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Media assessment

  1. 1. Josephine Beer 2096 33435 Aquinas College AS Media Studies OCR G321: Foundation Portfolio Create the front cover, contents and double page spread for a new music magazine
  2. 2. 1)Who would be the audience for your media product?
  3. 3. Use… Watch… listen to… Read… Go to… My magazine would be aimed at people who… Are... Shop at… 14-18
  4. 4. • The genre of my magazine is pop/chart music with some influences of hip-hop. I think this would appeal a teenage market because it is not just a typical pop magazine because of the sub genres. I think people aged 14-18 would be most interested in my magazine because the layout is quite simple but also there isn't too many colours so it would target this age range when it is on the shelf. I think 14-18 is the age where you can really discover your own music taste and explore music properly. My magazine includes both well known artists and smaller artists, this gives the readers variety in their preferences in music and allows them to have a wide range of artists which they like listening to. I think there is a need for my magazine because all other magazines based round the pop genre are for young pre-teen girls. It is important to offer a more mature magazine because it will include a different type of content more based around the music rather than the gossip and personal lives of the artists. I aimed to it more mature than the similar magazines in this genre e.g. TOTP and We Love Pop because I think there is a gap in the market for a pop magazine for people in their teens. I also think my magazine would be aimed more towards females because they are mostly interested in this type of music, although, some males may enjoy the hip-hop side of my magazine. The titles of these magazines both include the word ‘pop’ which is just narrowing the magazine down to one genre, my magazine differs from this because I wanted to begin to explore other genres. Some artists I include like Rizzle Kicks and Mikill Pane ensure to keep my magazine fresh and interesting because they are very up to date and modern, they are in the public eye and are young, these would be good role models for the readers of my magazine because they have come from normal backgrounds similar to the readers.
  5. 5. On my mood board, I included some of the artists which I would feature in my magazine like Rizzle Kicks, Ed Sheeran, Labrinth and Beyoncé. Most of them are well known and artists from the UK and America. The US and the UK are well known for their music and it is played on popular radio stations like capital. This would mean that my magazine would appeal to a wide range of people because many people listen to this type of radio station. Most of the artists in my magazine would be in the charts so they would be played on Radio One’s chart show. This is the biggest station in the UK so a lot of people listen to it and therefore would know the majority of artists featured in my magazine. There is also an element of acoustic music in my genre of magazine for example Ed Sheeran. He fits into the Pop/Indie genre which shows that my magazine has some other small influences of different genres like hip-hop and R&B which makes it unique because it is not just a pop magazine. Artists which feature in my magazine would sometimes be on music channels like MTV, this is a channel which can be accessed all over the world, particularly in the US and UK so if music is popular world wide then more people would want to access my magazine because they would be interested in the music.
  6. 6. • These kind of artists also do a range of big arena tours to small intimate venues. It is good that there is different levels of fame throughout my magazine and it would therefore hopefully include something for everyone. Small venues also cost a lot less money to get tickets for so people can still experience gigs but on a smaller scale. Venues like the Academy and HMV Ritz are good for more undiscovered artists but they also often have a better atmosphere. This links to the title of my magazine because I think the atmosphere at a gig is really important. And it’s not necessary for someone to particularly like that artist, if they can put on a good show and the atmosphere is good then it will be enjoyable and memorable. My tag line is ‘Music is nothing without Atmosphere’ I used this because I think its necessary for artists to be able to put on a good show and if they cant perform live then it is disappointing and shows that they aren’t of a high quality.
  7. 7. 2)How does your media product represent particular social groups?
  8. 8. • • • The cover star on my magazine represents my particular social group because my model is similar to the type of people who would read my magazine. The type of clothes she is wearing are very current and girly but they are also individual. The leather jacket and the shoes link back to the idea of hip-hop influences and ensure that she is up to date and unique. Lucie also compares to other pop artists who are currently popular, they would have a similar dress sense. The style of Lucie’s hair goes well with the genre because the bright red makes her stand out and re-enforces her unique style. Lucie’s hair is a similar colour and style to Rihanna, she has a big influence on teenage girls in the UK and this shows that the model on the cover of my magazine would too. The leather jacket and denim shorts are edgy and on trend. They are similar to Rita Ora’s outfits. This shows that my model is right for the genre of music. The pose of the model is also similar which means it would be suitable for my magazine and genre.
