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Building your Startup Brand


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Key Questions to Ask while Building your Startup Brand

Published in: Business, Technology
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Building your Startup Brand

  1. 1. Key Questions to Brand Your Start-up! Joshua  Rozario   Co-­‐Founder,  Crea-ves  That  Work  
  2. 2. Key Questions to Askwhile Building your Startup Brand?
  3. 3. What are You and your StartupDeeply Passionate About?
  4. 4. What are your Startups Expertiseand Key Value Proposition?
  5. 5. Who are your Competitors?
  6. 6. Why should your customers Chooseyou over your competitors?
  7. 7. What ‘Attributes’ & ‘Values’ do you wantyour Startup Brand to stand for?
  8. 8. Who is your Target Audience?
  9. 9. What ‘Need’ do you cater tofor your ‘Target Audience’?
  10. 10. What memorable ‘Headline or Byline’speaks of your Startup Brand?
  11. 11. What do you want people to ‘Think-Feel-Perceive’about your Startup Brand?
  12. 12. What Unique name will represent yourBrand Best?
  13. 13. What Colors will represent your BrandAttributes?
  14. 14. What kind of Visual Image (Logo) willrepresent your Brand Best?
  15. 15. Need Help Building your Startup Brand?Talk to us
  16. 16. Who are we?We are a a boutique Branding & Marketing Communication Agencythat strives to create Brands that people will Love, Remember,Buy & Advocate. Through our magical blend of Research, Strategy,Creativity and Technology, we help you Discover andUnleash the true potential of your brand Our Expertise •  Start-up Branding •  Event Branding •  Personal Branding •  Marketing Communication •  Online & Social Media Marketing •  Web Strategy, Design & Develoment
  17. 17. Why Choose Us?We believe that if you don’t have a Strategy, any campaign can take you there,that’s why we study your brand, the stakeholders, the competitors, the market,your existing marketing strategy etc. and help create a singular, recognizableidentity and that is showcased across our designs and work We at Creatives That Work Bridge The Gap between Left Brain (Strategy) and Right Brain (Creativity)
  18. 18. Contact usCreatives That Work# 111, 10th Main, 1st Floor, Nandanam Layout, Hormavu Main Road,Kalyan Nagar PO, Bangalore-560 043, Karnataka- IndiaTelephone: +91 80 4145 6612 : Mobile: +91-92430 22442Email: crea-veswow  
  19. 19. If  it  doesnt’t  Sell,  it  isnt  Crea-ve-­‐  David  Ogilvy