Free Crystal Skull E-book from the Crystal Skull Explorers


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This is a free e-book about the crystal skulls offered by Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head known as the crystal skull explorers. The Explorers have a very comprehensive website at - which includes articles, photos, a free newsletter and more.

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Free Crystal Skull E-book from the Crystal Skull Explorers

  1. 1. JJoouurrnneeyy wwiitthh tthheeCCrryyssttaall SSkkuullll EExxpplloorreerrss(a free e-book to share with all)withJoshua Shapiro&Katrina Head
  2. 2. Journeys with the Crystal Skull Explorers©© 22001100,, RR.. LL.. SShhaappiirroo aanndd KKaattrriinnaa HHeeaadd((rreevviisseedd vveerrssiioonn 22000099,, ffaallll eeddiittiioonn,, tthhee ffrreeee ee--bbooookkffoorrmmeerrllyy ccaalllleedd JJoouurrnneeyy ooff tthhee CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullllss))This is a free e-book. You may freely copy this book and share itwith any friends or acquaintances as long as the book is kept inits entirety. Therefore the contents may not be altered, added or left outwithout permission of the two authors. If you would like to re-print anyportions of this book to share with others then please contact us at theaddress shown below to receive permission:V J Enterprises andCrystal Interdimensional Journeys & Explorations, LLCAttn: Joshua or KatrinaNorth Carolina,, cijelightwork@gmail.comWebsites: Design: Joshua Shapiro & Katrina HeadEditors: Joshua Shapiro & Katrina HeadPhotographs:R. L. Shapiro & Katrina Head,Al Ramirez & Stan Chan, Bill Homann andspecial thanks to Jim Hamill( from the British Museum, for the opportunityto visit and photograph their crystal skull )To Download your free Copy of this E-book:(Go to: Edition, First PublicationE-book constructed inthe United States
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  4. 4. 1WWeellccoommeeThank you for your interest in our book and joining us for this brief exploration ofone of the world’s greatest mysteries known as the crystal skulls or what theMayans refer to as the “Crystal Heads.”We are Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head, your hosts. Both of us have beeninvolved with the crystal skulls for a number of years now. We collectively takecare of 9 skulls which we work quite closely with and are known as “The CrystalKids”. You will encounter all of these friends, later within this e-book. Peoplealso know us as the Crystal Skull Explorers as we have been working closelytogether since the spring of 2009. We have committed our lives to sharing thebest information and insights we have collected about the skulls with the world.We believe that the very old crystal skulls (also called ‘ancient’ skulls) which arepublicly known within our world today represent one of the most importantartifacts that have ever been discovered within our recorded history.Furthermore, we feel that each crystal skull (whether of an older or more moderndesign) has a significant role to play in our future that will eventually assistMankind in many ways that will help us create a more peaceful world.This small e-book is just a short introduction about the crystal skulls and a littlebit about our personal work with them. However you will find at the end, a fewlinks to various other sources that you can visit to further your own personalstudies or research. Additionally we have included an overview of our new andmore comprehensive book that will be available sometime in 2010 or 2011 whichis entitled:JJoouurrnneeyyss ooff tthhee CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullll EExxpplloorreerrssThe first version of this work was released as an e-book in 2004 (when Joshuawas working with Blue Arrow Rainbow Eagle Woman from Holland). This specificbook includes information that we have gathered from over 27 years of travelsand experiences with the crystal skulls. It also recognizes and honors many ofthe different individuals who have and are playing a key role in educating thepublic about the crystal skulls.Thank you for taking the time to explore this e-book and bring us into your home.We hope you enjoy your stay with us. In Peace, Light, Love and Joy always ….JJoosshhuuaa SShhaappiirroo aanndd KKaattrriinnaa HHeeaaddYour Crystal Skull Explorers
  5. 5. An Introduction“What is a Crystal Skull?” – Well as this name or term implies we are speaking abouta skull shaped object that is made from various types of quartz crystals (clear,amethyst, smoky, rose, etc …). Most of us are familiar with quartz crystal as thisgemstone is a key component within all of our modern-day electronics; devices that weuse each and every day (including the computer you are using to read this book btw).There are many people today who work with their personal crystals in order to re-energize themselves, for healing (physical or emotional problems) or even to assistthem in their development of their inner or spiritual gifts.However, when one begins to work with a quartz crystal that is in the shape of a human-like skull – other strange phenomena begin to occur around them. We have receivednumerous reports from people all over the world having some very special experiencesconnected to the crystal skulls. There are three different types of crystal skulls that arespoken about in the world today as follows1:2“NEW or CONTEMPORARY” – These are crystalskulls that are being manufactured by moderncarvers. There are thousands upon thousands of suchskulls in existence today. Since the middle part of the1990’s, there has been an explosion in the interestabout the crystal skulls. There are quite a few peoplenow, in all parts of our world, who have acquired theirown personal skull to work with and use. Thecontemporary crystal skulls come in all shape andsizes and are being primarily done by carvers in Braziland China. These skulls can even be found for saleupon E-Bay.“OLD” – a crystal skull that was created between 100years ago to about 1000 years ago. A number ofthese types of skulls have been discovered within ornear ancient ruins in Mexico or Central America. Ingeneral, the appearance of these crystal skulls aresomewhat crude in form and upon a closeexamination of the surface of an “Old” crystal skull, there are usually observed sometype of tool marks left by its carver, similar to what can be detected with the newly madecrystal skulls.© KKaattrriinnaa HHeeaadd & R. Joshua Shapiro“Portal de Luz” – a smokyquartz crystal skull createdby a Master Carverfrom Brazil.
  6. 6. 3“ANCIENT” -- a crystal skull which was fashioned at least 1500-2000 years ago or wascreated long long ago. It has been suggested that some of these crystal skulls couldliterally be (hundred of) thousands of years old based upon the studies conducted byvarious researchers. Also, it has been suggested (or implied) through various legendsor oral traditions of different indigenous peoples that the ancient skulls are very very old.Presently there are only a small number of such crystal skulls known publicly. As to theexact number of how many ancient skulls could exist, this answer is unknown. At thepresent time, we do not have an exact scientific procedure to be able to date when apiece of quartz was shaped into a skull however there are a number of different ideasand theories about how one can definitively identify a crystal skull as being “ancient” (oreven “old”). Again, many of these types of skulls appear to have some type of link withdifferent Mesoamerican cultures as well as possible ties with various Native Americantribes or nations within North America. We have even heard rumors of crystal skulls thathave been found or are known within South America and in other parts of the world aswell.In general, we are unable to detect tool marks upon the surface of an ancient crystalskull. The implications of this condition suggests that either this particular skull wasdone completely by hand (over a long period of time) or perhaps, there was some formof very sophisticated and advanced technology that was utilized to make the skull, ofwhich we are not familiar with as of yet. Most of the so-called very old or ancient crystalskulls we have personally met have a very intense energy field that surrounds them, ofwhich many people are able to sense or feel. This energy field can be quite strong andpowerful.There are a number of different theories that have been given as to explain how theseancient skulls may have been manufactured; some of which are quite fantastic in theirscope. It has been difficult to trace the true history about where these objects as far aswhere they may have originated from or what parts of the world they have traveledthrough. Attempts have been made by various groups to work with trained sensitives inthe presence of a crystal skull and record the impressions that they psychically receive.However this method does not always guarantee success as the historical informationchanneled by these psychics does not always agree and even can be conflicting attimes.History of the Crystal Skulls – The public first became aware of the crystal skullsduring the later part of the 19thcentury. At this time, many museums of the worldbecame interested in displaying antiquities from past civilizations (Egypt, Greece,Mesoamerica, etc …). Thus, in the 1878, in the Musèe de l’homme (the Museum ofMan) in Paris and in 1898, in the British Museum in London, each had a clear quartzskull on public display. It is believed that both of these crystal skulls originated fromwithin Mexico (possibly connected with ancient ruins or tombs) during the 1860’s, at thetime of the French occupation of this country. Eventually both of these skulls somehowcame into the possession of a French antiquities dealer, by the name of Boban andeventually found their way to the stated museums.
  7. 7. 4During the research for our newbook, ““JJoouurrnneeyyss ooff tthhee CCrryyssttaallSSkkuullll EExxpplloorreerrss”” we uncoveredthat there were a few other old orancient crystal skulls that alsomade their way into privatehands during the 19thcentury.Within recent years, theseparticular skulls are now held byvarious individuals who havepublicly disclosed their existenceand in some cases, arepermitting other people to sit withthem in private.As we entered into the first partof the 20thcentury, there was anentirely different group of crystalskulls that mysteriously surfaced.Within this group of skulls, therewas also a strong connectionwith the ancestors of theindigenous people living indifferent parts of Mexico orCentral America. Please findnext a short description aboutsome of the most well knownskulls that emerged at this time:© Zane Bonara-Bell (photographer) & R. Joshua ShapiroPhotograph of the crystal skull held by theBritish Museum since 1898. The first human-sized crystal skull placed on public display.“The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull”: named after famed explorer and adventurer, F.A. Mitchell-Hedges, discovered in Lubaantum, an ancient Mayan city in Belize in 1924.This skull is human-size and made from an absolutely clear piece of quartz that includesa removable jaw. It is an almost exact copy of our own modern bone skull. At thecurrent time this skull is in the hands of his adopted daughter, Anna Mitchell-Hedges(since the time of her father’s death in 1959).“ET”: discovered by a Mayan family near Guatemala while digging on their property in1906. This crystal skull was obtained by Joky Van Dieten in 1991 through a crystalstore near Los Angeles. It is the only known human-size ancient crystal skull that ismade from smoky quartz. In appearance it has a resemblance to a type of “ET” shapewith a slightly pointed chin and similarly pointed in the top part of the head. This crystalskull now travels the world with its caretaker who hopes to share it with other people(including world leaders) to meditate with for world peace.