  9. 9. • • • My cover star is someone who my readers should aspire to be like. Lucie is a similar age to the age of the readers my magazine is aimed at and therefore Lucie would be a positive role model. My magazine is mainly pop genre and this has the connotations of innocence and fun. A slight contrast to this is the hip-hop sub genre. This is more edgy and rebellious and this is shown through Lucies clothes. There is nothing in the interview which would badly influence the readers because they are fairly young and my magazine would aim to have a positive influence on everyone who reads it. Therefore, anything that is included in my magazine would try to inspire the reader. All of my images of Lucie are natural and not too staged. This is good because it links back to the idea that my star is someone who the reader can aspire to be like and anything that is too posed or airbrushed will be impossible for them to achieve. Using airbrushed pictures would give my readers a false view of the cover star and because my magazine is aimed at teenage females, it is important that the model is not made to look perfect because no one actually looks like that in real life. All of the images I took of Lucie display innocence and fun. It is important that I put across this tone on the cover and throughout because that is what pop music is all about, it is not serious so obviously I want to set this tone for my magazine. Lucie also looks very natural and not too posed or staged. Eye contact with the camera is important because it connects with the reader.
  10. 10. Rihanna is an example of one of the artists which would feature in my magazine. It is easy for stars to be portrayed negatively because everything they do is in the public eye and there will always be people trying to make them look bad. These two pictures of Rihanna show how different an artist can be. On the left she is moody and wearing dark clothes. This is during a time when she is not expected to be pictured so she is not dressed up and is casual. In contrast to this, on the right she is on the red carpet, this is a time where a lot of people across the world will see her so she has to portray her image in a positive way. There is always a lot of bad press around Rihanna saying she is a bad role model but this is due to how she acts in her free time. When Rihanna is in the public eye she changes how she acts and what clothes she wears. Rihanna has also been in the public eye since she was a teenager, it is obvious that she has changed since then and it must be difficult for her to take away the innocent and sweet label which she was previously given. Rihanna’s music has also changed and got more rebellious, this could be her way of showing everyone that she has grown up. Rihanna can get away with a lot of things because the majority of people like her and respect her music.
  11. 11. 3) What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
  12. 12. • • I feel that my magazine is fairly unique in its genre, it is a pop magazine yet it is more grown up. although it is similar to Top Of The Pops and We Love Pop, it is a mature version and also explores a few other genres rather than only focusing on pop. I think my magazine would be good for people to read once they have grown out of TOTP and we love pop. My magazine would help reader to explore music even further and possibly discover some more unknown artists rather than those who are currently in the spotlight. I wouldn’t say that my magazine would be in competition with TOTP or We Love Pop because I think the age at which they are aimed at is different. Also, my magazine would be priced at £1.99 which is £1 cheaper than top of the pops magazine. The lower price should appeal to a reader because my magazine is also more frequent than top of the pops. My magazine is published weekly and TOTP is published monthly, it is more sensible to charge less for a more frequent magazine because it makes it easier for the reader to buy every issue and this gains loyalty from the readers.
  13. 13. Publishing my magazine weekly means that it will include the most modern and up to date news, this would be appealing to a reader because any features in the magazine will never be more than a week old so obviously the readers will want to buy the magazine as they can keep up and feel like they have the latest information. My magazine is also newer than TOTP magazine so it would be good if someone wants to try something new. Top Of The Pops is an established well known brand so it would be a bad idea trying to directly compete with it as it would have a lot of loyal readers. By offering something slightly different, I am aiming my magazine at a more specific audience rather than those who follow just the pop genre. There has been 245 issues of Top Of The Pops magazine so it will be more exciting to try a new magazine.
