Source: NASA <>
impact  investors internet power the 33needs platform = +
Number of ventures (social or otherwise) funded by more than 100 people during the previous 70 years: Number of social ven...
Haizi Town, Luliang, Yunnan Province <ul><li>March 22, 2010 </li></ul>16 million people face drinking water shortages. Inv...
Assam, India <ul><li>July 6, 2009 </li></ul>Over a million forced to flee their homes © 2009 AP Photo/Anupam Nath
Competitive Advantage <ul><ul><li>The model </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Connection to a community  </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><...
33needs Community Acton Addison Aguadilla Akron Alameda Alamogordo Albany Albany Albuquerque Alexandria Alexandria Alexand...
The Competition Source: NASA/GISS Pfounder Kiva MPlace GrowVC Calvert ? Kstart
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  • DESCRIPTION: 4-second video of earth   ADDITIONAL BACKGROUND: NASA&apos;s Mercury-bound MESSENGER spacecraft captured several images of earth with its wide-angle camera during a gravity assist swing-by of earth in August 2005. The images were compiled into a movie showing earth through one complete rotation. The movie starts when MESSENGER was 40,761 miles (65,598 km) above South America on August 2, and ends when the probe was 270,847 miles (435,885 km) away from earth (farther than the moon’s orbit) on August 3.   Video source: NASA
  • DESCRIPTION: Humble Oil ad in Life Magazine, 1962   TALKING POINTS: Humble Oil was a precursor to Exxon. In 1962, before global warming was widely understood or discussed, the company proudly advertised, “Each day Humble supplies enough energy to melt 7 million tons of glacier!” The subtext reads, “This giant glacier has remained unmelted for centuries. Yet, the petroleum energy Humble supplies—if converted into heat—could melt it at the rate of 80 tons each second!”   Image source: Life Magazine
  • DESCRIPTION: Text slide   TALKING POINTS: The combination of our old habits and old technology has predictable consequences.
  • DESCRIPTION: Text slide   TALKING POINT: A 2004 analysis of the scientific literature found that of a random sample 928 scientific studies published in scientific journals in ten years, none argued with the global consensus that greenhouse gas pollution has caused most of the warming of the past 50 years.   Source: Oreskes, 2004, “Beyond the Ivory Tower: The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change”, Science, Vol. 306
  • DESCRIPTION: Photo of a villager in southwest China&apos;s Yunnan province, March 2010   TALKING POINTS: A severe drought hit southwest China in 2010, leaving more than 16 million people and 11 million livestock with drinking water shortages. Ironically, this photo was taken on the 18th Annual World Water Day.   Image source: AP Photo/Color China Photo/ Li Huang
  • DESCRIPTION: Photo of a woman wading through floodwaters to collect drinking water in Assam, India, July 2009   TALKING POINTS: Floods inundated scores of villages in northeast India, leaving more than a million people homeless.   Image source: AP Photo/Anupam Nath
  • DESCRIPTION: Text slide   TALKING POINTS: The first factor is the population explosion.
  • DESCRIPTION: List of U.S. cities that support Kyoto   TALKING POINTS: Over a thousand U.S. cities have taken official positions to support the Kyoto agreement because they know that failing to take action will have adverse consequences for their residents, and that the U.S. government has failed to take the issue head-on.   ADDITIONAL BACKGROUND: The U.S. is the only major country that has not ratified the Kyoto Protocol.
  • DESCRIPTION: Line up of the ten hottest years in the instrumental record   TALKING POINTS: This shows the 10 hottest years since record-keeping started in 1880. The last decade (2000-2009) was the hottest on record.   PRESENTATION TIP: It is important to stress that these are the highest temperatures on record since weather observations began. The average global temperature has been higher at other points in earth’s history.   ADDITIONAL BACKGROUND: You can learn more about how surface temperature is calculated here:   Data source: NASA/GISS
  • DESCRIPTION: Blank slides   PRESENTATION TIP: These indicate the end of the talk, and can be left up as you answer questions from the audience.  