  8. 8. “Max” -- an 18 lb (8.2 kg) clear quartz crystal skull purportedly discovered in a Mayantomb in Guatemala between 1924-1926. The skull was gifted by a Mayan Shaman to aTibetan-trained lama in 1970. It was housed within his healing center in Houston,Texas and used as a healing tool to assist numerous patients who came to the center.Upon the lama’s death, the crystal skull was gifted to his close friends, Carl and JoAnnParks. Currently Mrs. Parks is touring (primarily in the U.S.) with her crystal skull,providing many people an opportunity to experience this ancient skull directly.5“Ami”, the Amethyst Crystal Skull: It isstated by its current owners that it wasbelieved to have once been part of acollection of crystal skulls held by theMexican President Diaz (from 1876-1910). Another report we have hearddiscussed that this skull may have beendiscovered in the Oaxaca area (Mexico)and was handed down from generationto generation through an order of MayanPriests. This is smaller than human-sizeskull and weights 8.5 lbs. (3.86 kg). Thecurrent location of “Ami” is unknown asthis skull was sold to a private party inAugust of 2009 from the prior owners,who were a group of business men inthe San Jose area of California.© Al Ramirez“Ami” – an ancient amethyst crystal skull;notice the circular indentation in thetemple areas and its style of design.So, why are the Crystal Skulls so Important? There is no simple answer to thisquestion. The study of the crystal skulls is very complex and seems almost neverending. However, we would like to offer to our readers a few ideas or thoughts that wehave gathered over the years from a number of sources, for your consideration:“The Crystal Skulls function like our modern-day computers and were used in thiscapacity by various (advanced) civilizations in our past. They contain hiddenknowledge and information that when it is time for this to be revealed, will ultimatelyassist humanity to create a Golden Age of peace and harmony upon our world!”“They were a powerful tool for healing [Body Mind and Spirit] within such cultures asthe Mayans, the Aztecs or even the Atlanteans”“Relative to today: We have witnessed many people’s lives being profoundlyaffected after having had an opportunity to spend time in the presence of a very oldcrystal skull. And even now, this type of phenomena is beginning to happen aroundthe ‘Contemporary Crystal Skulls’ as well. Could the crystal skulls then be a type ofmini energy vortex or better yet, a catalyst that is helping people to awaken to theirtrue spiritual nature?”
  9. 9. 6In truth, the best way to truly understand what the crystal skulls are about and toappreciate them is to have your own personal experience with one. So if you have achance to meet a crystal skull along your path, may we encourage you to takeadvantage of this opportunity and see what will happen to you? Feel free to contact us,as we would love to hear from you about your crystal skull encounters.We hope this short article was helpful to introduce to you the crystal skulls. This hasbeen one of the most fascinating subjects for us to be personally involved with as theskulls have and are continuing to take us on a grand adventure all over the world. Wejust never know what will happen to us next or where will be our next destination(s).Kind of exciting, don’t you think?In the next section of our e-book, we offer a short biography about ourselves andpresent the members of our collective crystal skull family.========================================================================(Please Note: If you would like to learn more about the crystal skulls please feel free to checkout either our full featured e-book version of, JJoouurrnneeyyss ooff tthhee CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullll EExxpplloorreerrss --available since February, 2004. Or, please see page 42 for a complete overview of the contentsof the printed edition of this book in English which is scheduled for release sometime before theend of 2010 or within 2011. We will be taking reservations for the new book at a reduced pricebefore the book is officially released. Please contact us by email to discover how to takeadvantage of this special price.)(1–The three classifications of crystal skulls discussed within this article were originated by theSociety of Crystal Skulls International, in an attempt to distinguish the different type of skulls thatexist within our world.)
  10. 10. 7TThheeCCrryyssttaall SSkkuullllTTeeaacchheerrss && GGuuaarrddiiaannss[[ BBiiooggrraapphhyy ]]
  11. 11. 8KKaattrriinnaa HHeeaaddKatrina is a hands-on-healer who is guided andassisted by an inter-dimensional groupconsciousness that is called “The MelchizedekGuardians” (or Katrina calls them “TheGuardians”). Katrina enters into an alteredstate of awareness and is guided by “TheGuardians” through numerous levels ofintelligence and inner wisdom which existsbeyond polarization and from a unity level (i.e.– All is One). “The Guardians” were introducedto Katrina by various other galactic civilizations(the Arcturians and the Sirian Council) whowere working with Katrina first, because theirnatural energies were more compatible with thehuman energy. Now as Katrina works with“The Guardians”, she is able to receive thebase of 12 and 12thdimensional energieswhich represent the 12-Strand DNA body.Therefore when Katrina receives “The Guardian’s” healing energies and modalities, she isable to share these frequencies with her clients when she is doing her healing work.Another part of Katrina’s work is to act as a steward for people to help guide them throughspiritual ascension or our ability to evolve into a higher level of consciousness in thephysical. Within the last several years, Katrina has gone through a sequence of spiritualawakenings and inner openings as her physical vibration has shifted. This has resulted inher awakening to her true self as a Starseed (or Star Person) and she is now able to seeand experience directly multidimensional realities and beings. She is in constantcommunication with evolutionary forces of “Light” which is really what “The Guardians”represent. It so happens, her introduction to crystal skulls came when she was gifted asmall rose quartz skull who told her, its name was “The Guardian” .Therefore having her spiritual gifts awakened, Katrina has many contacts with energiesrelated to UFO’s and the beings who pilot the ships. She is able to actually clearly seethem as luminous beings and able to hear their communication. She is also able to takephotographs when the light orbs are around and is sensitive to their energy as well. TheGuardians act as a key source of guidance for Katrina in the work she is doing in the worldto help bring forth a Golden Age of Peace for our World.Lastly, when Katrina met Joshua and had a chance to meet his “Crystal Kids” or the“babies” as she calls them, the first time she went through a tremendous inner activation asshe felt a lightening bolt hit her. Katrina believes this activation helped to bring out more ofher true self as the “kids” held inner information which resonated with her soul. Katrina isable to hear the “kids” speak to her as they have various requests and is a co-caretakerwith Joshua now. In addition, Katrina has met the ancient crystal skull “Max” when “He”visited Atlanta and Dr. Brown’s Atlantean Crystal Ball which is now being called an“Atlantean Orb” that integrated energetically into Katrina so she is able to work with the“Orb” Essence in her healing work.
  12. 12. 9RR.. ““JJoosshhuuaa”” SShhaappiirrooJoshua has been involved with thecrystal skulls since 1983 when hesaw one made out of amethyst innorthern California (“Ami”). He feltsuch a strong connection with thisartifact that since that time he hasdevoted his life and resources tosharing the best information he canabout these crystalline artifacts withother people all over the world andthe future role they will play to helpour planet see world peace. He hashad an opportunity to privately visitwith a number of the well knowncrystal skulls in the world including:the "Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull ofLove", "ET", the “British MuseumCrystal Skull”, “Synergy” and “Ami”.Since Katrina Head has entered in his life in the early spring of 2009, they havebeen working closely together. The Explorers offer various crystal skullpresentations (lectures and workshops) to the public as well as a unique type ofprivate consultation with their personal skulls that combines their individual spiritualand creative talents. In the picture shown here, we see Joshua holding the Braziliancarved crystal skull known as “Portal de Luz” (Portuguese for “Portal of Light”), whohas traveled with him all over the world.Joshua is the author of various books including his first book about the crystal skullsentitled ““MMyysstteerriieess ooff tthhee CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullllss RReevveeaalleedd””, written jointly with SandraBowen and the late, F. R. ‘Nick’ Nocerino. This book was published in 1989 andthere is also a Portuguese edition issued in Brazil in 1993. He has released variousversions of his new book, ““JJoouurrnneeyyss ooff tthhee CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullll EExxpplloorreerrss”” since 2004(as an e-book and printed edition in 3 foreign languages in Europe).Joshua is the co-founder of V J Enterprises (in Illinois, USA), which has been inoperation since 1992, dedicated to sharing the best information that describes howour planet will be transformed into a “Golden Age” by the year 2013. Additionally,Joshua has offered a number of other public talks throughout the world that discusscurrent information about UFOs, the Bible Code and the Hollow Earth. He is activelyinvolved with the non-profit organization: the World Mystery Research Center. Thisfoundation is dedicated to studying various world mysteries which are believed toinherently contain vital encoded information necessary to create a peaceful world.He is the originator of a story for an action adventure film that portrays how worldpeace will happen by the end of 2012 waiting to be made (the script is completed).
  13. 13. 10MMeeeett tthhee mmeemmbbeerrss ooff oouurrCCrryyssttaall SSkkuullll FFaammiillyyPortal de LuzGeronimo Golden Eagle-EyeLittle Indian PrincessThe King / LaialaniPurple Starbright/Zippy One-EyeThe GuardianAntonAtahualpaTa’chu’la(Pictures of our crystal skulls,“The Crystal Kids” and a briefdescription to acquaint you withtheir relative size and what couldbe the service offered by each of thecrystal skulls shown here ……. )
  14. 14. 11PPoorrttaall ddee LLuuzz“Portal de Luz” (Portal of Light) weights 10 lbs (4.5 kg) and is the largest crystalhead in our family. “He” is made of light grey smoky quartz crystal which wasmined and carved in Brazil. His first initiation occurred at a Mayan Sun Riseceremony conducted by Mayan Priests from Guatemala in Sedona, Arizona in1999 at a crystal skull conference sitting with a number of old and young skulls.Since the summer of 1999, “Portal” has worked closely with Joshua participatingin his lectures and private consultations (now with Katrina and the other “CrystalKids”). When an individual chooses “Portal” for their consultation (or healingsession) this represents a person who is seeking more balance in their life orwishes to have a greater clarity about their life’s purpose. When “Portal” interactswith others, “he” will often change his weight and color. “He” loves to participatein our crystal skull research, and to work with the Natural Energies of “MotherEarth”. “He” is our musical skull who is often seen dancing with his “papa”(Joshua) during our public presentations.
