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Tedx hongkong press release


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Tedx hongkong press release

  1. 1. TEDXHONG KONG BE ONE OF THE FEW 11 AM-8 PM, 2ND (FRIDAY),DECEMBER CHIANG CHEN STUDIO THEATRE, HONG KONG POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITYFor Immediate Release (18/11)Nov. 18, 2011 (Hong Kong)TEDxHong Kong, the annual premiere TEDx conference in Hong Kong, celebrates its 2ndsuccessive year in the running with the theme duly entitled in “Forever”. TEDxHong Kong 2011explores the conceptual framework of sustainability in not just the well-known areas of social,economic, environmental, but also how humankind sustain their mind and soul in the face ofadvanced technology in neuroscience, health care system and non-mainstreams It will take placeat Hong Kong Polytechnic University on Dec 2nd (Friday) from 11am-8pm. This annual TEDxconference features ins inspirational talks and outstanding performances that bring together andexplore a host of transformative ideas, including how political economy can increase humanfreedom, cutting edge biotechnology application and the application of digital networks inpeople’s experience with the body, visual anthropology, personal transformation, advanceddecision-making about emerging technologies, and much more!Highlight of the agenda • Head of Sustainability Development, MTR Corporation Dr. Glenn Frommer will share his continuous effort in propelling MTR to be the world’s leader in with advanced design in environmental and sustainability programme • The Founding Director of Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology Dominic Man-kit Lam will discuss how his pursuit of betterment of Arts and Humanities has taught him about the hardship and joy of arts promotion in Hong Kong society. • Famed British longevity researcher Aubrey de Grey will discuss the latest developments in his SENS (Strategies for Engineering Negligible Senescence) project for prolonging human life to hundreds of years or more, using advanced medical science • Award-winning personal transformation researcher Dr. Jeffery Martin will demonstrate the empirical research in non-symbolic consciousness of neurological and psychological correlates of enlightenment.Details of TEDxHong KongDate and Time: Friday, 2nd December 2011, 11 – 8 pmVenue: Chiang Chen Studio Threatre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityScientists, social entrepreneurs, business executives, artists, performers, and leaders of our local and globalcommunity will gather on the same stage, to share their own profound thoughts and exciting stories as theyguide us through the known into the unknown. Discover what is possible; think about Forever.For a full list of confirmed speakers and additional information about the conference, please visitthe conference website: www.tedxhongkong.comTo register please visit the EventBrite page: Kong is one of a series of allied events offered at PolyU toward the end of 2011. Theseries also includes • Humanity+ Conference (3rd – 4th Dec) -- • The Asia Consciousness Festival (10th & 11th Dec)-- Asia-Consciousness-Festival/104551196316680?v=info
  2. 2. Humanity+ is an international nonprofit membership organization which advocates the ethicaluse of technology to expand human capacities. Humanity+ supports the development of andaccess to new technologies that enable everyone to enjoy better minds, better bodies and betterlives. In other words, Humanity+ wants people to be better than well. For more information pleasevisit Kong Polytechnic University is a global leader in education in multiple areas includingdesign and engineering, with top ranks in many disciplines. Poly U graduates are leaders in theirrespective fields, with a shared commitment to creative, practical application of advancedknowledge. For more information, please visit contacts:All press requests should be sent to Yu is the the official spokesperson for TEDxHongKong.Please note that TEDx event organizers are not able to speak for the TED Conference. Any inquiryregarding TED should be sent to:Melody SerafinoTEDx Media