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Children Newsletter (December 2009)


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MCC Children's Newsletter (December).

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Children Newsletter (December 2009)

  1. 1. December2009 9383 Edison St NE Alliance, OH 44601 330-935-2161
  2. 2. Keep Christ in Christmas By Starting Some New Traditions Ask God: Traditions are important for families because they provide 1. To help your family keep your opportunities to keep your unique legacy going. From the simple to Christmas celebrations focused the silly to the sentimental, traditions can create meaningful on Jesus. memories. Perhaps you buy a new ornament for each of your children every year. This Christmas, don’t hesitate to try out some 2. To give your family members new traditions. See what does and doesn’t work for your family. You positive attitudes about trying just may create a new tradition that’ll keep going for generations! new traditions. Make Affirmation Ornaments—Have each 3. To help you create strong family member cut out a large ornament shape bonds and lasting memories. from construction paper and write his or her name on the front. On the back, have other family members write (or draw) something Parenting Insights special about the person whose name is on the front. Then decorate the ornaments, attach yarn The editors of Parents’ Guide to the hangers, and put them on your Christmas tree. Spiritual Growth of Children (Focus on the Family) share these tips for Get Crafty—Have a family craft night so incorporating new traditions. family members can make simple homemade gifts for one another. These can include coupon 1. Make them fun! When your books for help with chores or for special outings. celebrations are filled with laughter, the real message Share the News—As a family, dress up and put on a Christmas behind them will be reinforced play for neighborhood children. Serve juice and homemade cookies. more positively in your family. Adopt a Child in Need—Anonymously assist a young person in 2. Use Christmas symbols. your community through small gifts, money, and encouraging cards. Many symbols have Christian If possible, do these acts of service all year long. origins. For example, St. Nicholas was a shy, generous man who secretly did good deeds for the poor. Decorating “I Believe…” with festive Christmas lights According to a recent Associated Press poll, 86% of people believed also has Christian roots. in Santa as children. More than 60% of parents with young children said Santa is an important part of their Christmas celebrations. 3. Don’t ban all secular traditions. Take a balanced Other findings: approach to your Christmas • 47% of people said Santa detracts from the holiday’s celebrations, for your children’s religious importance, while 36% said Santa enhances the sake. Then they’ll be more open religious nature of Christmas. to receive the true reason for • 81% of people said they believe in angels, including more the season. than half of people who say they aren’t religious.
  3. 3. “Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.” Luke 2:14 On the first Christmas, the angels announced Jesus’ birth. What do traditions—and Christmas—mean to your children? As we celebrate Christmas, our Discover their opinions and insights by asking these questions: worship and traditions also focus on our newborn Savior, 1. What are your favorite things to do around Christmastime, and the King of Kings. why? Which do you plan to continue with your own children? Teachable Moments 2. How do our traditions help make Christmas more special? How might some traditions interfere with our celebrations? 1. Make waiting fun. Patience is a difficult life skill to learn, 3. What traditions would you like our family to start or stop, and especially during December. why? What traditions can kids in our family be in charge of? Harness children’s wonder and anticipation by letting 4. How would you explain “Christmas” to someone who was them explore their creativity. unfamiliar with it? Keep red- and green-colored paper, as well as other craft supplies, readily available. Family Experience: Star-Studded Fun Have kids make gift tags, wreaths, cards, and more. Brighten up the dark winter nights by trying these joy-filled, Christ-based experiences with your family and friends: 2. Deck the (stable) halls. Instead of a gingerbread • Follow the Star—Hang a trail of stars throughout your house, and house, decorate a at each star, place a nativity-scene figure. gingerbread stable with Hang the last, largest star over a cake with assorted candies. Prop three candles, and place baby Jesus by it. animal crackers inside Then follow the stars. Stop at each one graham-cracker walls, and and talk about the role of that person (or use toasted coconut as hay. animal). At the final star, light the three candles. Say, “These candles represent the 3. Read all about it. Many star of Bethlehem that shone brightly over families read aloud the baby Jesus; Jesus, the light of the world, Christmas story before who was born into a dark