  14. 14. • • The main way for people to find my magazine is via social media. The main ones being twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Twitter is the most popular social networking website used currently and it is a really simple and easy way to promote my magazine. The use of hash tags can spread ideas in a matter of minutes. The more readers my magazine has, the easier it is to get something trending on twitter and therefore more people will see it. If there was going to be any competitions in my magazine I would use twitter as a way of entering it because it means that their followers will learn about the magazine so it is a cheap way to advertise. Twitter is also used by most people aged 1418 and that is who my magazine is targeted at. Twitter is also a way for people to contact celebrities. It is unusual to find a type of social media which allows readers and artists to interact with each other which makes twitter so successful. Having a twitter account dedicated to my magazine allows readers to get to see everything on a more personal level and offers them even more exclusive things than the magazine does. Instagram is a more interactive, visual way of connecting with readers. It allows people to post pictures and follow other users, this is a more behind the scenes view into the magazine. If readers of the magazine follow the Instagram page then it helps to build a fan base and therefore it is a more casual and informal relationship.
  15. 15. • Icon for my app • YouTube is more of an unusual way of promoting my magazine but I think it is important to remember that it is a music publication. YouTube is used all the time to promote new songs or music videos so it is important that my magazine addresses this. YouTube is also a good way to post videos of footage around the magazine, this could include some of the artists who feature in each issue. YouTube videos get spread around really quickly so if there are any particularly successful or popular ones then it is likely that a lot of people are going to see it. A YouTube page dedicated to my magazine allows people to post video responses and get involved themselves. Online competitions or features will be popular because the internet is used so much and it is so easy for readers to get involved on the web due to computers, tablets and smart phones. Having an app for my magazine would be a good way to share extra things with loyal readers. A free app would be available for everyone with basic features but a small cost could be charged to access more complex features. This would distinguish who were the loyal readers and therefore offer more rewards to them. My app could include videos, pictures, unseen features and it could allow users to write comments and put across their views which would help to make the magazine as good as it could be because they can cater to audiences needs. Apps are really easy to download on a Smartphone and tablet which the majority of teenagers have. Apps can also be accessed anywhere so if someone can’t buy a magazine then they could just download this issue on the app.
  16. 16. 4) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  17. 17. Comparison between Top Of The Pops and We Love Pop.
  18. 18. On the cover of these real media products they are all pop related and have one female soloist taking up most of the frame. The main image is looking direct to camera and they are all medium close up shots. The colour scheme of the magazines are bright girly colours and the text is bold and stands out. There is an element of fun in all these, they all have an element of gossip and secrets in them. The mast head on each magazine is bold and recognisable so this manages to create a house style throughout each issue of the magazine. Even simple things like slanted text or features add another dimension which I have tried to recreate in my magazine. Auto shapes are used a lot to add extra information and to not overwhelm the reader with too much text. Auto shapes ensure that an important piece of information can easily stand out.
  19. 19. This is a row of smaller images of one artist, this shows that they have put a lot of focus into Lady Gaga and anyone who likes her should buy this magazine. The different images show all different sides to lady gaga and this would suggest that in the magazine they are exploring all about her. I have done the same kind of thing on my magazine, the small images all work well together because they are similar colours and also the sub heading of ‘Rizzle Kicks’ fits nicely with this. Anyone who likes Rizzle Kicks would enjoy this feature in my magazine. The images show them playing live music which is exciting and shows they are producing real music rather than just manufactured auto tuning. In top of the pops magazine, this section makes the audience think that they will find something out that noone else knows. The word ‘secrets’ is intriguing and will make the reader want to reveal what it is. Similarly, I have included a secret feature in my magazine. I think this works within my genre of pop because it would be aimed at an audience who may be interested in a star’s secret life, as well as the music. This image of Rihanna is not serious and has a fun element to it, this is relevant to a pop magazine because most pop artists focus on putting on a good show with dance routines and a visual experience. The fact that my image was taken outside shows that it wasn’t too staged and the image shows a soft side to the model. If my genre was something like heavy metal then my image would have to be a lot stronger. The soft sides shows how the artist is as a person and gives the reader more insight into them. One way in which my magazine differs from the professional ones is that mine does not have a white background. It is set outside. I think this makes my image more edgy and adds more depth to it rather than having a plain background. One similarity is that both of these magazines have a ‘+’ sign which offers more information about what is to be included in the magazine. This will maximise readers because there is a higher chance that they will see an artist which they like.
