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What’s New in Feathers 2.0?


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Flash Online Conference #10 - October 16, 2014

A look at the most important new features in Feathers 2.0, including a deep dive into the new skinning and theme architecture. Feathers is the open source user interface component library for Starling Framework. Starling and Feathers run on Adobe AIR for mobile and desktop and Adobe Flash Player in the browser.

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What’s New in Feathers 2.0?

  1. 1.
  2. 2. button1.styleProvider = buttonStyles; button2.styleProvider = buttonStyles;
  3. 3. Button.globalStyleProvider = new FunctionStyleProvider( skinButton );
  4. 4. Theme • Passes global style provider to component class. Component • Defaults to global style provider in constructor. Component • Initializes when added to stage. Component • Calls applyStyles() on style provider. Style Provider • Sets properties on component.
  5. 5. var button1:Button = new Button(); button1.label = "Cancel"; // no style name this.addChild( button1 ); var button2:Button = new Button(); button2.label = "Delete"; // the style provider will see the style name and call // a different function button2.styleNameList.add( "warning-button" ); button2.y = 100; this.addChild( button2 );
  6. 6. Call component constructor. Add "warning-button" string to styleNameList property. Component initializes and applyStyles() is called on style provider. StyleNameFunction style provider checks styleNameList for values. If styleNameList contains "warning-button", call skinWarningButton() If no style names match a function, fall back to calling skinNormalButton()
  7. 7. button.styleProvider = null; // no theme!
  8. 8. button.styleProvider = new AddOnFunctionStyleProvider( button.styleProvider, setExtraStyles );
  9. 9.