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Visalia Youth Services

  1. 1. Visalia Youth ServicesAlyssa MacielProfessor Cheryl WhittleSWRK 180: Seminar in Macro Practice
  2. 2. Visalia Youth Services about us… Visalia Youth Services is a community-based agency catering in children’s mental health. The client’s served are aged from 0 to 18 with emotional and or behavioral problems. Visalia Youth Services (VYS) clients are Medi-cal or Healthy Family recipients. Mission “To Serve People in Need”
  3. 3. Organizational Chart Board of Directors Chief Executive Officer COO COO Legal Counsel CFO Director of Finance Regional Exe. Director Human Res Director Regional Exe. Fiscal DepartmentQIC/HIPAA Staff DirectorCoordinator Regional Director Hume Res. Dept. Staff Deputy Reg. Staff Director Program Directors Program Directors Maintenance and Support Staff
  4. 4.  Treatment is specified to meet the needs of the clients and therefore is given at the clinic, school and home. Client’s progress is measured by increased productivity at VYS Goals home, school, and in the community.  Services include: & Services  Diagnostic assessment Goals:Visalia Youth Services’ goal is  Individual and family Therapy decrease, prevent and or eliminate more serious  Group Counseling -(Recent groups: emotional and behavioral Anger management, Parenting group, Support group for families with problems for their client’s Aspersers, Independent living skills well being. group for young adults, Social skills group provided at school) Strengthen relationships within the client’s lives by  Case managementimplementing guardian and  Crisis Intervention school involvement.  Therapeutic behavioral services (TBS) Wants client’s to reach their highest potential to become  Medicationactive productive members of society.  Consultation with school personnel
  5. 5. Referrals Clients are referred by volunteer, guardian, school officials, physicians, (CWS) Child Welfare Services, County Probation department and (CVRC) Central Valley Regional Center.
  6. 6. For Children Aged 0 to 5 Signs that may Indicate Services are Needed  Parent or parents that feel overwhelmed by being a parent or have mental health problems themselves  Experiencing major source of stress in family, such as divorce or death of a loved one  Alcohol or drug abuse by someone in the home  Violence or disruption in the home  Unusual or difficult behavior by the child
  7. 7. Signs that Indicate Young Children may Benefit from Mental Health Services Unusual changes in mood or behavior Refuses to eat No friends and or difficulty getting along with peers Does poorly in school, frequently misses and no desire to attend Many minor illnesses or accidents Very fearful, aggressive, or withdrawn Does not want to be away from caregiver Many disturbing dreams, difficulty sleeping and or afraid to sleep alone Refuses to be around certain family members or friends, acts differently in their presence Displays affection inappropriately or makes abnormal sexual gestures/remarks
  8. 8. If One or More Signs Persists Among Young Adults, may Indicate Mental Health Services are Needed Withdrawn from usual routine, including friends, family and normal activities Unexplainable decline in school work Neglects appearance and or unusual amount of weight gain or loss Runs away from home Violent or rebellious behavior Displays physical symptoms with no apparent illness Abuses drugs or alcohol
  9. 9. Must have One of the Following Diagnoses to Receive Specialty Mental Health Services Pervasive Developmental  Somatoform Disorders Disorders, except Autistic disorders  Factitious Disorders Disruptive Behavior and Attention Deficit Disorders  Dissociative Disorders Feeding and Eating Disorders of  Paraphilias Disorders Infancy and Early Childhood  Gender Identity Disorders Elimination Disorders  Eating Disorders Other Disorders of Infancy, Childhood or Adolescence  Impulse Control Disorders Schizophrenia and other psychotic  Adjustment Disorders Disorders  Personality Disorders Mood Disorders  Medication-induced movement Anxiety Disorders Disorders
  10. 10.  EPSDT benefits with relation to mental health: Early & Periodic  Mental health assessmentScreening Diagnostic  Collateral contacts (guardian) and Treatment What is it?  TherapyComprehensive and preventative child health program, includes  Rehabilitation (works on coping periodic screening, vision, dental, & skills) hearing services.  Medication support services Purpose: Identify and correct illnesses and  Day rehabilitation conditions early, for the purpose of curtailing more serious  Day treatment problems later in life. Goals:  Crisis intervention/stabilization 1.)Assure availability and accessibility of health care  Targeted case management resources 2.)Help Medicaid recipients and  TBS services guardians effectively use these
  11. 11. Therapeutic Behavioral Services TBS Services are short-term one on one assistance with youth under 21 years old who are experiencing severe behavioral problems Services can be provided at home, foster home, group home, school, and day treatment program Behavioral intervention plans help control problem behavior and goal is to work toward lower level of care and may be able to return home if living in group home. Services are needed when other interventions have been tried and failed before
  12. 12. Cultural Considerations Provide services in preferred language Provide culturally appropriate assessments and treatments Make efforts to reduce language barriers Provide services with sensitivity to culturally specific views of illness and wellness Consider own world view while providing services Provide oral interpreter free of charge Provide written information in various languages Continued learning such as meeting to teach employees what it is like to live with mental illness and working with people from various backgrounds
  13. 13.  Consumer Entitlements:  Respectful treatment and information on progressHuman Rights of  The right to a second opinion the Consumer  Services in a safe environment  The right to discuss or report concerns or “Acceptance and problems with the services or providers participation in the mental health system of care is  Information or assistance with the voluntary” complaint or grievance  The right to retain an attorney Family Advocate 559-624-7449  The right to authorize, in writing, a person to act on behalf Patient’s Right Advocate 1-800-905-5597  The right to services without discrimination based on race, color, sexual identity, creed, religion, age or national origin  Cannot be asked to relinquish rights as a condition of admission or for receiving treatment
  14. 14. Visalia Youth Services711 N. Court St., Visalia Ca 93291 627-1490 Weekdays (M-Th) 8am to 7pm Fri. & Sat. 8am to 5pm Suicide/Crisis Hotline 733-6877
  15. 15. Works Cited Diversity in Wellness Tulare County Mental Health Adult & Child Services pamphlet Tulare County Children’s Mental Health Services Visalia Youth Services A Contracted Agency of Tulare County Health and Human Services, A Division of TURING POINT OF CENTRAL CALIFORNINA, INC. pamphlet