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Media photos

  1. 1. By Joshua Savarymoothoo
  2. 2. <ul><li>Since we have chosen to create a local newspaper. We have researched local newspaper and found that they consist of many adverts. Therefore we created some adverts for our newspaper. we have evaluated many local newspapers such as “The Enfield Independent”, “The Advertiser”. we have taken notes, and analyzed each newspaper and the period it was made in. our paper is a January issue, therefore we have looked at many papers made in January and made a note on what kind of adverts exist in the paper. </li></ul><ul><li>In this presentation you will find images I have used throughout my coursework. </li></ul><ul><li>I have placed the images I have used along with the edited version, side by side. As well as other images I took at the time but had no use for. </li></ul>
  3. 3. I wanted a person appear active, to go with the “Be Happy” advert for the “Enfield Community Centre”. This position connotes being energetic and fun. To achieve this effect I imported the image into ‘Photoshop’. I then cut away the background using the ‘Lasso Tool’ and ‘Quick Selection Tool’. I then highlighted myself and added a solid colour on top of the picture. Again I used the ‘Lasso Tool’ and ‘Quick Selection Tool’ to get rid of the background in ‘Photoshop’. I then got rid of the text the was on the microphone by adding a solid overlay and flipped the image.
  4. 4. We thought a community advert would be a good start as it was a January issue, so we thought an advert getting children to be more active would be suitable.   This advert is successful; it is clear what it is about, the reader gets an idea of what children may receive at this “community centre” when they see the paint, the microphone and silhouette of the girl jumping. It obviously shows it’s a community centre were children can have fun and relax. By adding the website they can receive more details too. We analyze the adverts of council funded schemes, and footed that their websites were “.gov” instead of “.com” or “”. I
  5. 5. <ul><li>Adverts, information and articles as they browse through the sites.  </li></ul><ul><li>A local newspaper is like a broadsheet paper but focused on local issues. It has useful and knowledgeable formal articles, in the area it is based for, within the paper with a pinch of humor here and there. The slogan “ keep the kids of the street & in the beat” is cheesy and makes the advert suitable for our paper as it is an advert which is advertising a group to get children of the street, it is an advert form the government/counsel however the cheesy slogan like a tabloid shows it is an advert for a local newspaper. </li></ul>We made an education advert as we thought it would be suitable for our paper. There are many education adverts around January, as it is a new year, Christmas has gone and people need to go back to work or school. Especially during the recession and the cutting down of jobs and course this advert would be suitable for our paper, as it would attract someone who needs a job, lost a job or someone who would like o learn something new.
  6. 6. We needed some gold for on of our advert, as we couldn’t actually get a block of gold, we decided to get creative and take a picture of a block of cheese and use our ‘Photoshop’ skills to make it look like gold. We used the ‘Lasso Tool’ and ‘Quick Selection Tool’ to get rid of the background and reshape the cheese. We then took the following image of gold coloured foil: Then we took a section of the gold colour foil from the image and added this onto our gold shaped block. Our image was then completed an turned out like this:
  7. 7. For one of our adverts we needed to make paints splodges, however didn’t have any paint to use, therefore we had to get creative and use flour, water and food dye. Using ‘Photoshop’ I then separated the splodges I wanted and added a ‘solid colour overlay’.
  8. 8. For this advert for a local department store we went in and took photos of manikins. Using ‘Photoshop’ I cut out the manikins then pasted them onto the simplistic cream background + =
  9. 9. We made an article based on a unfortunate couple who won the lottery. As all articles have, we needed a picture to show the story or evidences of the story. We took several picture to help create our article picture Most importantly we needed the lucky couples. We took several pictures of our fictional couple, and chose the best ones to superimpose onto the picture we took of the house we photographed. We decided that the picture we took of the boy wasn’t realistic, as he didn’t look old enough. Therefore we photoshoped in this tie we took . = + This is what we ended up with
  10. 10. We took several images of this house we found in the Town. We thought it would fit our article. The reason for this was that it represented a “rags to riches” story due to the buildings odd appearance + + = We put together these different elements and created a suitable picture for our story.
  11. 11. For the pothole story we took an images of the town centre, then added in, using Photoshop software, several potholes. + = We put together these different elements and created a suitable picture for our story. Had this been for a real publication I would have had to find real potholes in the road rather than just invent some in the middle of the town centre as it would be a breach of libel laws. ‘ Law for Journalists’ by Frances Quinn page 175
  12. 12. During the snow we took this as an opportunity to take many picture for our practical as possible. We narrowed it down to the bottom three pictures and eventually chose the one the left, as we felt the other two were too idyllic and didn’t match the tone of the article on snow ciaos. The one on the left is a picture of our school, this matches our story of school closures.