  20. 20. These contents pages both have a selection of different images on them. This helps the reader to visualise what will be included in the magazine. They also both include small auto shapes with extra details. All of these contents pages have simple colour schemes and the layout is very blocked and easy to follow. My contents page is slightly different from the professional ones because I have separated the regular features and the ones exclusive to this issue. This is a positive thing because it makes it easy for the reader to distinguish between the two and it ensures that their favourite feature will be included in each issue. One similarity between my magazine and the others is that white is the predominant colour of the background and the text is mostly black with one other colour. This makes my magazine look more professional and shows it is working like other magazines on the market.
  21. 21. I have included an editors letter in my magazine to explain some of the features inside this months issue. Talking about the magazine by using words like ‘we’ and ‘you’ makes the editors letter more casual and less formal. This forms a bond with the reader and makes them feel valued and important. One way my editors letter differs to the professional one is that I have put pages numbers in mine. I like the idea of having page numbers because if someone likes the sound of a specific issue then they can easily find it without having to read the rest of the contents. Chronology is something which is expected on a contents page because it makes it quick and easy to read. The blocked format of the page makes it simple to follow and it is not strenuous and difficult to find where it starts and ends. My contents is different from the ‘we love pop’ one because I have done a small explanation under the features. I like this idea because it offers the reader extra information and they can see whether this feature would appeal to them or not. Both of these contents pages have a contrast in 2 colours. The black makes the magazine more slick and professional where as the other colour adds more of a pop element to the page. Which is necessary for this genre. Both my magazine and the professional one have a collage of images on the contents page. The use of a collage makes it easy to visually show the reader what will be included in the magazine. Each picture relates to a different feature and if anyone is interested in a specific artist then it is easy for them to find them in the rest of the magazine because of the page numbers. My magazine and the professional one both include page numbers because some of the images don’t need to be explained, for example the Ed Sheeran tour picture. This creates ease for the reader and they can instantly find what they are looking for.
  22. 22. Most double page spreads in profession pop magazines follow the same kind of layout. They have one main image and then an interview with questions and answers. These are very simple but effective because they are easy to follow and a white background really makes the image stand out. They also include a small box saying who wrote the article and took the images, this gives credit to anyone who was involved . Blocked questions and answers makes it clear to see who is saying what and by using two different colours distinguishes the difference visually.
  23. 23. Both of these images are of a solo female artist. Having one image on the double page spread keeps it simple and ensures that all the focus is drawn to there. The image from the ‘we love pop’ magazine is very staged and is facing the camera with a prop. This contrasts with my image because it is more natural and looks less posed. One similarity between the images is that they are both medium shots rather than medium close ups like on the cover. The medium shots show more of the artist and there is more space on a double page spread to not cram everything on. The prop of a camera is quite cheeky and fits well with a pop genre. Having a pull quote on the double page spread gives an insight into style and mood of the interview. These quotes are both similar because they are quite dramatic and would persuade someone to read this interview even if they weren’t planning on it. The words ‘I’ and ‘I’m’ give off the impression that the whole interview is from the artists perspective which would make a reader think that they are getting an insight into their life and it will be interesting to read. Alternating colours on the double page spread makes it really simple and easy to read. The questions are in blue and the answers are in black. Because there is quite a lot of text on one page it can seem daunting for the reader but this layout makes it simple to follow and you can clearly see who is saying which thing. Obviously not all double page spread features will be interviews but they are often found in pop magazines because the audience may be younger because of the genre of music.
