eBook conversion services-epub, kindle, nook future


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In this PDF you can see how ebooks are becoming more and more popular now a days and how bright the future of ebooks and ebook conversion services is.

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eBook conversion services-epub, kindle, nook future

  1. 1. 2013, 14, 15… Brian Manoj 8/30/2013 eBook Conversion Services-Bright future is ahead
  2. 2. h t t p : / w w w . e b o o k h a n d s . c o m Page 2 eBooks Are Changing Readers View Today when we look at the technology then we feel proud of ourselves that we have gained such an achievement because we have a lot of advanced products and devices which we can use in our daily life. When we see young kids hanging out on their smart phones and iPad then we realise that its technology era and we have just entered into the digital world. eBook Conversion Market We are seeing frequent changes in the latest technologies which are changing the customer's mind frequently for products/services. The selling of products or services is totally dependent on the choice of audience. That’s why the businessmen are now also updating their selling strategies, trying to attract more and more customers by adopting new technology and developing latest product and services. As we know a book is our lifetime companion that’s why printed book publishers are now moving towards eBook publishing which is also giving a booming marketing for eBook conversion services providers. Many companies have developed latest technology devices like i-Pads, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc. which can read various e-formats. These devices are also compatible with latest e-reader formats like .mobi, pdf, Amazon Kindle format, iPhone and iPad format. The increase in sale of these devices is giving a boom to eBook industry, so now most of the book publishers are trying to publish their books online to capture the major market of eBook readers. That’s why eBooks are becoming more and more popular currently among the people. As a result of which eBook services like ePub conversion services, kindle conversion service, .mobi conversion, .lit conversion, etc. are booming with a regular pace. Also ePub format conversion services are widely accepted by many companies.
  3. 3. h t t p : / w w w . e b o o k h a n d s . c o m Page 3 Future of eBooks & Conversion Services If you see the book readership trends of Dec 2011 Vs Nov 2012 then you can easily predict that eBooks & its conversion services future is bright. This transfer of readership explains that eBook readership is increasing day by day. As compared to physical stores where a person have to invest time and money for buying printed books from store to store, he can shop for any book of his own choice easily using internet. Today e-books have become more and more popular, as people read them in subway, in public transportation, on the street and at homes and offices every day. Reading a book is a great way to spend your time when on a train, while taking an actual book is not very convenient. Besides, a book reader can contain way more than just one book. Electronic books are sometimes considered as the equivalent of a conventional printed book. So in short we can say that eBooks & eBook conversion services have a bright future ahead.
  4. 4. h t t p : / w w w . e b o o k h a n d s . c o m Page 4 Advantages of eBooks There are five basic and important advantages of using e-books  Easy to store and carry.  Compatible with latest devices.  E-Books are inexpensive.  Comfortable to read at any place.  Different readable formats are available. Below you can see some more advantages of e-books in our daily life: -  A consumer can store, broadcast and print capacious details in an eBooks.  A writer can help to save his fictional piece of job in eBooks and publish them within internet.  An eBook can create the appearance for enterprise or promotional reasons striking.  E-Books are also integrated with rich media like animations and graphics creations which attract more and more customers towards an eBook.  These e-books will also be used for educational purposes. You'll be able to prepare on-line tutorials and e-notes within the form of e-Books. The electronic books can easily be downloaded in the internet instantly. A person may also provide extra information within the digital books because these books sustain hyper links.  You will be able to have a huge assortment of e-Books on numerous subjects in your personal e-Reader devices any time. A person can also translate a digital book into various languages.