  15. 15. 12GGeerroonniimmoo GGoollddeenn EEaaggllee--EEyyee“Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye” is just under 2 lbs., almost clear dark smoky (cola smoky)quartz crystal skull, who was a gift to Joshua from Blue Arrow Rainbow Eagle Woman(his last ex-wife from Holland) in 2004. At this time, Joshua had just one crystal skull,“Portal de Luz” and thought he would never accept another. However, when he firstviewed “Geronimo” (his shortened name), he was so clear inside, he felt drawn to accepthim.Now normally it takes a few months to work privately with a new crystal skull that oneobtains, before sharing “him/her” with others. But “Geronimo”, after about a week ofbeing with Joshua was already out in the public at a crystal skull meeting in Germany. Inthe beginning, Joshua wasn’t quite sure what work “Geronimo” would do, although hehad a Native American name. “He” would constantly help Joshua to be a bit morebalanced energetically during the private sessions (as he was not offered to the clientsfor a period of time) that Joshua offered for the public. But eventually he joined the groupof working skulls and is one of the most popular crystal skulls chosen in our sessions.However, in 2007 is when “Geronimo” really started to come into his own. “He” becamethe favorite skull of the leader of a group of Shamanic Drummers in Hungary and loves tobe around native drumming. He also became the favorite skull for a Native AmericanIndian Chief in Missouri met in 2008 and was gifted some special energies from this tribe.He has helped Joshua in many ways with his personal energies as well as being aprotector skull. In a way “Geronimo” paved the way for more crystal skulls to come intoJoshua’s circle which Joshua and Katrina now affectingly call their “Crystal kids”. So asyou can see in this e-book, the circle has grown to nine skulls now.
  16. 16. 13LLiittttllee IInnddiiaann PPrriinncceessss“Little Indian Princess” is a 1 lb rose quartz skull and was made by the same carver inBrazil as “Portal” and “Geronimo”. “She” was a gift in 2007 to Joshua from Blue ArrowRainbow Eagle Woman who was the person to inspire the name of this crystal skull. Atthis time, Joshua was preparing to leave Holland and had two crystal skulls which had apredominately male energies so “Little Indian Princess” arrived to bring a feminineenergy to this circle.“Little Indian Princess” is the crystal skull in our circle who emanates a very pure andloving energy which in general will touch people in their heart, whether this person is aman or a woman. “She” is usually not one of our skulls who is seen out in front as “she”does her heart work behind the scenes. “Little Indian Princess” played a very importantrole (besides helping to open up her “daddy’s heart” {Joshua} ), in that she also openedthe door for more feminine based skulls to come to us which followed in 2008 includingthe arrival of the rose quartz skull, called “The Guardian” with Katrina in 2009.For Katrina: “ ‘Little Indian Princess’ has a very gentle and loving energy but “she” hasacted as a catalyst to electrify and really opened up my heart energy. “She” also workswith the higher heart energy. The higher heart energy is what activates the crystalrecords that are within each of us. Once I started working with ‘Little Indian Princess’,this is what she activated within me, these crystal records.” Katrina saw with her innervision that the higher heart color becomes a crystal lotus blue which is directlyconnected to a level called “The Kundalini Universe” which is where our “CosmicChakras” (verses our physical body chakras) and “Light Bodies” exist .
  17. 17. 14PPuurrppllee SSttaarrbbrriigghhtt // ZZiippppyy OOnnee--EEyyeeThis amethyst crystal skull is slightly over 2 lbs. Joshua acquired this skull from a friendin Chicago, Steve Rosely, who sells crystal skulls and many gemstones in his store onthe North Side of Chicago. Steve had a booth at a conference in Chicago where Joshuaand Bill Homann (the guardian of the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love”) both spoke andBill gave people a chance to see his wondrous crystal skull. Steve granted uspermission to show the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull” at his booth. Well, Joshua had astrong feeling that the “3 Musketeers” (Portal, Geronimo & Indian Princess) they wanted tohave an amethyst brother/sister. So when Joshua wasn’t busy with the interviews for theTV show that was filming there, or helping Bill with the “Skull of Love”, he walked over tosee what skulls Steve had for sale.There were a few amethyst skulls present but there was one which kind of was speakingto Joshua (this one) so he traded about 12 of his old crystal skull books to acquire thiscrystal skull. Now it was taking a while for a name to come, but Joshua was drawn to theskull’s eyes and it appeared as if one eye was open (the right) and the other eye wasclosed, so the name started at “One-Eye”. But then one day as Joshua was driving hiscar to do some errands, he heard the spirit of the skull come to him and “she” said: ‘Myname is not “One-Eye” its “Zippy One-Eye”, so Joshua thought who am I to argue if myskull wishes this name. “Purple Star Bright”, the skull’s other name, was the name givenby Blue Arrow Rainbow Eagle Woman when she saw a digital photo of the skull.“She” works with the feminine energies of a person and opens one up to their intuitiveside for balance with one’s masculine side regardless whether you are man or woman.“Zippy” shows you that once you are lead intuitively by your inner guidance, the perfectlife direction for you to take will be the balance of your masculine/feminine energy.
  18. 18. 15TThhee KKiinngg // LLaaiiaallaanniiThe “King” (The One who Points the way, or the masculine side name) or “Laialani” (the feminineside name) is what is called a “Star Being” skull and is less then 1 lb., made from amethystquartz. Joshua has tried to discover who the carver is that is making these type of skulls(hundreds or thousands are being made) but all we know is that it is a Chinese carver. Somepeople feel the shape of this skull resembles the Gray Aliens somewhat but for us, this skullhas never held such type of frequencies or energies.Joshua received this crystal skull as a gift from Sharon White Elk Woman, from Kent inEngland, when he participated in the fall of 2008 in a Crystal Skull Conference (or “Taster” aswe called it) in Glastonbury in England. White Elk Woman told Joshua that a specific crystalskull had requested to go with him. The masculine name for the skull did not come untilabout 2 months later, when Joshua was visiting a friend in Los Angeles and did a meditationwith the skull with music from his MP3 player, right before going to sleep. Here is whathappened:First Joshua felt to raise this skull in his left hand, high in the air above him and away fromhis body. Then he felt and saw (Joshua’s gift of inner sight is not so strong), a powerfulpurple beam of light come from above him and cover his hand and arm, holding the skull. Hefelt a communication on a feeling level with dimensional beings. Then he heard, “My name isThe King, and I am the One who Points the Way” and he felt the “King” literally moving himoff in a direction, representing a direction of life he should travel. In 2009, some people felt amore feminine aspect to this crystal skull and at a small presentation we gave in the Atlantaarea, a good friend of Katrina’s in attendance was holding this crystal skull and said thefeminine side felt like “Laialani” – a woman’s name from Hawaii, so we decided to keep it.This skull works with people who are “Star People” or “ET Souls” and shows how suchpeople are able to integrate their star-self with their human side. Katrina also feels (perhapsthese were the dimensional beings who contacted Joshua) “The King/Laialani” also isconnected with the Hathors.
  19. 19. 16TThhee GGuuaarrddiiaannThe "Guardian" is a small pink quartz crystal skull which weights less than 1 lb. This isthe first crystal skull that Katrina received which was gifted to her by a friend duringChristmas, 2008. Do not let the size fool you because it is an amazing tool.When Katrina received this skull it immediately began to work with her in wondrous andpowerful ways creating special manifestations. The first manifestation was confirmationthat she would soon meet her soul family and began a new and exiting job in the spiritualfield. At the time the "Guardian" arrived, Katrina was going through a major shift of thefrequencies within her personal energy field as new spirit guides were coming to helpher at the time. It was not long after that she was told that these energies (the guides)were “The Guardians” (see Katrina’s bio).The "Guardian" has a very gentle and sweet energy. “She” brings in a frequency thatgives to the person “she” is helping, a balance of harmony and a strong guidance toassist you to move forward in your personal path. The “Guardian” offers to you anenergy which helps you balance your feminine and masculine part as “she” shares withyou privately how to use the power of both energies together. A contact with the“Guardian” provides for you courage in your life as well as the ability to stand in thepower of who you are. When Katrina first received the "Guardian" it was very pink incolor but as you can see in the photo, it has become almost totally white. The calmingand flowing energies within the "Guardian" continue to change constantly in all of “her”travels due to her contact with the angelic kingdom.
  20. 20. 17AAnnttoonn“Anton” is a small clear quartz skull that was carved in Brazil which is less than 1 lb.Katrina received this skull when we ordered skulls for all the passengers of our UFO –Crystal Skull Journey to Peru in November of 2009, Katrina’s first taste of Peru. Katrinaimmediately began to connect with Anton when we received him from Brazil. As soon asthe carvers was shaping the piece of quartz crystal, “he” telepathically told Katrina thathis name was “Anton”. “Anton” has strong Egyptian energies and a blue dragon energy.When Katrina first received “Anton” it was truly a reunion for them. Katrina took picturesof “Anton” when he arrived and Katrina could see an image of the Sphinx. “Anton” has ahigher energy which creates a doorway leading Katrina to have an experience of a higherreality system of source energy. Katrina senses a feeling of liberation and freedom whenworking with “Anton”. (‘the Law of One’) When taking “Anton” to Peru “he” received andrecorded a blue dragon in the back of his head and you can see the shape of the dragon.“Anton” revealed to Katrina that this is an ancient dragon technology picked up throughthe doorway of “Amur Muru” and he revealed to Katrina that this works with the ley linesacross Mother Earth both horizontally and vertically connecting to the four faces of man.“Anton” is able to work with people in regaining and reinstating cellular records of whothey truly are and begin experiencing their soul path.