  24. 24. 5) How did you attract/address your audience?
  25. 25. Date Tagline Mast head Social media Issue number Eye contact Cover story Free gift Main image/cover star Feature Competition Collage Personal address Pull quote Auto Shape Barcode List of artists Price
  26. 26. • • • The first thing that attracts the audience to my magazine is the bold title. This would catch someone’s eye because it is in capitals and is in a bright colour. The other text on my page is mainly black so my title is eye catching and is the first thing that someone would see as they look at the page. The title of my magazine is also the logo so it would become instantly recognisable to anyone who looks at it and also it is good that my logo is the same as my title because it means people will remember the name of the magazine. The image I have used would attract the audience because of the use of eye contact. My model is looking directly at the camera so it instantly connects with the audience and her pose is natural so it is interesting and easy to look at. Another thing that would attract people would be the fact that it looks professional, the use of codes and conventions makes it look like a real magazine. For example, the barcode, date and issue number are all things which are expected to be included on a real magazine and as soon as you look at my cover these are dominant in the frame.
  27. 27. • • • The colour scheme of my cover is continual throughout my magazine and I have tried to stick to a minimal amount of colours, this would attract the audience because although the colours stand out they are not too bright and all work well together. The blues and purples are not specific to one gender and even though my magazine is aimed mainly at females, males may also enjoy it. The list of artists at the bottom of my cover would attract the audience because there is more of a chance that they will see an artist they like. They will become interested in the magazine and therefore want to buy it if they weren’t already intending on it. Free posters and the chance to win prizes would attract the audience because everyone likes to get things without having to pay for them. If someone does not buy the magazine then they will feel like they are missing out on the chance to win things which may interest them. If competitions are a regular feature in my magazine then this will create loyal readers.
  28. 28. Heading Magazine title/logo Date Regular Features List of features Main Image Explanation of features Exclusive features Chronology Editors Letter Page Numbers Direct Address
  29. 29. • • • • The first thing that would attract readers about my contents page would be the clear logo and heading. Reading a magazine shouldn’t be hard work so having a bold title that stands out and tells you exactly what it is would be appealing for the reader. The colours of this page are also continued from the cover so this creates a house style and ensures that the magazine works well as one. The colour of the bar across the top is similar to the colours in the images so this ties the page together and makes it look complete. The editors letter would attract the audience because it is short yet it contains all the information it needs to. The use of page numbers in the letter is good because the different colour makes them stand out and therefore makes the articles stand out. Direct address using the word ‘you’ is talking directly to the reader and makes it casual and friendly. The editors letter also gives a more behind the scenes feel rather than just showing the readers from the outside it gives them slightly more insight into the magazine. The small explanation of the features would attract readers because it offers them slightly more and helps them to decide which articles to read. The contrast in colours also separates out the features and makes it less daunting and a smaller chunk of text. The images I have included on my contents page would attract the reader because they are all from live concerts which I have been to. This links to the title of my magazine because it obviously shows some relevance to the word ‘atmosphere’ like at a concert. Live music is also enjoyable because many pop artists put on a show rather than just singing which means it is a well known genre.
  30. 30. Heading/Name of Artist By line Main Article Blocked Layout Pull Quote Stand First Main Image Pull Quote Introduction Page Numbers
  31. 31. • • • • • The first thing that would attract the audience on my double page spread is the image. It is striking and takes up a lot of the page. It instantly grabs the readers attention and draws them in. The natural pose works well with the article because it shows the models innocence and that she is individual and doesn’t follow the crowd. Another thing that would attract the reader is the pull quote, this gives a little snippet of the interview and sets the tone. The main pull quote is interesting to intrigue the reader and it is large on the page so therefore is easy to read. The font I have used is like handwriting, this makes it more personal. The stand first would attract the reader because it introduces the interview but doesn’t give too much away and therefore would make someone want to read on. The word ‘newcomer’ shows that the artist is fresh and young which is interesting and would intrigue the readers. The layout of the article would also attract someone because it is easy to follow and the separation between questions and answers makes it simple. Interviews like this are common in pop magazines because they usually have a younger audience. The white background makes the page look clean and the blue colour is continued from the cover and the contents page. The house style would attract the reader because it enhances how professional the magazine is and the blue and white colours work well together.
