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How THIS Generation Has the Chance to Change the World


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Metro Hippie Joshua Foss presents 'How THIS Generation Has the Chance to Change the World.' Learn about his 5 eco-villains and how we can overcome them to create a bright green future.

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    “Many people do not realize that when you run a car or truck on gasoline of diesel fuel, you are actually running it on hydrogen. And all we are doing is using the hydrogen from water. And under the National Bureau of Standards figures shows that when you use water, the energy release is roughly two and a half times more powerful then that of gasoline. So water is a very powerful fuel.” Stan Meyers 1992

    Stanley Meyer was one of the most important inventors since Nicola Tesla. He was the first inventor to advance High Efficiency Electrolysis Technology to it’s perfection, including running a car completely on tap water..
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    Polar Bears, Whales and Elephants Among World’s Top Threatened Species to Watch in 2009

    Such well-known and beloved species as polar bears, tigers, gorillas, pandas, elephants, whales and rhinos, as well as the lesser-known black-footed ferret and vaquita are among the most threatened species to watch in 2009, according the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). WWF scientists say these, and many other species, are at greater risk than ever before because of poaching, habitat loss and climate change-related threats..
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How THIS Generation Has the Chance to Change the World

  1. How THIS Generation has the Chance to Change the World
  2. Who am I?
  3. Green, Green, Everywhere!
  4. Apollo 8_ 1968
  5. Within the next 4 decades, the choices we make will have an impact on the next 1,000 generations! It’s Go Time!
  6. Metro Hippie’s 5 Eco-Villains Pollution Health Capital Apathy Inefficiency
  7. Eco-Villain 1_ Pollution
  8. Oh No! 99% of stuff that is mined, purchased and used ends up in a landfill within 6 months.
  9. Three Re’s_ Duce, Use, Cycle
  10. Mother Earth Wants you off the Bottle!
  11. Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  12. Cradle to Cradle
  13. Eco-Villain 2_ Inefficiency
  14. We are currently demanding nature’s services at a rate 44% faster than what it can regenerate and reabsorb. Well Past a Sustainable Threshold *Global Footprint Network
  15. Energy Efficient Smart Grid
  16. Homes in the 21st Century_ GE NetZero Energy Concept
  17. Water Reuse_ Cistern + Graywater Reclamation
  18. More Efficient Ways to Get Around
  19. Efficiency in Locality_ Agriculture
  20. Efficiency in Nutrition
  21. Eco-Villain 3_ Health
  22. Where does it all go? In the US, industry admits to releasing 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals a year! *EPA’s TRI Program
  23. Personal Health = Global Health
  24. Eco-Villain 4_ Capital
  25. Proactive vs. Reactive_ Efficiency Pays Bulb Type: Light Emitting Diode Compact Fluorescent Incandescent Life Span: 60,000 hours 10,000 hours 750 hours Electricity $: $82.17 $191.73 $821.72 Bulb cost: $45 $3 $1 Bulbs needed: 1 6 80 Total Cost: $127.12 $209.61 $901.52
  26. Discounting the Future PV = FV / ( 1+i ) n PV - Present Value FV - Future Value i - Discount Rate n - # of Time Units PV = $10,000,000 / (1+.03)10 = $10,000,000 / 1.34 = $7,440,940 <ul><li>Positive rates of inflation diminish the purchasing power of dollars over time. </li></ul><ul><li>Dollars can be invested today, earning a positive rate of return. </li></ul><ul><li>There is uncertainty surrounding the ability to obtain promised future income. </li></ul><ul><li>Humans generally prefer instant gratification to waiting for long-term benefits. </li></ul>
  27. Incorporating Natural Capital Nature’s Services = $33 trillion/yr Global Gross National Product = $18 trillion/yr
  28. Eco-Villain 5_ Apathy
  29. A Bit Overwhelmed?
  30. LOHAS L ifestyles O f H ealth A nd S ustainability
  31. Innovation at Your Service
  32. Perfect Storm of an Opportunity Pollution Health Capital Apathy Inefficiency
  33. Driving it Home The Earth was not given to you by your parents. It is loaned to you by your children.
  34. Questions