  21. 21. 18AAttaahhuuaallppaa“Atahualpa” is a 9-10 ounce frosty clear quartz skull that was made by a carver in Brazilaround September of 2009. “He” with another one of the crystal skulls we received forour group going to Peru later that year. The quartz was mined in the state of MinasGerais in Brazil as is true of several of the other “kids”. After Joshua was called toselect this crystal skull, the skull (“he”) told Joshua that he was forbidden to work with“him” until they were actually in Peru.Now, the name of “Atahualpa” comes from the name of the last Inca Emperor, who wastortured by the invading Spanish and then eventually killed. The crystal skull did notreceive his name to Joshua, as “his” primary caretaker until we were in Peru with ourspiritual group. Joshua had visited Peru several years ago, in a remote city in the Andesmountains in the north called Cajamarca, the last home city of “Atahualpa” before hewas executed by the Spanish. Joshua felt a connection at that time with the spirit of“Atahualpa”. Then, while we were in Lake Titicaca, before returning to America, the spiritof the crystal skull asked Joshua to be given this name. But right after the name of theskull was decided, while we were still in this sacred Lake, Joshua did his first personalmeditation with “Atahualpa” listening to the music of the group called “Cusco” on hismp3 player. “Atahualpa showed Joshua that he had a past life with Katrina as Inca andthat they had lived in Lake Titicaca before. Joshua is not ready to reveal who they wereduring that time just yet (as it is hard to believe).While in Peru, Joshua observed how “Atahualpa” was recording and absorbing all thefrequencies of the sacred sites the group visited within his vibrational structure. So thiscrystal skull holds the energy of Peru and helps a person to prepare for visiting Peru.
  22. 22. 19TTaa’’cchhuu’’llaa(Editor’s Note: Due to the unusual nature of how we acquired “Ta’chu’la”, and where the skullwas discovered, we have decided that in order to tell the story properly about this skull we willallow more then one page to be shared compared to what we have done with the other “CrystalKids” – thanks.)“Tachula” is a skull made out of clear obsidian with a piece of cranberry obsidian thatlies in the back of the head. “Ta’chu’la” was retrieved from a construction project and digin Mongolia, China where they were building a dam. As they were digging into theground, they discovered “Ta’chu’la” and a number of other non-quartz skulls. Thisoccurred during 2009.Katrina received this skull from a good friend of Joshua’s, whose name is Lionfire, basedout of Colorado. Lionfire has been interested in the crystal skulls for a long time andnaturally was familiar with the work that Joshua has done over the years. Finally the twoof them were able to meet near Santa Fe, New Mexico in December of 2008 as both werepresent to do their own type of public crystal skull work. When Joshua met Lionfire atthis time, Lionfire had like 30-40 non-quartz skulls with him all coming out of China.These skulls, like “Ta’chu’la” are all stylized and are not a representation of the humanbone skull. Lionfire has contacts with the people who are digging up these skulls andthen tries to find the right person for their new home.Going back to the first time we met “Ta’chu’la”, this took place during our visit toSedona, Arizona in Decemeber of 2009. Lionfire was nearby to attending a special
  23. 23. 20conference that featured 13 Grandmothers of various indigenous tribes. Again Lionfirehad a number of these skulls with him and shared them at the conference plus he giftedone of these gemstone skulls to one of the grandmothers. Anyway, the person who washosting Lionfire, was very close to the room we were renting in a private home. We wereable to visit with Lionfire twice. It was during the second visit that activities began tohappen between Katrina and “Ta’chu’la” (of course we didn’t know this was the skullsname at this time).When Katrina saw “Ta’chu’la” during our first visit, this skull began to speak to herdirectly but she wasn’t paying attention and because she was tired, she just dismissed it.Besides, “Ta’chu’la” was sitting with thirteen other similar type of skulls that wereretrieved from the same Mongolian dig. However, during our second visit, “Ta’chu’la”once again began speaking to Katrina and this time it was harder to ignore the skull.Then, when Lionfire placed “Ta’chu’la” into Katrinas hands (Katrina had not said one wordto anyone present about that “Ta’chu’la” was talking telepathically to her), Katrina realized thisskull wanted to go with her.Lionfire intuitively felt that Katrina was suppose to have this skull, so an arrangementwas made for “Ta’chu’la” to go back home with us as we left Sedona. Also when“Ta’chu’la” was given to Katrina, the skull immediately began to tell her “his” name andexplained to Katrina that “his” purpose was to be with all our crystal skulls andourselves as our protector (a protector of the energetic field around the “Crystal Kids”).Now, for us “Ta’chu’la” has a Mayan energy. Katrina feels that she has worked with“Ta’chu’la” in the mult-universes and has had a special past life time with “Ta’chu’la”which is why “Ta’chu’la” recognized her. “Tachula” gave Katrina specific instructionsas to how “he” is to be used. For example, “Ta’chu’la” is to sit behind the other crystalskulls in our private sessions we offer and “he” is not to be held by the participantsunless he specifically states which person “he” wishes to be held by. However,“Ta’chu’la” likes to be held at our public events and the workshops. “Ta’chu’la” hasaccess to a universal energy of protection that works with the spiraling essence of theUniverse. “Ta’chu’la” sends out a message about healing energies which are linked touniverse upon universe, planet upon planet and a being upon a being. “Ta’chu’la” workswith an individual’s DNA coding and this is something that can not be understand byone’s intellect. It is what it is..
  24. 24. 21HHiiddddeennMMeessssaaggeesswwiitthhiinn oouurrCCrryyssttaall SSkkuullllFFaammiillyy(Unusual pictures derivedfrom of our crystal skullsusing a digital process.See what images youcan observe within thepictures in this section. )
  25. 25. Portal de Luz22IImmaaggeess ttoo LLooookk FFoorr:: Do you see at the top of the skull, the imageof the “Little People of the Cherokee” which is also called “YundiTsundi” meaning race of Spirits? In the middle of the skull do yousee the Asian deity “Kuan Yin”? Further below there is an animalspirit (a wolf) and maybe you see a spaceship at the bottom?
  26. 26. Portal de Luz23IImmaaggeess ttoo LLooookk FFoorr:: To the middle (in the lighted area) at the far sideon both parts of the head are two strange beings with a sort of lighttower or energy tower in the middle. Or do you see an Egyptian lookingperson or deity again in the center? Throughout the skull are manyimages of cats with perhaps an Angel at the bottom?
  27. 27. Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye24IImmaaggeess ttoo LLooookk FFoorr:: Do you see in between the eyes aNative American? And what about wings at the sides inthe middle? From the middle to the right there are animalspirits with many symbols throughout the skull that lookNative American. In the nose area it seems like there is aNative American camp with tepees and there is a horsewith a person on it.
  28. 28. Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye25IImmaaggeess ttoo LLooookk FFoorr:: Do you see at the top of the head aPeruvian Knight? (The same man Katrina saw at “The Temple ofthe Monkeys” near Cusco, Peru). Also around this Peruvain Knightdo you see eagle wings? In the middle of the nose is a “PhoenixRising”.
  29. 29. Little Indian Princess26IImmaaggeess ttoo LLooookk FFoorr:: At the top, do you see anothercrystal skull? Before this are easily seen “wings”. There is aperson in the middle with a breastplate of a sort with across looking symbol. At the bottom is a “Temple of Light”.
  30. 30. The King / Laialani27IImmaaggeess ttoo LLooookk FFoorr:: At the top of the skull do you seethe shape of a cat? There is a Peruvian looking woman inthe middle of the skull. How about some “Angels” justbelow the bottom to the left and right hand sides of theskull, playing their harps? Finally below the Angels aredolphins.
  31. 31. The King / Laialani28SSppeecciiffiicc IImmaaggee ttoo SSeeee:: At the very top (in the dark purplearea) is a strange face. As we move to the center thereappears to be a sort of crystal chamber with all type of alienbeings surrounded this chamber from top to bottom
  32. 32. Anton29IImmaaggeess ttoo LLooookk FFoorr:: In the middle we see an ET beingthat is standing in front of several spaceships behindhim/her. At the very top is a strange face of a being and itappears on top of the head are small skulls. Below centerlooks like an African Mask.
  33. 33. Anton30IImmaaggeess ttoo LLooookk FFoorr:: It appears like two celestial beingsat the top in the center (one on top of each other). It feelslike there are human eyes in the skull eye sockets andperhaps an alien being in the nose area.
  34. 34. Ta’chu’la31IImmaaggeess ttoo LLooookk FFoorr:: Do you see at the bottom aWinged Being? Perhaps there is a strange spaceship atthe top of the skull. And below the winged being, there isa kind of strange indigenous symbol – or maybe a stonestatue like maybe African or Mayan??
  35. 35. 32WWhhaatt iiss GGooiinngg oonn HHeerree??You might be wondering, “What is the source of these images that youhave been seeing upon the last few pages of this e-book?” Each one wascreated from a digital photograph taken from one of our personal crystalskulls. Then we used a computer graphics program to perform a specialseries of processes upon it that produced the final result you see. We haveread that the Mayans used a similar technique to study hidden messagesrelated to some of their special symbols involving reverse images.In our comprehensive book (Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers),we will take a much closer look at the details about this interesting imagingtechnique as we applied it to various pictures of some of the ancient crystalskulls which are featured there. As you may have noticed under eachimage, we provided for you some suggestions about what type of picturesor distinct images you might observe. Don’t worry if you are not able to seethese images right away, it just takes some practice.We would recommend however, that when you do have the proper time toreally sit and gaze at these special pictures, that you will most likely see agreat deal of other recognizable images (such as people, places, animalsor certain activities, etc ...). If you stand farther away from your computermonitor, you may be able to observe other scenes or discernable objectsthat you couldn’t see close up. Another technique you can use is to adjustthe magnification size for viewing the page within Adobe Reader® orAcrobat®, and by reducing or enlarging the image on your screen; you willsee many other hidden pictures as well.When we have shared these special images in our public lectures wealways get “ooh-s” and “aah-s” from our audience. We decided to includethis section in our free e-book because it is one of the most fun things wehave uncovered to do with pictures of the crystal skulls. So sit back andenjoy!
