2 mission and bible


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2 mission and bible

  1. 1. Joshva Raja SOCMS 1 Mission and Bible SOCMS Presentation October 2006 Session 2
  2. 2. Joshva Raja SOCMS 2 Role of the Bible in Mission  Mission involves God, Gospel, God’s people, Listeners, Missionaries, Message, Medium/Methods, Contexts/History, Texts  Bible – God’s Word, history of people of God – Missionary in Nature?  Consider only New Testament in other contexts! Why the Whole Bible?  inspired word of God, rich experience of his people, unique source of churches reflection – not fixed literary proof of God
  3. 3. Joshva Raja SOCMS 3 Missio Dei God’s Mission  Where are you Adam? Caring Mission - Gen 1  Let my People Go! Liberative Mission - Exodus  I am the Lord. You shall not murder! Normative mission – Deuteronomy  Redeem My people! Redemptive mission -Judges  You are the man! Prophetic Mission – Kings  Repent! Proclaiming Mission - Jonah  Will the bones be alive? Restoring Mission -Isaiah
  4. 4. 4Joshva Raja SOCMS Mission of God  Listening God – opposite views  God of silence  Forgiving God  Angry God  Powerful God  Speaking God  Seeing God  Dynamic God Accepts audience Breaks the barriers on his own Use people’s language Go to the margins Corrects mistakes Changes nature for audience Space for other views Struggles for relationship
  5. 5. Joshva Raja SOCMS 5 Old Testament and Mission  Dialectic between Centripetal (Inward) and Centrifugal (outward)  God’s election – Deep Solidarity with non- elect nations – chosen ones and relationship with others  Secular History – exodus from Egypt and Non-Israelite celebrations – harvest festivals became absorbed into rituals…  Self identity and corruption exceeded and prophetic voices came in…
  6. 6. Joshva Raja SOCMS 6 God and Mission in OT  God as Saviour before as Creator?  Concern for contact, relationship and understanding with all beings  Special concern for the poor and the defenceless  Covenant with the chosen people of God  Care for alien and foreigner in the land of Judea  Demanded an attitude of humble sharing
  7. 7. Joshva Raja SOCMS 7 Mission in the Old Testament  Creation story – Story of the fall  Babel Tower – Not Uniformity rather unity in diversity  Selection of Kings – removal of theocracy  Changing of contexts and values –critical and appreciation  Words used in relation to mission in OT = Reform, redeem, restore, reconcile, reformulate, rebuild, restructure, return, reorient, resurrect…
  8. 8. Joshva Raja SOCMS 8 Key concepts of Mission in OT  Reign of God and His will to save Humanity  Past Narratives (history) as faith sources and revealing  The creation and creature – arena of revelation and salvation  Religious experience as witnessing mission  Relationship as God’s Initiative and Motivation for Mission
  9. 9. Joshva Raja SOCMS 9 Mission and the New Testament  Major resource personalities are Jesus, Paul, John and others  Four Gospels not one; historical reliability; Jesus of History and Christ of Faith – early Christians influence  Listening to the past and speaking to the present and future - Discovering variety of Jesuses – revolutionary/right wing/founder of modern business
  10. 10. Joshva Raja SOCMS 10 Mission in the New Testament  Construction of Historical Jesus in the four Gospels – Evangelists/Communities used creative and responsible freedom in retaining and adopting Jesus’ traditions  Listen to the Past in order to speak to the present and future  Gaps and Connections – historical gaps – marginal communities find similarities
  11. 11. Joshva Raja SOCMS 11  Not Form, Redaction nor social rather critical hermeneutics – Not looking for an Objective statement of reality out there rather interpreted reality  Correspondence between the self definition of early Christians and todays  Self definition of Early Christians lead to self definition of Jesus  Jesus and Israel – Greek and Roman influence – Jewish Proselytes and God fearers – Qumran to evangelize Jews
  12. 12. Joshva Raja SOCMS 12 Q/Logia  Mission statement only to Israel  Gentiles Mt 3:9; Mt 12:41  Warning to the privileges of Jews –Mt 8:10; Mt 15:28; Mt 8:11-13; Mt 21:31  Gentile Mission is post-Easter discovery – Jesus himself laid the foundation for Gentile Mission
  13. 13. Joshva Raja SOCMS 13 For Jesus  For Jesus God’s reign as the expression of God caring authority over the whole of life  Reign of God as past, present and future.  Not the Law but God reign matters  Not rules and rituals but people matters
  14. 14. Joshva Raja SOCMS 14 Missio Jesus  Incarnation Model (Salt)  Healing Model (Physician)  Preaching Model (Stones)  Demonstration Model (Water)  Transfiguration Model (Light)  Resurrection (Wheat)  Crusification (Wine)
  15. 15. Joshva Raja SOCMS 15 …there is only one foundation.
  16. 16. Joshva Raja SOCMS 16 Early Church and Mission  Early Christians part of Jewish or separate community? Gentile Christians to be circumcised?  Hebrew or Greek speaking Jewish self- understanding  Between end time and not yet – eschatological self-understanding  Mission replaced by the expectation of the end and mission itself an eschatological event  Pharisees and Synagogue
  17. 17. Joshva Raja SOCMS 17 Post Jesus  Apostolic model (sent)  Martyrdom model (die)  Social service model (share)  Church model (relate)  Letter model (command)  Spiritual model (fill)  Witness model (live)
  18. 18. Joshva Raja SOCMS 18 Jesus and Early Church practices  Christian mission involves the person of Jesus himself  Early Christian Mission was political, revolutionary and subversive  Inter-alia new relationship between Jews, Gentiles, men and women…  Marana Tha (our Lord come) – Lived in hope and not yet fulfilled – not utopians nor to establish the reign  Martyria witness with the blood of Jesus and followers
  19. 19. Joshva Raja SOCMS 19 Paul and Mission Context of Paul’s Mission  Wandering preachers  Greek Speaking Jewish Christians  Judaizing Christian Missionaries  Divisions and Communities  Persecution of Christians
  20. 20. Joshva Raja SOCMS 20 Mission strategies 1. to preach Jesus where not yet preached Rom 15:23 2. A Sense of Urgency - being in Christ 3. Cooperative and Community based mission 4. Mission as function of the Church 5. Self-confidence and self-consciousness 6. A sense of concern to bring people to Christ – a sense of responsibility to Gentiles – a sense of gratitude and privilege to proclaim
  21. 21. Joshva Raja SOCMS 21 Paul Missionary paradigm  The church as a new Community (Eph 2:15)  Mission to Jews (Rom 9-11)  Mission in God’s imminent Triumph  Mission and Transformation of Society  Mission in Weakness  Mission with aims and goals