night; and how opening gifts. Go beyond God wants us to be a light for others and Jesus’ birth to Luke 2:25-38, point them to Jesus. Sing “Happy where Jesus is presented in Birthday” to Jesus and share the cake. the temple. Talk about faithful Simeon and Anna, • Star Square—This game, which is ideal whose prayers were for play with extended families, is a reminder of the wise men who answered. Then discuss followed the Christmas star to find Jesus. With masking tape, divide ways you’ve seen God in an 8x8-foot space into four squares. Tape a construction-paper star action during the past week. in one quadrant. Put one person in each square, and have everyone else stand in a circle around the quadrants. The “star” square starts play by tapping the ball into another square. Players tap the ball into another square whenever it enters theirs. Play continues until someone misses, and then that person steps out and a new player rotates in from the circle. Players rotate clockwise toward the star. Whenever a player steps into the star, he or she should share one thing about Jesus or Christmas.
  4. 4. This page is designed to help educate parents and isn’t meant to endorse any movie, music, or product. Our prayer is that you’ll make informed decisions about what your children watch, listen to, and wear.
  5. 5. What’s Playing at the Movies Culture & Trends Movie: The Princess and the Frog (Dec. 11) Genre: Animated fairy tale, comedy What’s happening right Rating: G now that may affect your Cast: Anika Noni Rose, Angela Bassett, Terrence children and family: Howard, Oprah Winfrey Synopsis: Tiana, Disney’s first African-American • More restaurants are princess, lives in New Orleans during the Jazz Age. trying to lure families She meets Naveen, a prince who’s been transformed with “kids eat free” into a frog by an evil magician. Naveen mistakes meals. “Free is magic,” Tiana for a princess, and when they kiss, Tiana says professor Barry becomes a frog, too. They go on adventures to restore their humanity. Schwartz. “It will seduce (Caution: They seek direction from a voodoo priestess.) people into eating out Discussion Questions: What kind of true or untrue assumptions do who shouldn’t.” people often make about you? What can you tell (and not tell) just by looking at someone? Read 1 Samuel 16:7. What do you think God sees • Preschoolers can have when he looks inside your heart? chronic depression, new research shows. Symptoms include What Music Is Releasing persistent sadness (even when playing), trouble Artist: Sara Groves sleeping, irritability, and Album: Fireflies and Songs frequent tantrums. Artist Info: Groves is a prolific writer of Christian ______________ folksongs that contain personal lyrics about faith and relationships. Her tours have benefited several Christian ministries. Quick Stats Summary: Groves says Fireflies and Songs is a • In this flailing economy, candid, confessional album. In the nostalgic “This many pregnant women House,” Groves assures her 2-year-old daughter (and her listeners) that are rethinking adoption. “the Lord withholds no good thing.” At a Chicago agency, Discussion Questions: During your life, what are some of the biggest 30% more women are blessings that God has provided for you? How have some of those inquiring about placing a blessings been disguised at first? Read Psalm 84:11. How might God be child for adoption than a using you to be a blessing for other people? year ago. (USA Today) What Games Are Out Title Content Rating & Platform Cook or Be Cooked Would-be cooks learn basic kitchen skills and then advance to “real- life” food prep. • The U.S. now has E; Wii between 1.5 million and 2 million home-schooled LEGO Rock Band students. That’s a 75% This music- increase since 1999. ( simulation game is more kid-friendly than other popular titles. As the band “travels,” some
  6. 6. MCC Youth & Family Fall/Winter 2009 Schedule 12/9 6:00pm to Jr. High Christmas Party @ MCC 8:00pm *Please bring a $10 gift-exchange item (wrapped) that could be for a boy or girl 12/16 3:30pm Sr. High Christmas Party/Fellowship (Actual start - Movie @ Carnation, Dinner in time based on food court, Shopping for Needy movie time) to Family @ Wal-Mart 8:00pm 12/18 4:00pm Sr. High “Christmas Star” Present (Depart MCC) & ANY Delivery/Fellowship @ Wooster 10:00pm ADULTS Christian Children’s Home (Return to MCC) 12/20 6:00pm to ALL Christmas Caroling followed by 8:00pm CHURCH refreshments & fellowship @ MCC 1/13 6:30pm to K – 12th Wed. Youth Groups Resume 8:00pm *EVERY WEDNESDAY 1/29 5pm (Depart) Jr. & Sr. “Winterjam 2010” 7pm Concert High Christian Music’s LARGEST Annual Tour 11pm (Return) Featuring: Third Day, Newsboys, Fireflight, AND MORE… Only $10 per person at the door! 2/12-2/13 3:00pm 2/12 Jr. High Believe Conference (Depart MCC) ONLY Bank of Kentucky Center (Cincinnati, 9:00pm 2/13 OH) (Return to • Cost is $50 per student (Deposit MCC) of $25 due by Jan. 3rd to confirm spot) ED CARTER, Minister of Worship & Evangelism ED HARNISH, Minister of Benevolence & Pastoral Care JOSH TODD, Minister of Education & Youth 9383 Edison Street Alliance, Ohio 44601 330-935-2161