  32. 32. • • • My magazine addresses the audience in a friendly way, I aim not to talk down to people but to form a bond with the readers. It is easy to do this via the means of social networking, especially twitter. Twitter is an informal way of socialising and interacting between the magazine and the readers. My editors letter displays this sort of informality by using direct address, referring to the magazine as ‘we’ and ‘us’ and the reader as ‘you’. This is probably the most informal part of my magazine and it is right at the beginning on the contents page so it eases the reader into the style and lets them know what to expect. Visually, my magazine is appealing because of the natural cover star and her expression, it is welcoming and inviting which is what a pop magazine should be. The colours I used are bright enough to catch someone’s attention but I have tried to stick to a small amount because I think it looks like a more professional publication this way. Too many bright colours would make it look cheap and therefore like it will not be of a high quality.
  33. 33. • • • When choosing my fonts, I liked the idea of having a bold, easy to read heading but a more subtle pull quote. The pull quote looks almost like handwriting and I think this is very personal and could be coming directly from the artist themselves. This would address the reader because they would want inside information which has not been twisted or changed by the magazine. The font I have used for my features are clear and simple so it is easy to read and gets across the information necessary. The font I used for ‘Rizzle Kicks’ looks like their logo. This would make it instantly recognisable and shows that the interview is legitimate. From my cover, contents page and double page spread, I think it is clear that the values of my magazine are warm and welcoming. In contrast to this, I think it does have a some elements of a rebellious feel to it due to the individuality of the cover star and the clothes she is wearing. It is necessary because being ‘nice’ and ‘happy’ isn’t always the best way of catching someone's attention, it has to display a few different emotions. The front cover of my magazine would make readers aspire to be like my star because she is young and stylish. She is slightly older than the age of my readers so it is important for them to look up to her for my cover star to be an inspiration to them. The interview I included also has to work with the style of the cover star and the words have to fit with the images.
  34. 34. 6) What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
  35. 35. • Before creating my music magazine I had to take a range of images, I took these on a Canon camera in various different settings, whilst practicing I took some on a green screen and with a white background. These plain backgrounds make editing an image easier because you can simply remove the background. I could have used one of these images for the main image on the cover of my magazine but I liked the idea of taking the image outside because the lighting was more natural and the background was more interesting. The camera I used was of a really high quality and this is necessary to ensure that the image I get is clear, therefore making the image look as professional as possible.
  36. 36. • To track my progress I used a website called Weebly. This allowed me to upload each stage of the process and also analyse everything I had done. I uploaded my preliminary task before starting my music magazine, having everything on my blog makes it easy to see if I’ve progressed and how my style of work has changed. I could also upload any images I had taken during the coursework and it was easy to keep all my work in one place. I also like using Weebly because it allows me to personalise my blog, choosing my own header and how I lay things out. The online blog is also easier for me to access from home rather than printing all my work out. My Weebly page can also be accessed by anyone so people can suggest improvements on my work or analysis.
  37. 37. • I did the majority of my magazine on Microsoft publisher because I find this the easiest to use. I edited my images on Photoshop and the most I had to do was remove the background on the image for my double page spread. I did this by opening the image and then using the quick selection tool to remove any of the background. After this I went round some areas with a soft rubber to smooth out the edges and to make it look like there was never a background in the first place. I then added this edited image into my publisher document. The white background allowed me to put text around the image and made the model stand out more.