  36. 36. 33AA SSuuggggeessttiioonn ffoorr WWoorrkkiinngg wwiitthh tthhee PPiiccttuurreess iinn tthhee BBooookkWe would like to offer to you a simple technique for working with thepictures in this book that various people in the crystal skull community useand are having good success with. This technique can be done with eithera normal picture of a skull (such as one from our crystal family) or you canexperiment with the special images from the last section.First, just casually glance through this book and observe if any specificpicture or image speaks to you; or if you find yourself strongly drawn to lookat one in particular. Don’t try to rationalize why you feel this strongconnection to the picture (or that specific crystal skull), just trust that thereis a reason for this. Then print out this picture on your printer and take apersonal quartz crystal (or crystal skull) and place it on top of this picturefor 48 hours. If you don’t have a personal crystal to use, see if you can findone at a local new age or gem shop (but again don’t just pick any quartzcrystal, take one that calls out to you and feels correct!).The purpose of this exercise is to transfer a part of the energy that is linkedto the particular crystal skull you have chosen into your personal crystal. Ithas been observed on numerous occasions that when a person links intoany facsimile of a crystal skull (such as a photograph) they can experienceto some degree, the essence of that object’s energy. We have personallyworked with this system and done so with a number of friends and clients,and have been pleasantly surprised by the results that have happened.Once your crystal (or crystal skull) has been charged, begin to work with itin some fashion. For example you can hold it during your personalmeditations, sleep with the crystal under your pillow or just have it in yourpocket when you go out of your home. It can be used as a healing stone orjust to hold it when you are feeling low in your physical energy. You caneven work with this crystal to protect yourself with a positive and strongenergy field around you or to amplify and increase your vitality.
  37. 37. 34CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullll MMeeddiittaattiioonnssffoorr WWoorrlldd PPeeaaccee[ #1: Weekly World Peace Meditation working in alignment with the energy of the CrystalSkulls -- held each Sunday at various times, description by Joshua. ]Today we live in very challenging times. Many people are concerned about our futureand if humanity will ever be able to live together in peace and harmony. In our studieswe have uncovered a number of different prophecies originating from variousindigenous cultures in the world. The common theme contained within these variousprophecies deals with specific warnings about potential disasters humanity could face inthe future if we do not change our way of life. The best solution to prevent such afuture, we believe is, for the people of our world to have a much greater awareness andbecome more responsible for the well-being of our planet (“The Mother Earth”). Andalso, to respect all life that lives upon ‘Her’. If we do not do so in a timely fashion,according to these prophecies, this could result in severe and dire consequences thatcould end life as we know it. Now, it is not our intention by making such statements tocreate more panic and fear in our world, as we already have enough of this. However,at the same time, the prophecies act as a reminder that we live in a time where somevery important decisions must be made for taking the proper actions which willtransform our world in a positive way until we really can create a global peace. So themain question that we can each ask ourselves is: “Can we do something that will makea difference and truly prevent or diminish these dark forecasts from ever coming true? “We believe that the answer to this question is absolutely “YES”!Global Peace starts with Peace within each of us, therefore, we invite you to participatewith us in a special meditation (which was inspired by spirit) that can help us in creatinga better world. We have been performing this mediation since the beginning of 2003when it was initiated through our main crystal skull website. This meditation is a little bitdifferent from similar ones in that we work directly with the energy of the crystal skulls.Of course, we recognize that any meditation which focuses upon sending of a good andloving energy to our planet and its inhabitants is worthwhile as each meditation that isperformed it works synergistically with all the other groups who are offering a similaractivity.Over the years, we have had people join us for this mediation who are living all over theworld. Most of these individuals have a strong interest in the crystal skulls but that isnot a prerequisite to be able to participate with us. We have developed, what webelieve is a simple method that allows anyone to be able to link into the energy andessence of the crystal skulls which we are using as our main focus. The crystal skullsdefinitely help us in amplifying the peaceful energies that we are sending out to theworld during this exercise. In order to allow as many people as possible who wish toparticipate with us, we have setup the meditation to occur at three different time slots.Thus, no matter what time zone a person lives in, they can participate at a reasonabletime. If you would like to join us for this meditation, you will find the instructions to do so
  38. 38. in the following sections. Even if you do not have your own crystal skull, you can still joinus and are very welcome to do so.Time for the MeditationWe recommend that you perform your meditation to last for about 10 or 15 minutes (oryou can just allow the energy of the meditation to guide you for its duration). The threespecific time periods we are conducting our meditation are shown below. Please checkto determine which one is the best for you. The Local Time that is given is based on theperspective of a person living within the U.S. (EST- New York City); England (GMT) orthe Time Zone in Sydney, Australia.Meditation Time #1:8 AM (EST); 1 PM (England); 10 PM (Sydney)Meditation Time #2:12:00 Noon (EST); 5 PM (England); 2 AM (Sydney, on Monday)Meditation Time #3:6 PM (EST); 11 PM (England); 8 AM (Sydney, on Monday)Suggestion:If for some reason, you are not able to join us on a specific Sunday during any of thetimes listed above; there is a special technique known as "Programming your MeditationAhead" that could be implemented instead. How this technique works is that you goahead and perform your meditation at a more convenient time during the current week,but that you setup in your mind the intention that the energy you will generate from yoursession will move forward in time so that it will coincide and link with the rest of us at thespecified time period you chose from above. Thus by using this system, you will still beable to join us on the next Sunday and never miss a beat!An Overview for the MeditationPhilosophy behind the Meditation:On the very first day I (Joshua) had received the crystal skull known as "Portal de Luz"in 1999, "he" showed me an image in my mind about how all of the crystal skulls thatexist upon our planet are interconnected through some type of etheric energy network.35
  39. 39. “He” told me that within each piece of quartz, there exists the potential of an inter-dimensional doorway that can open up or become activated when this specific piece ofquartz (or crystal skull) is awakened. Once the crystal is activated, it can begin toreceive and project out various fields of energies and information that can originate fromany crystal skull that is linked to this network. This is very similar to how the internetworks, as all of the computers on the net are inter-connected and can send and receiveinformation from each other.Furthermore during the experiments we have conductedon behalf of the World Mystery Research Center (see thefull details of our tests in our new book to be released),we have received information that there might exist a verylarge clear crystal skull in rotation at the center of theearth (i.e. – this implies that our planet does not have amolten core at the center but could be completely hollow)which is the master skull to coordinate the flow of energyand information through this entire network. Since webelieve that each crystal skull is unique until itself and specializes in certain specificfrequencies of energies that ’he’/’she’ contains (i.e. -- for healing, awakeningconsciousness, activating ones spiritual gifts, a vessel of universal wisdom, etc ..), thislarge master skull can and will select the appropriate energies to emit through eachindividual skull depending upon the unique situation at the time. We believe that thedetermination of what energies this central skull will send through to the other ones isrelated to each skull’s current location and how that particular crystal skull is beingutilized by its owner (or caretaker) at that precise moment (such as in our meditation).Thus, if our understanding is correct about how this mediation is truly functioning, theneach crystal skull that participates in this activity will emanate a powerful and peacefulenergy through it. This energy comes from the crystal skull’s connection to the ethericenergy network and is then sent out to the local geographic region which the meditatorresides. The key for this process to work well is that a human being is required toactivate and open the dimensional door within their respective skull (or crystal) in orderfor the higher spiritual energies from the network to be broadcast out through the skull.Additionally we have experienced during the meditations that each participant willreceive and channel a portion of this special energy through their own body which canbe very uplifting, healing and electrifying. Therefore, one of the main goals we have forthis meditation is that by working with a large number of people from all over the world,we are able to create many points of light which are all connected together at the sametime. Can you visualize what we are describing here and see its potential?36
  40. 40. How to Perform the MeditationThe second part of the vision that I had received from "Portal" was related to the crystalskull etheric network itself. I was shown a method of how a person could fully link intothis network that involved a special device that looked like an antenna. Each participanthas the ability to inwardly call for this antenna to appear in their location which iscreated by a special mental visualization. For example, for some people this antennacould just literally appear in front of you when they call it. This purpose of this antennais to help a participant to more fully connect with the energy of the etheric crystal skullnetwork and to bring a part of this energy into their individual meditation space.If you will look at the diagram to yourleft, you will see I have provided asimple representation of what thisantenna can look like which you canuse as a reference point. One of thekeys to the success of ourmeditation is to energeticallyconnect with this antenna, so pleasejust do your best to visualize it. Theantenna itself is actually morespherical and round then the flatrepresentation we have given here.Instruction for the Meditation:To begin your meditation, firstdecide which room in your home youwould like to conduct your sessionin. Then find a comfortable place tosit or lie down. Shortly, I will discusshow to hold or position the crystal orcrystal skull you will use in themeditation.Now visualize in your mind theetheric energy antenna and positionit at the very center of your room. Again the reason for visualizing this (imaginary orinvisible) antenna is so you are able to link into the crystal skull etheric network andthen receive the special vibrational frequencies that emanate directly from the network.As you begin to move into your mediation, see an energy beam that shoots out from thetop and bottom of the antenna and extends upward and downward to infinity. Alsomake sure that you see a somewhat smaller antenna that extends outward from themain one at the exact place where the main antenna meets the floor in your room (as37
  41. 41. 38shown in the diagram above). This small segment or addition stands upward at a 45%degree angle.For those participants who have their own crystal skull to work with during themeditation, here is our suggestion how to proceed: (Note: if you do not have a crystalskull, please view the next section for some alternative ways you may still be able toparticipate with us). Hold your crystal skull in your hands in any fashion that iscomfortable for you in the moment. It is not important which direction the front part ofthe skull faces, only that the position of your hands feels correct. (Please note: eachtime you perform this meditation, the positioning of the skull can and will change overtime.) For example, if you are in a sitting position, the crystal skull might restcomfortably on your lap or if you are in a lying down position, then the skull could beplaced by your side or on top of a part of your body.Further, we have found that it can be quite helpful if you are able to listen to a beautifuland/or peaceful music in the background during the meditation. The use of headphonescan be handy as it will prevent outside noises from distracting you. We have discoveredthat when a participant adds music to this meditation, this can greatly amplify the energypresent and the intensity of their experiences during their session. Now take a minuteor two (possibly even before your meditation starts) to do a relaxation or breathingexercise to help calm yourself down and release any anxiety or tension from your day.At this point, you are now ready to enter into the active part of the meditation. To beginwith, first visualize a beam of light (in whatever color comes to you) emanating from themain antenna and touching your crystal skull in its third eye. Feel the energy begin tobuild up and expand within your crystal skull. Eventually the skull will emit a loving andpeaceful energy within the room or space you are situated which will begin to travel andmove inside of yourself until it flows throughout all parts of your body. Usually we findthat if we visualize the energy coming from the antenna to be pink in color, this is quiethelpful and the most powerful (the color of pink represents the vibration of unconditionallove).Next, after a period of time (you will know of feel when this is), this powerful andharmonious energy that the skull has given to you will start to expand and move outsideof your physical body. So, see or feel this loving energy fill the entire room you aresituated in. Then after a minute of two, the energy will continue to expand and coveryour entire home. Next, this loving and peaceful energy (which will be a specific color)will continue to expand and is now it is filling every part of the city you live in. Onceagain after another minute or so, watch as this loving energy continues expanding andis now covering your entire provincial area (i.e. -- your state, province or district).Eventually, visualize and observe this loving energy completely covering the countrythat you reside in. And lastly, watch this special healing energy cover our entire planet,touching all the living beings that inhabit our beautiful “Mother” (the plants, the animals,and the people). As you are going through this process, don’t feel rushed, take yourtime and move from place to place as it is comfortable to do so.We suggest at this point during your meditation, that for just a few minutes you mightwant to remain with the vision of the Earth surrounded by this loving (pink) energy.
