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Teen Newsletter (November 2009)


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Published in: Spiritual, Self Improvement
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Teen Newsletter (November 2009)

  1. 1. MARLBORO CHRISTIAN CHURCH 9383 Edison St NE Alliance, OH 44601 330-935-2161 MCC TEEN NEWSLETTER November 2009 If you are in 6th grade through 12th grade, make sure you sign up NOW to attend the “One-Day Fall Fest” on Saturday, November 21st. A Timeline of the event can be seen below: Depart Marlboro Christian Church @ 9am Arrive in Newark, Ohio at 11am - HAVE LUNCH Arrive at Cherry Valley Lodge Indoor Water Park @ Noon Depart Water Park for Marlboro Christian Church @ 3:30pm Arrive at Marlboro Christian Church @ 5:30pm - PIZZA Mount Union College Worship & Group Activities from 6 to 8pm Depart for homes @ 8pm COST FOR EVERYTHING IS ONLY $10 (Includes Lunch, Water Park admission, and Dinner) You and your family are invited to our… YOUTH & FAMILY THANKSGIVING FEAST On Wednesday evening, November 18th from 6:30 to 8:00pm In the MCC Fellowship Hall – MCC will provide the Turkey(s) *We are asking each family to sign up to bring either: Stuffing/Dressing Green Beans Mashed Potatoes Apple or Pumpkin Pie Sign-ups will be available at Youth Groups Wednesday Night, November 11th as well as at
  2. 2. “The Spot” on Sunday mornings.
  3. 3. Great Questions to Ask Your Kids Your teenagers probably PRAY THAT: have strong opinions about this hot topic. Dig 1. God will guide your decisions about boundaries and consequences. deeper by asking them: 2. Your teenagers will recognize that your discipline is motivated by love 1. What types of discipline and concern for them. and consequences are appropriate and inappropriate 3. God will give your teenagers an obedient spirit, accompanied by for teenagers, and why? respect for you and all authorities. 2. Should teenagers have a 4. Your teenagers will develop self-discipline and internalize the say in how or when they’re guidelines you set for them. punished? If so, explain. 3. When parents are handing Verse of the Month out discipline, what should be “God’s discipline is always good for us, so that we might share in their motivation and goals? his holiness. No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening—it’s painful! But afterward there will be a peaceful harvest of right 4. At what age should living for those who are trained in this way.” (Hebrews 12:10-11) teenagers be responsible for controlling and monitoring God disciplines his children because he loves us and wants us to follow their own behavior, and why? the right path. Although the training is difficult, filled with sinful missteps that require forgiveness, the end result is worth it. By submitting to the 5. How do people develop discipline of our heavenly Father, we show that we trust him to mold us self-discipline? How strong into faithful Christians who live for him. has yours been lately? What’s Up With Kids At, youth ministry author Doug Fields shares his insights about the necessity and value of discipline. Discipline is like a root canal. It isn’t fun, but it’s good for you. Both are simple but decisive procedures that keep decay from destroying a whole structure, whether it be a tooth or a person. Once done, the weak and painful is restored to a state of strength and usefulness. Biblically speaking, discipline is a necessary good because of evil. Discipline is a positive promoter of spirituality, morality, and relational integrity, which the Bible refers to as “righteousness.” So while discipline may keep the peace, its primary purpose is to help teenagers mature spiritually. There’s the connection between discipline and discipleship. Often, the act of speaking the truth (with an attitude of grace) can help jump-start a young person’s growth process. Here are some helpful discipline tips: 1. Expect good behavior. Set a tone of positive expectation. Be genuinely surprised when you don’t see it. 2. Communicate clearly. Don’t waste rules. Teenagers will remember and follow only a few. Also, clearly communicate about consequences. It isn’t fair to surprise kids by disciplining them with measures they’re unaware of. 3. Enforce lovingly. The consequence for not following the rules is worthless if not enforced, and to enforce means you need to follow through. Use these three steps with grace and truth. Our goal is always a desire to help kids, not to demean them in any way. If you ever feel like you’re disciplining in anger, hold off and act at another time.
