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  • Very good advert overall. Well laid out explanations in your evaluation. One of the best answers to representation, at this early stage, I've read. Try to include more Media words e.g. pre-production, connotes, etc.
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Media evaluation radio ad

  1. 1. MediaEvaluationRadio Ad
  2. 2. 1. What creative decisions did you have to make tosolve problems and how did this depart from youroriginal plan?Whilst creating our radio advert many decisions were made and thesehelped to avoid the issues we experienced. For example whilstrecording the clips needed for our radio advert we noticed backgroundnoise such as others talking or laughing. This made the radio advertsound very unprofessional so we had to re-record some clips toensure the speech was uninterrupted and the quality of sound wasclear.Also once our advert was complete we realised that it had not fulfilledthe criteria as the advert was in fact too long and needed to be cutdown to 30 seconds. This was achieved by taking out the originalsound effect and the beginning of the advert so this did not match ouroriginal plans.
  3. 3. 2. Both individually and working with others howdid you work and what challenges did you face?Throughout the project I believe that I worked well within mypartnership and gave my own views and ideas to contribute to theoriginal plan. I faced many challenges within the project and one ofthese included having to make the overall radio advert under 30seconds. I made my own decision to cut out irrelevant speech andsound effect so the final product was suitable for the set criteria. I alsobelieve that I worked well when instructing outside actors on what tosay and when to say it. The original script helped the actors tounderstand what was required from them and I think both me and mypartner did a good job with creating a basic and easy to follow script.We also worked well when creating our recordings as we got theoriginal recording done quickly and efficiently and we were then able toedit our recordings in Audacity.
  4. 4. 3. What advertising techniques did you use to hookyour intended target audience? We used a couple of advertisement techniques within our radio recording that would later help attract a target audience to the shop in question. One of the techniques we used was „repetition‟. We decided to repeat the name of the shop being advertised as this would be engraved into the audiences mind meaning they would not forget the name “Waves Surf Shop”. We also decided to make our voice over extremely enthusiastic about the products being sold as this emphasise the quality of the products available to the target audience. We also directly addressed the audience by using direct language such as “you”. This was used to get the audience involved with the advert so they would be encouraged to buy the products. Also we made sure the audience recognised our offers on the products as this is a huge incentive to customers.
  5. 5. 4. How did technology enable the creative process? Was itdifficult to use any of the equipment and did you learn anyskills?The technology used was basic and pretty simple to use thereforewhen using it to create new recordings we didn‟t come across manyproblems. However once the recordings were uploaded I came acrosssome minor issues when editing the clips in Audacity. The programenabled me to add bedding tracks and sounds effects and this taskwas very simple but effected the final product and made it sound moreprofessional. I also learned then when editing recordings in Audacityyou should always press the „stop‟ button rather than „pause‟ as bypressing „stop‟ you are able to edit the clips and cut unwanted areas.
  6. 6. 5. What conventions of radio adverts have you usedor not used and why? The voiceovers used were extremely enthusiastic and this is a typical convention for radio adverts as it emphasises the high quality and greatness of the products. We thought this convention should be expressed as it is important when highlighting the positive attitude behind the shop being advertised. We also addressed the audience directly as this would help them to get involved and feel as though their issues could be solved by the shop being advertised. We also made sure a bedding track was included as this makes the advert a little more interesting and could be used to emphasise the quality of the shop and enthusiasm can also be represented through a high tempo and exciting musical track.
  7. 7. 6. What or who are you representing in youradvert and how?We were trying to represent a typical salesman that is overenthusiastic about his products as this would show the audience howgreat the products available were.We also chose to represent new surfers and this was portrayed by thehigh pitched voices of children as we often find kids taking up newhobbies and discovering new talents. So by representing beginners inour advert it shows that the advertised product/shop will accommodatefor the younger generation as well as the experienced surfers. Thishighlighted the diversity available throughout the shop meaningcustomers would be attracted whether they were an experiencedsurfer or a brand new beginner.
  8. 8. 7. What feedback did you get and did this helpyou realise anything about your product?We received feedback from fellow students and our teacher howeverevery bit of feedback received was positive so in conclusion wecouldn‟t find too many faults within the product.However I personally believe the quality could be improved by addingcertain sound effects that strongly relate with the subject of the beachor surfing.