to video" - how to wash hands, how to say sorry to a friend, other ideas the children may have *Record themselves singing songs about social behavior *To promote social interaction and learning about team work "You and Sofia take turns and take pictures of everything you see that is ____"
  • Oral Language Development – have the children express themselves, practice talking and communicating with others Document camera or web cam comes in. Contact others and teach about listening and responding. Oral language development, listening skills, etc.
  • *Make their own TV show - Talk Show, “Wolf, why did you want to eat the pigs?” Use a mean voice. Or do a personal preference show "Hi! I'm __.  This is my show about singing” *Make a vocabulary movie. Today you will act the words you know  "I can jump, I can whisper” Or "I'm in front of the chair, I'm behind the chair"  *Take close up photos of objects in the classroom and friends guess what the object is Use your teacher web cam to connect to another classroom or an author, the principal, a parent or your librarian – practice asking and answering questions
  • Children can record themselves clapping syllables, singing nursery rhymes, songs,poems (sight word movie) From the teacher that create the sight word movie "Photographing our sight word story above took about 30 minutes, start to finish, but they were engaged the entire time, putting on and taking off the vests, helping put the letters in order, and singing the songs. Now, each morning we start our day by viewing our sight word video; it’s an engaging and meaningful way to teach sight words.” *They can tell or re-tell a story on camera using props, felt, puppets, story cards *Books, books, books! Children create all types (friends books, center books, playground books,  – fiction and non-fiction books) center books, playground books, friend books – fiction and non-fiction books
  • Discovery Time – print the pics the children take, add their name and place them by the block center so other children can take a look at models from peers
  • Children take photos of their block structures to support spatial sense, print the pics with the child's name and make it into a book for the block center  Children take photos of their environment – “let’s spy some circles, green objects, etc"  Make movies about number, shapes, patterns, fair shares, etc.            
Reminder: Real experiences are better than virtual ones!  
  • Experiences! Let’s go outside and take photos of living things. Gail had her children videotape ladibugs and used the video to skype with a kinder class that also had a garden. “It was amazing to hear the comments that the children were making” Video tape the drops hitting the glass. What shapes do you see. Have them record the wind moving the branches of a tree or plans on the grown. Have them record the sounds of the birds, sacadas.
  • Record science happenings in your classroom (frogs jumping, caterpillars eating, eggs hatching)   “ This is the eggs we saw hatching – they came out all wet” Photograph plants growing or the zoo trip, make a slice show and turn it into a book! Go for a living things picture hunt in your playground (find out what's under a rotting log -teacher does this for students) Take pictures of the clouds rolling by, or record lightning and rain from a window  
  • Take camera outdoors for an impromptu field trip - (is there construction going on? Are the city workers around?) Take pics and make a slide show, interview someone on camera if possible and watch the movie. Interview a fireman when they come to visit, your favorite custodian Take pics of items we use here and items we use  at home that are the same  
  • Movie maker, iMovie Iphoto, Phototshop elements Cominc Life- Kidspiration
  • Show picnik!
  • Pre k dig-cam_conference1

    1. 1. Use the Power of                             Technology to Enhance your Teaching
    2. 2. Why Integrate Technology? Informal Assessment
    3. 3. Where do I start? <ul><li>Use the tools yourself </li></ul><ul><li>Hand the tools to students (purpose, plan) </li></ul>WEB 2.0
    4. 4. Pre-K Domains <ul><li>I. Social and Emotional Development </li></ul><ul><li>II. Language and Communication </li></ul><ul><li>III. Emergent Literacy Reading and Writing </li></ul><ul><li>V. Mathematics </li></ul><ul><li>VI. Science </li></ul><ul><li>VII. Social Studies </li></ul>
    5. 5. Social and Emotional Development
    6. 6. Self Portraits Videos Instant Photographers and Videographers
    7. 7. Language And Communication
    8. 8. Instant Show Hosts
    9. 9. Emergent Literacy and Writing R-E-D video
    10. 10. Mathematics
    11. 11. Counting Patterns
    12. 12. Science
    13. 13.
    14. 14. Social Studies
    15. 15. <ul><li>Software </li></ul>
    16. 16. Tools on the Web
    17. 17. Sharing With Others
    18. 18. Other Web 2.0 Tools