  4. 4. This page is designed to inform and educate parents and isn’t meant to endorse any music or movie. Our prayer is that you will make informed decisions on what your kids listen to and watch. MUSICSPOTLIGHT Mainstream Artist Christian Artist Background: The DMB formed in 1991 and Background: Switchfoot, named after a surfing achieved national recognition with their 1994 album term, released their 1997 debut album, The Legend Under the Table and Dreaming. They support not- of Chin, to moderate success. They soon achieved for-profit tapings of their live shows, saying it was mainstream accolades, with two songs on the A the passing of these tapes by college students that Walk to Remember soundtrack. Their 2003 album led to their current fame. The Beautiful Letdown went double platinum. Albums: Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King Albums: Hello Hurricane (2009), Nothing Is Sound (2009), Everyday (2001), Crash (1996) (2005), Learning to Breathe (2000) What Parents Should Know: This band’s lyrics What Parents Should Know: This solid, talented can be provocative and dark, and sometimes band has occasionally distanced itself from the they’re political. Matthews has said his hit song “Christian” label. That’s apparently an effort to reach “Crash Into Me” is about the worship of women fans who might otherwise ignore them as “just a from a voyeur’s perspective. Christian band.” What Dave Matthews Says: Matthews believes What Switchfoot Says: Singer Jon Foreman says, much criticism of President Obama is because of his “For us, it’s a faith, not a genre. We’ve always been skin color. “I just see [racism] everywhere. There’s very open and honest about where the songs are a good population of people in this country that are coming from. For us, these songs are for everyone. terrified of the president only because he’s black, Calling us ‘Christian rock’ tends to be a box that even if they don’t say it.” closes some people out and excludes them.” Discussion Questions: Why is race such a big deal Discussion Questions: Is it wrong for Switchfoot to some people? How prevalent is racism in to avoid the label “Christian band”? What are the America? When you interact with people, is race a pros and cons of being known as followers of factor? Read aloud Romans 10:12. If people are all Christ? Read aloud Acts 17:16-34. What strategies equal, why did God create different races? What can did Paul use to speak to the Greeks? Why did those we learn from people of other races and cultures? strategies work—at least with some people? Movie: The Twilight Saga: New Moon (releases Nov. 20) Genre: Drama, Fantasy Rating: PG-13 (for some violence and action) Synopsis: In an effort to protect her, Bella’s vampire love Edward Cullen has gone abroad. She finds her friendship growing with Jacob Black, but he’s a werewolf, ancient enemy to the vampires. Bella’s heart and loyalties are tested. Discussion Questions: What people and things are you most loyal to, and why? What might cause you to switch your allegiance to a new group of friends or to a new belief? Read aloud 1 Kings 8:57-61. What things can steal our loyalty to God? How should we deal with them? In our day-to-day lives, what are some ways we can show our loyalty to God?
  5. 5. Junior & Senior High Fall Schedule November 4 6:30pm to Jr. & Sr. High Youth Groups 8:00pm November 11 6:30pm to Jr. & Sr. High Youth Groups with 8:00pm Mount Union College November 18 6:30pm to Jr. & Sr. High Youth Thanksgiving 8:00pm Feast November 29 6:30pm to Church Skating Party @ Louisville 8:00pm Rollatorium (Only costs $1 plus a canned food item) December 9 6:30pm to Jr. High Christmas Party 8:00pm December 16 6:30pm to Sr. High Christmas Party 8:00pm December 20 6:00pm to ALL Christmas Caroling 8:00pm CHURCH followed by refreshments & fellowship @ MCC ED CARTER, Minister of Worship & Evangelism ED HARNISH, Minister of Benevolence & Pastoral Care JOSH TODD, Minister of Education & Youth 9383 Edison Street Alliance, Ohio 44601 330-935-2161