  42. 42. Then, just before you are ready to return to your physical body, pick one location on ourworld that you feel drawn to, where there is a great deal of unrest or confusion and sendto this location a little extra light and loving energy. One quick note to offer and this is,when we are visualizing this peaceful loving energy being shared with our world, all wecan do is offer this energy to all the living beings to choose how (they/he/she) and eachmust decide of their own accord in which way to utilize it. Now, after you are finished,begin to return to your physical body by retracing your steps back the way you came(from the view of the Earth, to your country, to your provincial area, etc ....). When youcome back to your body, you may wish to take a few deep breaths to help groundyourself as well as feel your feet firmly touching the ground before you open your eyes.And then just take a few minutes to enjoy the special experiences that you just had.Suggestion: If you happen to have more then one crystal skull, why not invite a friend,family member or neighbor to join us during our time together one Sunday?What to do if you don’t haveyour own crystal skulls?If this is your situation, you can still participate and meditate with us working with theenergies of the crystal skulls. Here are a few suggestions about how you can do this:1) If you have a picture of a crystal skull that you personally feel an affinity for (such asone shown in this e-book), you can stare at its image during your meditation to bring inthe energy of the skulls into your room. Then visualize the special antenna that links tothe energy network and imagine that you are holding in your hands the crystal skull youare gazing at. The rest of the mediation follows as we have described in earliersections.2) Alternatively, you can work with the piece of quartz that you have charged andactivated with a picture of a crystal skull, (as we discussed earlier) and then hold it (as ittakes the skull’s place of course) and do the meditation. Again you can pretend as if thecrystal you are holding is a real crystal skull.If you prefer to work with a picture of an older or ancient crystal skull, we have setup onour crystal skull website a page consisting of such pictures. Some of the people whohave joined our meditation and first heard about it through our website, actually usethese pictures. There are twelve different crystal skulls (ancient, old and contemporary)shown here and again, you can just print out this page on your printer and select thecrystal skull that seems appropriate to work with for the meditation. Please see:39hhttttpp::////wwwwww..vv--jj--eenntteerrpprriisseess..ccoomm//sskkuullllppiiccttuurreess..hhttmmll
  43. 43. 3) Another option is to take one of your personal crystals that you have at home and tryto see if you can find an actual crystal skull that someone has who lives close to yourlocation. Then, just place your quartz crystal near their skull for a period of time (15minutes at least is recommended) and let it be charged.4) Finally, I have met some people who don’t need a physical crystal skull or quartzskull present but still have the ability to visualize one in their mind instantaneously oreven at times, see a crystal skull that just appears right in front of them through theirinner gift of clairvoyance. So this is just another option or method a person can use toparticipate in our group meditation.Other Suggestions andFinal Ideas …We have found that the most important ingredient for having a powerful experienceduring this meditation is to not plan ahead or logically figure out what will happen duringyour session. Most people have discovered that as soon as they start to work with theircrystal skull (or the energy connected to them); things have a habit of happening bythemselves. We find this spontaneous approach is the best way to conduct yourmeditation and to fulfill the collective goal for sending out the most loving and peacefulenergy to our world as we can, amplified by the energy of the skulls.In reports we have received from various participants, some people have found theenergy connected to this meditation to be quite powerful or conversely felt very relaxedwhen they finished. For others, they have received some type of healing or it has givento them a greater clarity about their lives. Some people tell us that they have had seensome interesting visions during their meditation. A number of individuals have reportedthat they feel a new energy inside of their crystal skull after the meditation is concluded.Either their skull or skulls seem more activated and/or that inside the quartz itself, thecrystal has changed its form or become more transparent.Of course, it is not a requirement that you must join us each and every Sunday. Feelfree to participate as you are guided or inspired to do so. We also believe that part ofthe reason for performing this group meditation is not only will it help to more fullyactivate the energies contained within our personal crystal skulls but, that on some levelit is setting up or enhancing the vibrational frequency within our planet to prepare for thearrival of other ancient crystal skulls that are currently being hidden for their protection.Thus if any of our readers do have a special contact or relationship with a caretaker ofsuch a crystal skull who is unfamiliar with our meditation, please feel free to invite themto join us.We truly believe that this group meditation can make a big difference in our world and ishelping to link together the energy of the crystal skulls with the individuals who are40
  44. 44. 41actively involved with them. So if you are able to participate and join us that would besimply wonderful.Please feel free to contact us at any time if we can answer any questions about thismeditation of if you might have some new ideas about how we could expand or improveit – Thank You and God Bless!![ #2 – World Peace Meditations from 2009-2011, held on Specific Days ]A Special Dream that is Coming True – Please Join Us – Several years ago, we hadan idea that sounded fantastic but we were unsure how we could make it happen.However, we felt one day we would know how to proceed, related to a special worldpeace meditation. The idea or the question to this meditation was: “What if we invitedevery person in the world who is a caretaker/guardian of one or more crystal skulls, tojoin us for a meditation for peace on a specific day, where during each hour on that day,a group of people were performing such a meditation throughout the world. What couldhappen?” As today, there are thousands upon thousands of new crystal skulls beingcarved each year which means there are thousands upon thousands of people whohave a crystal skull and are their caretaker or guardian.Well, while Joshua was in Italy for a crystal skull conference in July of 2008, he woke upone morning and knew instantly how to organize such a peace meditation. However, itwas not to be performed just on one day but for seven days. Therefore, in addition tothe weekly Sunday Meditations we would like to invite you to participate with us for aspecial series of seven major meditations held between the years of 2009-2011 alongwith a series of minor meditations. The first meditation was conducted on January 1stof2009 and now we are continuing on the 13thday of each month. If you would like toparticipate with us, may we invite you to visit the following webpage shown below. All ofthe details for these special Crystal Skull based meditations are fully explained here aswell as a link to a page which describes how to do the mediation. Please visit:hhttttpp::////wwwwww..vv--jj--eenntteerrpprriisseess..ccoomm//ccsswwoorrllddppeeaacceemmeeddiittaattiioonnss..hhttmmll(OK, finally coming up next is a quick overview of our new book on the crystal skulls,that you have been hearing so much about which will we hope to release before theend of 2010 or in the early part of 2011. We are very proud of this book as we havetried to write it in such a way that it will provide the best information possible for everyreader, regardless of their orientation and interest about the crystal skulls or heads.This book will include some of the most amazing and interesting stories and personalexperiences people have had with the crystal skulls, perhaps even beyond what youcan imagine. And of course, the book offers some provocative new insights about lifeand reality which these crystal friends wish to teach us or to remind us of that wealready know about, deep within ourselves!!)
