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Josie Adele Portfolio

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Josie Adele Portfolio

  1. 1. San Francisco, CA 94107 415.336.0106 josieadele@gmail.comI N T E R I O R D E S I G N
  2. 2. O F F I C E S C A P E S S C O T T R I C E P r o j e c t D e s i g n e r Denver, CO ff&e - custom millwork - flooring design Denver’s two Steelcase dealerships merged to become the largest furniture dealership in the region. Our Interiors team determined appropriate spacial needs suited to the 25,000 sf expansion space and a new flooring division. I was responsible for furniture, finish, fabric selection, custom millwork details and flooring design. Design details promoted traffic flow throughout the space. Color and material selection reflected natural elements of the Colorado Rocky Mountains region.Custom millwork wasdesigned in the cafe tohouse technology hub,while the bar height countersuggested traffic flow intothe main showroom. 1/6
  3. 3. O F F I C E S C A P E S S C O T T R I C EProject Designer Denver, COff&e - custom millwork - flooring designAn Architectural library was centrally located and created anoasis to foster interaction in an informal setting of the newflooring division.I designed the custom bar-height counter to showcase andhouse Milliken carpet samples.All samples shown in library display were created during mycollaboration with Milliken Design services in LaGrange, GA. The New Business Development team area was planned to meet A L T E R N A T I V E O F F I C I N G strategies. Space planning was based on a non- traditional panel system to promote communication in a highly collaborative department. Warm colors were specified to ignite drive and ambition in this competitive work environment. 2/6
  4. 4. W O R K P L A C E 2 0 1 0 Project Designer Denver, CO furniture - finish - fabric specification This functional, living laboratory explored and analyzed the future of work space design. I was responsible for space planning, furniture and finish specification. R&D was based on productivity of the knowledge worker.P L A Y G R O U N Dinformal space promotes high-energy dialogue, brainstorming and creativityC A M P S I T E I N F O B A Rself-contained, flexible space for a duration of time specified by users needs wired cafe’ atmosphere promotes community and information exchange area 3/6
  5. 5. A C C E N T U R E Project Designer Denver, CO programming - space plan - ff&eDevelopment of the new Accenture work place was aresponse to a high-end hoteling environment that spoke tothe Generation X worker. Aligning with the clients’ globalinitiatives, I was responsible for space planning,custom furniture design, finish and fabric selection.O P E N P L A N S Y S T E M S 4/6
  6. 6. A C C E N T U R E Project Designer Denver, CO programming - space plan - ff&eBased on workplace programming, open plan vsenclosed space storage and surface needs weredesigned. I increased workstation occupancy 10%by designing task specific work areas with theSteelcase Wood team.E N C L O S E DC O L L A B O R A T I V E 5/6
  7. 7. A C C E N T U R E Project Designer Denver, CO programming - space plan - ff&eS P A C E P L A N 7 6/6