OpenStack: The evolution of computing (Credit Suisse Technology Summit)


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  • SILOS cause slowness
  • Big DataBig InfrastructureBig Insights
  • Russell Ackoff was one of the greatest of the thinkers in the field of Systems Thinking.Quality Improvement is about enhancing the value from a consumer and customer perspective, and thus about effectiveness, and not about efficiency.
  • OpenStack is a Framework, though, and not a product.41 Configuration files (as per
  • OpenStack: The evolution of computing (Credit Suisse Technology Summit)

    1. 1. “It turns out that an eerie type of chaos can lurk just behind afacade of order - and yet, deep inside the chaos lurks an eveneerier type of order.” – Douglas Hofstadter
    2. 2. OpenStackThe Evolution of Software-Defined InfrastructureJoshua McKentyDirector, OpenStack FoundationMember, Python Software FoundationChief Technology Officer, Piston
    3. 3. Time = Money.Time-to-market = Win.
    4. 4. Computers have gotten faster.IT has gotten slower.
    5. 5. Silos cause slowness.
    6. 6. “Software defined” isabout... using scriptsand other automationtools to remove “humanmiddleware” from theequation.– Neil MacDonald, Gartner
    7. 7. "In scale-up, serversare like pets. You namethem and when theyget sick, you nursethem back to health…
    8. 8. …In scale-out, servers are like cattle. You number them and whenthey get sick, you shoot them.” – Bill Baker
    9. 9. Why now?
    10. 10. “…by 2020, ourDigital Universe will be44 TIMES AS BIG asit was in 2009…”
    11. 11. We have reached atipping point.
    12. 12. Cloud changes everything.
    13. 13. “The difference between effectiveness andefficiency is the same difference that youhave between wisdom and knowledge. Weneed far more wisdom. We suffer from toomuch knowledge.” – Russell Ackoff
    14. 14. IaaS: Shared pools of resources
    15. 15. IaaS: Shared pools of resources
    16. 16. !  The world’s leading open source cloud framework!  Founded by NASA and Rackspace in 2010!  Global collaboration of companies!  Massively scalable compute, storage and networking
    17. 17. The ecosystem
    18. 18. The ecosystem
    19. 19. The codebase
    20. 20. The codebase
    21. 21. Some users
    22. 22. Some recent news•  IBM “all-in” on OpenStack•  Huawei launches OpenStack public cloud•  Coraid contributes drivers•  Seagate joins OpenStack•  IBS DataFort, Staples select OpenStack •  Ericsson launches OpenStack-based product•  HP adds resellers to its public OpenStack cloud
    23. 23. Some assembly required.
    24. 24. Stop Thinking.
    25. 25. Piston Enterprise OpenStack Batteries Included: –  Bare-metal Hypervisor –  Virtual SAN –  SDN Controller
    26. 26. OpenStack Market Impacts•  Every network vendor•  Every server vendor SOFTWARE•  Every hypervisor DEFINED•  Every storage vendor•  Most service providers EVERYTHING
    27. 27. Win on Time-to-Market•  New dev environments in < 1 minute•  Clone from dev to test to prod in < 1 minute•  SDDC without downtime
    28. 28. Win on Hardware Costs•  Commodity x86 Servers for Computing•  Commodity x86 Servers for Storage•  Commodity x86 Servers for Networking
    29. 29. Win on Headcount•  Best of enterprise IT is 150:1•  Best of cloud IT is 3000:1•  Admins add value when they’re mediating, not executing
    30. 30. Questions?
    31. 31. Thank you.