  45. 45. 42
  46. 46. Crystal Skulls are human-shaped skulls comprised of various types of quartz crystals.A number of these ancient artifacts have been uncovered within various ancientruins in Mexico and Central America. Who created these crystal skulls? Why did theymake them? By which process were they fashioned, is a complete mystery. Thefollowing questions will be answered within this amazing book.* Why are the crystal skulls resurfacing now?* What research has been conducted to better understand the crystal skulls?* Why are so many people desiring to have a personal contact with one?* What is there about the energy that surrounds the crystal skulls that is producingtremendous and profound changes within the lives of the people who meet them?Join Joshua Shapiro with his partner Katrina Head, explorers of the Crystal Skulls, asthey take you deep into the secret world of the Skulls. Inside the pages of this bookyou will meet some of the most famous crystal skulls on the planet as well as thespecial individuals who are intimately involved with them. Find out why the authorsbelieve the Crystal Skulls are one of the most important ancient artifacts that haveever been discovered and how these crystalline friends will ultimately takehumanity into a time of “Total Peace.”Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head have dedicatedtheir lives to the study of the Crystal Skulls as well asproviding the very best information upon this subjectthrough their public presentations, websites and books.Their crystal skull research is sponsored by the WORLDMYSTERY RESEARCH CENTER located within the U.S.Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head are involved with aFeature Film that will present a powerful storyregarding how the Crystal Skulls will play a key rolein bring forth a time of total Peace for the Earth in ournear future which Joshua has received will one daybe called “The New Dawn”.43
  47. 47. 44JJoouurrnneeyyss ooff tthheeCCrryyssttaall SSkkuullll EExxpplloorreerrssTable of Contents(summarized overview)DedicationForewordBook Objectives and OverviewIInnttrroodduuccttiioonnCCHHAAPPTTEERR 11 –– TTIIMMEE FFLLIIGGHHTT OOFF DDEESSTTIINNYY(The book begins with a story – it starts during the time of the Mayans in Mexico in the16thcentury as the Spanish Conquistadors are beginning their invasion and looking fora “Talking Skull”. The story moves to our modern time where we see a crystal skull hasrecently been unearthed in a Mayan ruin after being hidden for almost five hundredyears. The skull calls to a young man, whose soul was the one to hide it in this distantpast. The skull has arrived just in time as our world is threatened by a deadly diseasethat only the crystal skulls can help to cure …)
  48. 48. 45CChhaapptteerr 22 –– WWhhaatt aarree tthhee CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullllss??(In this chapter we take a quick look at the material of which comprises the crystalskulls- - quartz crystals and discuss their properties. We define the three different typesof crystal skulls known to exist in our world {ancient, old and contemporary}. And finallywe offer a brief history of some of the key moments that have occurred around thecrystal skulls from the 18thcentury till present to bring them into the public’s attention.)CChhaapptteerr 33 –– TThhee AAnncciieenntt aanndd OOlldd CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullllss(Chapter 3 introduces our readers to a few of the ancient and old crystal skulls that areknown in the world presently. We provide a physical description and history, and offercomments from the guardians or owners where possible. The main crystal skulls thatwe discuss include (the type of quartz is in parenthesis):ANCIENT: MITCHELL-HEDGES SKULL OF LOVE (CLEAR), “AMI” (AMETHYST),“ET” (SMOKY QUARTZ), “MADRE” & “RAINBOW” (CLEAR), “SYNERGY” (CLEAR)OLD: BRITISH MUSEUM CRYSTAL SKULL (CLEAR) AND THE PARIS CRYSTAL SKULL (CLEAR)We also briefly discuss several other crystal skulls that are known publicly following intothese categories, as there is not enough space in the book for a full description.}CChhaapptteerr 44 –– CCoonntteemmppoorraarryy CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullllss,,TThhee CCaarreettaakkeerrss(Next we take a look at the newly made crystal skulls also known as contemporarycrystal skulls. Here we hear from eight owners {or as we call them caretakers} of suchskulls to compare their stories and experiences versus the older ones. You will meetMarion Webb-De Soto from England, who has written the first book that focuses uponthis type of crystal skulls. Additionally we hear from Jaap van Etten and C. RaveniaYoungman, who each have more than 100 crystal skulls in their personal collections.Two other good friends we introduce, who are working in the world closely with theircrystal skulls including Wendy Willett and ShavatY. Next you hear from Blue ArrowRainbow Eagle Woman as she discusses her personal crystal skull, known as “Mozesof Peace” (her and her daughter have over 300 skulls in their circles). Following this, wehear from Katrina Head about her rose quartz skull, “The Guardian” and how this skullforever changed her life. Lastly, Joshua introduces his 10 lb. smoky quartz skull, “Portalde Luz” and about their early adventures. The last section is an honorable mention ofother friends who are very active and work with their crystal skulls to share them withthe public.)CChhaapptteerr 55 –– CCoonntteemmppoorraarryy CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullllss,,TThhee CCaarrvveerrss(This chapter introduces our readers to three very special and talented carvers whohave the rare gift to create a crystal skull. We hear from Carey Robbins in Oregon whohas carved several human-sized skulls including a movable jaw. You will meet one ofthe special carvers that work in Brazil who has personally made over 1000 crystal skullsof all sizes. Next, you meet Georg Brandt, a master carver from Idar-Oberstein in
  49. 49. 46Germany, a place where some of the finest gemstone carvers in the world live. Lastly,we introduce you to “Moonhawk” (Gary Butler), who has been trained in the traditionalways to carve a skull that provides us a completely different orientation about what thecrystal skulls represent to the indigenous people and their keys to activating them.)CChhaapptteerr 66 ---- OOuurr PPeerrssoonnaall AAddvveennttuurreess wwiitthh tthhee CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullllss((wwiitthh JJoosshhuuaa SShhaappiirroo aanndd KKaattrriinnaa HHeeaadd))(Chapter 6 is our opportunity to share with the readers our most treasured stories andexperiences with the crystal skulls. Joshua focuses about his experiences with theMitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love; “Ami”, the amethyst skull, “ET” {a human-sizedsmoky quartz skull} along with various visits with the British Museum Crystal Skull{including a very rare and private one with Blue Arrow Rainbow Eagle Woman}. Inaddition, he speaks about the three journeys he has taken to Peru searching for a BlueCrystal Skull inspired by an inner vision in 1990. Joshua finishes up with pieces of hiscrystal skull journeys in 2009 into Mexico City (seeing six old skulls) and a six weekjourney to Europe in the summer. This chapter finishes with Katrina Head sharing a fewof her interesting experiences and stories working with the “Crystal Kids” and how theyhave helped her. Plus we include pieces of our travel reports from 2009-2010 going to:Florida to see Dr. Brown’s Atlantean Ball; a visit with “Max” in Atlanta; the 9-9-9Conference in Arkansas; the Crystal Skull Conference in Mexico City (10/09); our 14day journey to Peru with the skulls (11/09); our trip to the America Southwest (12/09)and finally a visit to a labyrinth in Wisconsin and meeting hundreds of Orbs (3/10).CChhaapptteerr 77 ---- PPeerrssoonnaall EExxppeerriieenncceess aanndd IInnssiigghhttss wwiitthhtthhee CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullllss ((ffrroomm vvaarriioouuss ssoouurrcceess))(The goal of this chapter is to provide an idea of the type of experiences that canhappen to a person who has contact with an ancient crystal skull. Here we hear thestories of various people from different parts of the world about what happened to themwhile they were visiting or had contact (at times indirectly) with the Mitchell-HedgesCrystal Skull, “Ami” and “ET”. The chapter finishes with a few additional stories aroundour crystal skull, “Portal de Luz” including the possibility of the existence of a giganticcrystal skull that may exist at the center of the earth?)CChhaapptteerr 88 ---- HHooww ttoo WWoorrkk wwiitthh aa CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullll((PPeerrssoonnaall TTeecchhnniiqquueess aanndd EExxeerrcciisseess))(This chapter focuses upon our suggestions about how the reader can select the rightcrystal skull for themselves. We also share our personal process that we used toactivate our own crystal skulls (one in which our skulls indirectly taught us). Additionallywe included some personal stories about what effect our circle of skulls had uponpeople who came to our private sessions. Other topics discussed in this chapterinclude a simple system for protecting yourself from negative energy or thoughts and wediscuss a bit more about the etheric crystal skull energy network. We provide somesuggestions of how to prepare yourself when it’s your time to meet in person an ancientcrystal skull and what are the differences between these older skulls and the newerones.)
