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Collaborative Game Development

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  1. 1. OrbitalCollaboration Game Development
  2. 2. Problem!   Creating a game is not simple!   You need a good team working well together !   Producer (Project Manager) !   Programmers !   Artists !   Composers / Sound Engineers !   Game QA & testers
  3. 3. Therefore!   You need tools for communication and assets management! eg. Shared drive / Dropbox / Perforce for sharing files within a studio!   Things are more difficult with remote teams
  4. 4. Scenario! Munir is writing 52 games in a year !   http://www.profound7.com/!   There are collabrators (>50) willing to help ! http://www.reddit.com/r/gamemechanics!   But how to manage all these people and assets?
  5. 5. Solution!   Orbital !   Started as a 24 hour hack (NUS Hack N Roll) by !   Joshua Koo (aka zz85 aka @blurspline) ! Munir Hussin (Profound7) !   Gerald Tan !   Team got together because Joshua has interest with collaborative work, Munir game development, and Gerald games, and had some spare time in general!   Cloud Based, Web collaborative game development platform
  6. 6. What is it?!   Web based !   Runs in your web browser !   Allow team members to log in, view, run projects !   View, edit assets online (graphics, code, sound etc) !   Allow uploads and download!   Cloud based !   Assets are managed online in the cloud !   All project assets are versioned automatically (with git) !   Games are built and compiled to different platforms
  7. 7. Scenario with Solution1.  Munir is creating a new game2.  He logins to Orbital3.  Creates a new project for the game4.  Adds collaborators Joshua and Gerald to the project5.  Munir drags and drop code he as already worked on into the online project. Files are uploaded and stored in the cloud6.  Joshua and Gerald logs in, they can see the latest file.7.  Gerald uploads graphic files and audio files8.  Joshua does some post processing on the images
  8. 8. Scenario with Solution9.  Munir integrates the new images into his game with his code10.  Joshua can do pair programming utilizing the in built real time code collaboration tool.11.  Munir then runs the build tool and debugs the Flash output on the web12.  Joshua runs the build tool which creates a Mac binary file which he can download and run on the Mac.13.  Gerald helps to doing beta testing by download the IOS version for his iPhone
  9. 9. Technology! Node.js – Main web server and platform! CouchDb – for storing user data and project metadata! Git – For versioning project assets in the backend!   Custom Git bindings – for integration of Git with Node.js! Express.js – web middleware for node.js! Resumable.js – Fault tolerant file uploads (for huge files up to Gigabytes with HTML5)
  10. 10. Technology!   HTML5/JS/CSS – web frontend, built on top of bootstrap! Share.js – Operational Transform library for realtime collaboration!   Online HTML5 editing tools - Code Mirror for code editor, pixastic for image editing! Websockets – Socket.io for realtime chat and notifications!   Orbit Language – Lua / LISP / JS like scripting language by Munir!   Lune framework – Game framework created by munir with Orbit! Haxe and NME – underlining technology for cross compilation for Orbit and lune!   Custom bindings to the Orbit/Lune/Haxe build process to node
  11. 11. Main page
  12. 12. Login
  13. 13. Project Workspace
  14. 14. Fault Tolerant, Drag and Drop file uploads
  15. 15. Workspace File Explorer
  16. 16. Online Code Editor
  17. 17. Rich Media Asset Viewer
  18. 18. Online Image Editing
  19. 19. Cloud-based Cross-platform Build Tool
  20. 20. Sample Flash Output
  21. 21. Sample Mac Build Output
  22. 22. Plans?! Munir may continue the development of this idea into his Orbit Studio!   Joshua may open source components eg. Git bindings for future use!   Gerald Tan, continue work on his game ideas
  23. 23. Thank you!!   Joshua Koo (zz85nus@gmail.com)! Munir Hussin (profoundseven@gmail.com)!   Gerald Tan (geraldtjy@gmail.com)