  38. 38. • To do the white banner on my front cover I had to layer the images. I started off with a white rectangular auto shape, I then tilted it to add a different dimension to my cover. Once I had done this I added 3 images which all fitted together. In the remaining space I added text. The fonts are very clear and the colours are similar to the ones in the images. I like the way this looks because it breaks up the cover a bit and adds another thing to look at and interest the reader.
  39. 39. Creating My Cover
  40. 40. Creating My Contents
  41. 41. Creating My Double Page Spread
  42. 42. 7) Looking back at your preliminary task (Aquinas College magazine), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression to the full product?
  43. 43. Preliminary college magazine Music Magazine
  44. 44. Aquinas Cover using the same fonts on the cover of my Analysis • I tried to keep • • magazine, this helped to create a house style for my magazine and made it more professional. I made my headline the largest on the page and also the brightest because it is the most important text on the magazine. The font is also clear and would be recognisable as a logo. The red font fits in with the Aquinas theme and also links with what my cover star is wearing so it doesn't clash. The black is quite minimal and next time I would probably try out some different colour to make it more exciting. In my main image the cover star is slightly off centre which makes it a bit different and allows me to put most of my cover features down the left hand side. I have also put one down the right hand side to fill the blank space. The main headline could include more information but it is a big font so it is noticeable. All of my cover features link back to my research and the pie charts helped me to decide which features to include. I would probably change the title if I did this magazine again, I could make it more exciting but it is obvious that it is a college magazine which is the main purpose of the title. I am happy with the over all look of my magazine and think the image is the correct size and positioning but if I was going to do it again then I would think of a new title and try using more colours to make it stand out. I would also make the Aquinas logo bolder so it stands out more. I might try and include a couple more cover features to fill the space a bit more.
  45. 45. Atmosphere Cover Analysis • I used this image of my cover star because I thought it linked well with the genre of my magazine. My cover star looks happy and natural which is what I wanted to gain and the background makes it look professional and it also links to the current weather which shows that my magazine is up to date and that my readers will be getting the most recent information. • The clothes my cover star is wearing are quite edgy and quirky which is what my magazine is about and her trainers link with the idea of hip hop. The Adidas brand is well known and many of the readers my magazine is aimed at would wear clothes similar to this.
  46. 46. Atmosphere Cover the white banner to break up Analysis • I chose to use • the page and offer another dimension to the cover. The smaller images of Rizzle kicks show them playing a live gig which is good because it suggests that my magazines focuses on live music and real artists as well as the more generic pop genre. The images also have the same colour scheme running throughout them which makes them fit together well and look like they are all part of the same thing. I have also used this same colour for the Rizzle Kicks title which shows that this text is talking about the images. The font I have used is also similar to the Rizzle Kicks logo and therefore should be instantly recognisable as soon as someone sees it. The bold 'Harley and Jordan' text stands out a lot which is good because it is focusing on Rizzle kicks as people, as well as them as artists. This offers something extra to the reader and makes a more interesting feature in my magazine. I have used the same font for each feature of my magazine which ties them all together and helps to develop a house style, This font I have used is quite simple but still stands out and is clear enough for someone to read.
  47. 47. • The main difference between my college magazine and my music magazine is how simple my college one was. I have developed my skills a lot and made my music one look like more of a professional publication, there is a lot less white space on my magazine cover and the white banner is a good way to add extra information. • The clothes that my model is wearing differ because of the genre of magazine. On my college magazine my model is wearing smart clothes and on my music magazine she is wearing more stylish, edgy clothes. It is important to distinguish between the two because otherwise my magazines will not stand out on the shelf. I continued to use a small selection of colour on both of my covers because this is more professional.
  48. 48. Medium close up Medium Shot • The actual layout of the image and features on the page is very similar on both magazines. The image is slightly off centre to the right, I like this because it adds more depth and makes it more interesting to look at if it’s not dead centre. The main features are dotted around the image rather than covering it up, this keeps the attention on the cover star. • One difference in my two covers is that I have included some smaller images on my music magazine. These smaller images give a better idea of what to expect in the magazine and adds more variety to the cover, using images from concerts links back to the idea that it is a music magazine and therefore this should be shown. The image on my college magazine is a medium close up and the one on my music magazine is a medium shot. Although they are different types of shots, they both have eye contact looking directly in the camera, this helps to connect with the reader.