  50. 50. 47CChhaapptteerr 99 ---- TThhee IInnddiiggeennoouuss VViieewwss ooff tthhee CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullllss(Some researchers believe that if there is a group of people that live on our planet whoperhaps truly understand what the crystal skulls are all about, this can be found withinthe various indigenous cultures. Some of these tribes {or nations} not only may havebeen guarding some very old crystal skulls for a long time but also have a prophecy ororal traditions {that have been passed down from generation to generation} whichdiscusses the crystal skulls. Thus you will find in this chapter comments from sevendifferent Native American sources from North America and a few other sources thatprovide the perspectives from the Mayans, Toltec and the Inca. )CChhaapptteerr 1100 ----CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullll RReesseeaarrcchh((PPaarrtt II –– RReesseeaarrcchh ccoonndduucctteedd bbeeffoorree 22000000))(Chapters 10-12 contain some of the most important information for this book. Withinthese chapters the reader will discover a wide range of different scientific research thathas been conducted over the years related to the skulls. Chapter 10 focuses upon thekey research conducted before the year of 2000 by various individuals and groups. Weinclude a summary of the special research done by Frank Dorland with the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love” in the 1960’s-1970’s. The face created from a mold of theMitchell-Hedges Skull organized by published author, Frank Joseph. The key work andinvestigation done by The Society of Crystal Skulls International {founded by F. R. ‘Nick’Nocerino}; and finally the special research project conducted for the BBC documentarycreated by Morton and Thomas at the British Museum in London in 1996.)CChhaapptteerr 1111 ----CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullll RReesseeaarrcchh((PPaarrtt IIII –– TThhee WWoorrlldd MMyysstteerryy RReesseeaarrcchh CCeenntteerrEExxppeerriimmeennttss wwiitthh eelleeccttrroonniicc ddeevviicceess))(The World Mystery Research Center, co-founded by Joshua Shapiro, is a scientific andeducational non-profit foundation. Its goal is to research from a scientific andparanormal perspective a wide range of subjects considered to be world mysteriesincluding of course, the crystal skulls. Within this specific chapter, the authors focusupon their involvement in various experiments and tests utilizing a number of differentelectronic devices. The goal for performing these tests was to better understand theenergetic effect that the crystal skulls have upon the people who have had a personalencounter with them. Such devices which were utilized included: Meridian Stress TestSystems, Aura-based machines, a Brain Wave detector, a special energetically-sensitived pendulum and another device known as a Lecher Antenna.)CChhaapptteerr 1122 ----CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullll RReesseeaarrcchh((PPaarrtt IIIIII –– TThhee WWoorrlldd MMyysstteerryy RReesseeaarrcchh CCeenntteerrSSeeccrreett CCooddeess aanndd CCrroopp CCiirrcclleess))(This final research chapter involves secret codes that may be related to the crystalskulls which can perhaps unlock their mystery. First we look at the messages givenabout the crystal skulls using the controversial Bible Code. Secondly, we present some
  51. 51. 48other hidden information in a pictorial format that is contained within the crystal skullsthemselves using a special computer process that works with digital images of theskulls. The last part of the chapter deals with our experiments in various crop circles inEngland and Holland, when we brought some of our crystal skulls into these circles anddiscuss what happened to us – some great stories in this section of the book.)CChhaapptteerr 1133 ---- CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullll TThheeoorriieess((WWhhaatt iiss tthhee PPuurrppoossee ooff tthhee CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullllss??WWhhoo CCrreeaatteedd tthhee AAnncciieenntt SSkkuullllssaanndd HHooww wweerree tthheeyy MMaaddee??))(Our final chapter takes a deep examination of various ideas and theories that originatefrom various sources with strong links to the crystal skulls which discuss: Why thecrystal skulls were created and by whom; How they were made; and What might betheir ultimatum purpose especially as it is related to our near future. You will hear theperspectives from a few well-known crystal skull researchers as well as discover whatinformation has been received through various psychics or spiritual channels who haveworked closely with a crystal skull. Next, we take a look at the possibility of theexistence of a special set of 13 crystal skulls that belong together. There are manyindividuals who have a strong feeling that such a set of skulls truly exist as well as thislegend has been revealed through various oral traditions of the Native Americans. Wealso look at a story told that states there is a unique set of crystal skulls that may haveoriginated from a very advanced civilization that lives inside of our planet (The HollowEarth). Additionally, in this chapter we review certain ideas given previously in the bookto further answer the three questions we posed above collected from various indigenoussources or from the personal experiences of those who had a contact with one of theancient crystal skull. The chapter concludes with some final thoughts from Joshua aboutwhat role the crystal skulls are serving in our modern culture.)CCoonncclluussiioonnAAppppeennddiixx AA:: GGlloossssaarryyAAppppeennddiixx BB:: CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullll RReessoouurrccee SSeeccttiioonnB.1 Caretakers of Ancient and Old SkullsB.2 Crystal Skull Carvers and SellersB.3 Caretakers of Contemporary Crystal SkullsB.4 Crystal Skull ResearchersB.5 Miscellaneous Contributors for the BookB.6 Contributors for Scientific Research(World Mystery Research Center)Bible Code ResearchersCrop Circle ResearchersB.7 Indigenous Contributors for the BookB.8 Internet ResourcesB.9 Crystal Skull Books
  52. 52. 49AAppppeennddiixx CC:: BBiibbllee CCooddee RReesseeaarrcchh wwiitthh MMoosshhee SShhaakk(The complete analysis and study done by Bible Code Researcher, Moshe Shak,supporting his information given in Chapter 9 that the “Bible Code” verifies the crystalskulls are powerful artifacts used by ancient cultures in the past.)HHooww ttoo OOrrddeerr YYoouurr CCooppyy ooff ““JJoouurrnneeyyss ooff tthhee CCrryyssttaall SSkkuullll EExxpplloorreerrss:At the time of the release of this free e-book, the printed version in English is not yetavailable but is expected to be released in by the later part of 2010 or the early part of2011. If we are unable to find the resources to create a printed edition, we are alsoconsidering offering a membership website where every few weeks, a part of the bookis made available to the members. If you visit the first webpage listed below, you can fillout an on-line form so we may be able to contact when the printed or on-line edition isready and released (if the book is not already available). The second webpage below isabout the book and the special offer we are giving for people who reserve their copybefore the book is officially released. Please visit: you would like to get a copy of the original version of this book (2004-2005), whichcame out as an e-book, there are a few on-line stores which still carry it. This version ofour book is in an electronic form and requires a copy of Adobe Reader® or AdobeAcrobat® in order to read it. It is over 500 pages and includes many coloredphotographs and illustrations with tables. Additionally there was another edition of thee-book released in 2006 by the Filament Book Club that uses an e-book reader device.Places to Order the Adobe E-book version:Diesel E-books ( ( (’s Books ( Order for special E-book reader:Filament Book Club (
  53. 53. 50Crystal Skull Events  with Joshua Shapiroand Katrina Head Since 2001, Joshua has worked and traveled to numerous places around the world (and now isworking closely with Katrina Head since April of 2009) in order to share key information aboutthe crystal skulls with the general public. As you will read below, we offer various types ofactivities and events related to the crystal skulls as well as an opportunity for an individual tohave their own personal experience and contact with one. As we move forward, we intend tocontinue our outreach into many new locations within the world and to work more closely withother crystal skull teachers and caretakers.What does our public Crystal Skull Event consist of? Public Lecture (2-3 hours) – a slide presentation that provides a brief history and discussionabout how the crystal skulls first surfaced and which ones are publicly known today. We thendelve in various theories about their true purpose and why the crystal skulls are important forhumanity’s future. Lastly, we present the research we have been conducting with the crystalskulls through our World Mystery Research Center (based in the U.S.) Workshop (includes the “Lightworker’s Toolbox”, 2-3 hours) – A continuation and furtherexploration into the key theories surrounding the origins of the crystal skulls. This workshopincludes some hands-on work with an actual crystal skull and a discussion about the processthat can bring your personal skull to life (or activate it). The workshop concludes with a talkabout using (or finding) one’s true inner or spiritual gifts to discover your life’s purpose and helpto create peace in our world. Crystal Skull Healing and Intuitive Consultations – an opportunity to work privately withone of our awakened crystal skulls, receive an uplifting energy from Katrina, a gifted healerand/or to have an intuitive question and answer period with Joshua (who works with his andyour spirit guides). Meditation for World Peace – We offer throughout our event a meditation working with theenergies of the crystal skulls to send out to the Earth a powerful energy for world peace. Joint Events -- In 2004, we began to investigate working with other crystal skull caretakers,researchers, and teachers (including indigenous elders) which resulted in three smallconferences in Switzerland and two Crystal Skull Festivals in Europe (the Netherlands inOctober of 2006 and Hungary in October of 2007). From 2010 and beyond, we are hoping tooffer more festivals within the world. To contact us or for more details, visit our website at: you would be interested to bring one of our crystal skull events to your local area or have anyquestions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We believe that the message of thecrystal skulls is very important for humanity’s future. Hope to meet you at an upcoming event!!JJoosshhuuaa SShhaappiirroo && KKaattrriinnaa HHeeaadd –– tthhee ccrryyssttaall sskkuullll eexxpplloorreerrssemail:
  54. 54. 51A SHORT DESCRIPTION ABOUT OUR CONSULTATIONS WITH THE CRYSTAL SKULLSWe thought it might be of interest for our readers to briefly discuss how we conduct ourown private consultations in order to give to you an idea about how a person canincorporate a crystal skull into their own spiritual work. What we have done is tocombine the individual spiritual gifts of the people helping in the session working intandem with the energy that is held by each of our personal crystal skulls.To setup for our sessions we place on a table, all of our (working) crystal skulls, facingforward, so that they are sitting directly in front of our client. We lay the skulls upon aspecial cloth such as animal fur. The other tool we utilize for our session is a portableCD player with headphones. All of our sessions begin with a meditation with music,while the client holds the skull of their choice in their lap.Essentially our consultations serve three purposes: First our client has a chance toexperience the type of energies which are linked to a crystal skull. In some cases, thisenergy can act as a catalyst that triggers a personal transformation for them. This is thereason we ask each person to select which crystal skull they feel the greatest affinity towork with as each of our skulls offers their own unique and individualized service.Second, our clients can receive a personal healing or just receive the appropriate(universal) energies that are necessary for them at that time. In general these healingenergies are given during their meditation with the music. And lastly, our clients havean opportunity to ask questions about their personal life or at times we may receivesome specific information or messages that are channeled that we are to share withthem. Mostly, the type of information we receive deals with the potential creative orspiritual gifts the individual has or what is their life’s purpose.As to the type of healing the client can expect to receive during their session, this canrange from some assistance for various physical and emotional problems or a type ofmental block; or it can be connected with a karmic (past-life) situation. For some of ourclients, they require a certain period of time after their session for the healing energy tobe completely integrated into their body (vibrationally). We recommend for our clientsthat they bring with them a personal crystal. This allows their crystal to record andabsorb the healing energies present during their session or whatever energy is beingemitted by any or all of our crystal skulls. In this way, a client can continue to work withthese energies and the information given during their session in the comfort of their ownhome by having physical contact with this crystal.Katrina and Joshua believe that the presence of the crystal skulls during their (joint orindependently done) sessions greatly assists them in creating a peaceful and protectedenvironment in the consultation room. Furthermore, they feel the crystal skulls makesthem clearer channels so they can bring forth the most appropriate level of healingenergies and information that will benefit each client. Additionally, they have observedon numerous occasions how their crystal skulls are able to help shift and balance aperson’s energy in the precise manner that they require. They have noticed duringsome of the sessions, unusual phenomena which happen to and around their skulls.For example, “Portal de Luz” or “Anton” have a tendency to change “their” internal color(becoming lighter or darker) or it is noticed that when they are held after the session hasfinished, their weight has changed too.