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Clash of clans guide power point

  1. 1. Guide To Clash of ClansUpgrading and Building(Defenses Wise)By the GlitchyGamers(Pictures from Clash of Clans wiki)
  2. 2. In this presentation I would like toclarify that I am making this as ifyou guys are Town Halls 9’s and allof your defenses are level 1
  3. 3. First Thing To Upgrade: Mortar, Why?Pros:-Does splash damage to a 4 block radius-Shoots every 5 seconds. And the damage persecond for a level 1 mortar is 2 so 5x2=10, sothat means every shot from a level 1 mortardoes 10 damage to every troop in that 4 blockradius.-Look beast at level 7.
  4. 4. Mortar Continued:Cons:- Only goes to level 7- Has a dead zone radius of 4 blocks on eachedge- Low health
  5. 5. Mortar
  6. 6. Second Thing To Upgrade: WizardTower, Why?• Pros:• Shoots very fast• Also does splash• Does amount of damage per second timeshow many troops it is hitting
  7. 7. Wizard Tower Continued• Cons:• Low health• Only has 7 blocks of range• Only goes to level 7
  8. 8. Wizard Tower
  9. 9. Third Thing: Archer Tower, Why?• Pros:• Has high damage• VERY long range• Shoots ground and air enemies
  10. 10. Archer Tower Continued• Cons:• Very expensive to build and upgrade• Takes a long time to build and upgrade.
  11. 11. Archer Tower
  12. 12. Fourth Thing: Cannon• Pros:• Cheap to build and upgrade• Does not take long to build and upgrade• Fairly long range• Cons:• There are not really any bad things aboutcannons…
  13. 13. Cannon
  14. 14. Fifth Thing: Air Defense, Why?• Pros:• Shoots air troops• Deals MASSIVE damage• Has a lot of health• Has long range
  15. 15. Air Defense Continued• Cons:• Only shoots air troops• Does not do splash
  16. 16. Air Defense
  17. 17. Sixth Thing: X-Bow, Why?• Pros:• Change the options so it either shoots air andground enemies or ground only,• Shoots really fast
  18. 18. X-Bow Continued• Cons:• Really expensive• Takes a long time to build and upgrade• Does very little damage (it still shoots fastthough)• When set to shoot ground and air, it has lowerrange then just targeting the ground.• After every raid you have to load the X-Bow with70,000 Elixir
  19. 19. X-Bow
  20. 20. Seventh Thing: Hidden Tesla, Why?• Pros:• Is hidden until an enemy comes within itsrange• Shoots every .5 seconds• Does double damage against P.E.K.K.A.• Has lots of damage at level 1
  21. 21. Hidden Tesla Continued• Cons:• Takes a very long time to upgrade and build• Has very low health
  22. 22. THE ENDThanks guys and girls for taking the time to lookat this presentation I made! I hope you foundthis very helpful!For more helpful things like this, subscribe toGlitchySheepGaming on YouTube!