  49. 49. • On both of my magazines, the colours I have used also work with my cover stars clothes, this ties the cover together and shows that each issue of the magazine will be slightly different depending on the cover star. The barcode and issue number are positioned in the same place because this is one of the conventions of a magazine and it is necessary to position them correctly. • My music magazine offers a lot more in content, the list of artists at the bottom shows the reader what to expect in the magazine and the ‘+’ sign is universally known, without having to write anything the reader knows exactly what it represents. This contrasts with my Aquinas magazine because I have listed things available to win, this is done in a boring way at the bottom of the page and this is one thing that I learnt from my preliminary college magazine, I've tried to make everything else on my music magazine more visually appealing and exciting. so I improved it.
  50. 50. • On both of my covers I have tried to focus on social networking. Both of my magazines are claimed at teenagers and therefore the majority of my readers would use social networking. By putting this on the cover, I am instantly involving them and trying to attract readers because it is something they enjoy using and it is very easy to just download an app or follow a twitter account/ • I have made the pull quote on my music magazine a lot bigger, rather than just under one of my features. This would excite the reader because it is an insight into the magazine, it is also a quote about Rizzle Kicks’ tour which is something that most of my readers would be really looking forward to and they would want to read the article. It was a good idea to make the pull quote more dominant because it lets the reader know the tone of the magazine just by looking at one quote on the cover.
  51. 51. • • • The biggest contrast between my contents pages is that one is a double page spread and one is just a single page. I did this because there was a lot of empty space on my Aquinas one so it is better to use all the space on one page. I liked the idea of having a white background because it keeps it clean and easy to follow, it also makes the features and images stand out more. I also think it is better to have a white background when my cover has the background to the image on it, it creates a nice contrast between my pages. Both of my contents pages include a lot of images, this is good because it allows readers to know what to expect and enables them to see what is coming throughout the rest of the magazine because I put page numbers next to the image to make it easy for readers. I made my editors letter a lot smaller on my music magazine because it leaves space for more features and images, although the editors letter is important and friendly, it is not necessary for it to take up half of the page.
  52. 52. • • • I didn’t use any pull quotes on my music magazine because I used them a lot on both my cover and double page spread. I don’t want to give away too much of the articles before people have read them. I added a bright strap line to the top of my contents page because it makes it stand out and also is a similar colour to the one I used on my cover, creating a house style and brand identity. I put the date in the strap line because it is a weekly magazine so if loyal readers want to collect copies of the magazine then they can order them and keep them all together. One similarity between my contents pages is the alternate colours for the features and the explanations, I liked this because it breaks the text up and shows clear distinction between each feature. Explaining each feature would intrigue the reader and make them want to read the full article.
  53. 53. I feel that the quality of my work has definitely progressed from my college magazine to my music magazine. The quality of the content is a lot higher because I tried to make my magazine more exciting and tried take more risks. I think the risks paid off because my music magazine ended up looking more professional and I have learnt a lot about the theory behind magazines. Synergy between the magazine and social media websites is an important aspect because social media helps to advertise the magazine and also makes readers want to get involved and participate in competitions. I have also learnt that competitions and free gifts are important aspects to any magazine because it offers the readers something different that they cant get elsewhere and also makes them think that they are getting something more than they paid for. Although college magazines and music magazines are different genres and have different audiences, they both follow the same kind of process and it is important that they are professional because someone wouldn’t want to spend money on an amateur publication. The visual look of the magazines has to stand out to someone on the shelf with a bold, bright mast head and a striking image. I had to take into consideration that my music magazine would be in competition with other magazines and therefore I had to ensure that I made it just as professional as We love Pop and Top Of The Pops magazine.