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    1. 1. Source: NASA <>
    2. 3. impact investors internet power the 33needs platform = +
    3. 4. Number of ventures (social or otherwise) funded by more than 100 people during the previous 70 years: Number of social ventures 33needs will crowdfund by year four:
    4. 5. Haizi Town, Luliang, Yunnan Province <ul><li>March 22, 2010 </li></ul>16 million people face drinking water shortages. Invest in the solution @ © 2010 AP Photo/Color China Photo/Li Huang
    5. 6. Assam, India <ul><li>July 6, 2009 </li></ul>Over a million forced to flee their homes © 2009 AP Photo/Anupam Nath
    6. 7. Competitive Advantage <ul><ul><li>The model </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Connection to a community </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Viral loop </li></ul></ul>2 3 1
    7. 8. 33needs Community Acton Addison Aguadilla Akron Alameda Alamogordo Albany Albany Albuquerque Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Tshp. Algonquin Aliso Viejo Allentown Alliance Alpharetta Alton Altoona Ames Amesbury Anchorage Ann Arbor Annapolis Apache Junction Apple Valley Arcata Arlington Asbury Park Asheville Ashland Ashland Aspen Atascadero Athens Atherton Atlanta Atlantic Beach Atlantic City Atlantic Highlands Auburn Auburn Audubon Augusta Aurelia Aurora Aurora Austin Austin Avalon Aventura Babylon Bainbridge Island Baltimore Basalt Baton Rouge Battle Creek Battle Ground Bayfield Bayonne Bayville Beachwood Beaufort Beaverton Beaverton Belfast Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellingham Bemidji Bend Benicia Berkeley Berkeley Tshp Berkley Berwyn Bessemer Bethania Bethlehem Beverly Beverly Hills Biddeford Billings Binghamton Bisbee Black Mountain Blacksburg Bloomfield Bloomfield Bloomington Blue Island Bo.r of Bay Head Boise Bolingbrook Bonita Springs Boone Bor. of Pt. Pleasant Bordentown Boston Boulder Bowdoinham Bowling Green Bozeman Braddock Bradley Beach Bremerton Brevard Brick Bridgeport Brighton Brockton Brookhaven Brooklyn Brooklyn Center Brunswick Buckeye Budd Lake Buena Vista Tshp Buffalo Buhl Bullhead City Burbank Burien Burlingame Burlington Cornell Michigan Alabama West Virginia Dartmouth Harvard Ohio St. Ohio Penn St. Southern Miss Gettysburg Florida Florida St. USC Washington Capitan Capitola Carbondale Carbondale Carlisle Carmel Carnation Carol Stream Carrboro Carrollton Cary Cedar Falls Cedar Rapids Chapel Hill Charles City Charleston Charlottesville Chattanooga Chelmsford Cherry Hill Cherryville Chestertown Chevy Chase Chicago Chico Chimney Rock Chino Chisholm Chula Vista Cidra Cincinnati Claremont Clayton Clearwater Clemson Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cliffside Park Bor. Clive Closter Cloverdale Clyde Clyde Hill Coconut Creek College Station Colma Columbia Columbia Columbus Columbus Concord Concord Concord Cookeville Cooper City Coppell Coral Gables Coral Springs coralville Corsicana Cortland Manor Corvallis Cotati Coupeville Cranberry Isles Cranbury Cranford Crested Butte Creve Coeur Crossville Croton on Hudson Crystal Lake Culver City Cupertino Cutler Bay Dallas Dania Beach Davenport Davidson Davie Dayton Dearborn Heights Decatur Decorah Deerfield Beach Del Mar Delray Beach Demarest Denton Denver Denville Des Moines Des Plaines Detroit Dillon Dobbs Ferry Doral Dover Dublin Dubuque Duluth Durango Durham Eagan East Lansing East Orange East Palestine East Peoria East Point Easton Easton Eden Prairie Edgewater Edina Edinburg Edmonds Edmonston Edwardsville El Cajon El Cerrito El Paso Elgin Elizabeth Elk Grove Elmhurst Englewood Erie Eugene Euless Eureka Springs Evanston Evansville Evansville Everett Ewing Tshp. Fair Lawn Fairbank Fairfax Fairfield Fairfield Fairview Fairway Falcon Heights Falmouth Fargo Fayetteville Fayetteville Ferndale Ferndale Fitchburg Fitchburg Flagstaff Flat Rock Florissant Forest Grove Forest Hills Fort Lauderdale Fort Myers Fort Pierce Fort Smith Fort Wayne Fort Worth Frankfort Franklin Frelinghuysen Tshp. Fremont Frisco Frisco Gainesville Gaithersburg Galloway Tshp. Galt Garfield Heights Garland Garrett Gary Gastonia Gilbert Gladstone Gladstone Glen Cove Glendora Glenwood Springs Gloucester Golden Valley Goodyear Grafton Grand Coteau Grand Forks Grand Rapids Greenacres Greenburgh Greencastle Greenfield Greenfield Greensboro Greenville Greenville Greenwich Tshp. Gresham Guaynabo Gulfport Gunnison Hailey Haledon Hallandale Beach Hamburg Hamden Hamilton Hanover Hanover Hartford Haworth Hayward Hazel Crest Healdsburg Hemet Hempstead Henderson Hermosa Beach Hialeah Hiawatha Hibbing Highland Park Highland Park Highlands Hightstown Hillsboro Hillsborough Hilo Hoffman Estates Holland Holly Hill Hollywood Holmdel Homewood Honolulu Hope Hopewell Hopewell Tshp. Hopkinton Hornell Houston Lake Hudson Hull Huntington Beach Huntsville Huron Hurst Hutchinson Hutto Hypoluxo Idaho Falls Ignacio Imperial Beach Indian Trail Indianapolis International Falls Inver Grove Hts. Iowa City Irondequoit Irvine Irvington Irvington Isabela Island Heights Issaquah Ithaca Jackson Jacksonville Jayuya Jeffersonville Jersey City Juncos Juneau Kalamazoo Kansas Kansas City Kauai Kearny Keene Kennebunk Kennebunkport Kenosha Kensington Kent Kettering Key Biscayne Key West Kings Mountain Kinston Kirkland Kirkwood Kutztown La Crosse La Mesa Lacey Lafayette Laguna Beach Laguna Hills Laguna Vista Laguna Woods Lake City Lake Como Lake Forest Lake Forest Park Lake in the Hills Lake Oswego Lake Placid Lake Saint Louis Lake Worth Lakeland Lakewood Lambertville Lancaster Lansing Lansing Laredo Largo Las Cruces Las Marías Las Vegas Lauderdale Lakes Lauderhill Laurel Lawler Lawrence Lawrence Lawton Layton Lebanon Ledyard Leechburg Leesburg Lemoore Leominster Lewiston Lewisville Lexington Lexington Liberty Lima Lincoln Lincoln City Lincolnton Linden Linwood Little Rock Lombard Long Beach Long Beach Long Branch Long Hill Tshp. Longport Los Altos Los Altos Hills Los Angeles Los Gatos Louisville Lowell Lower Makefield Lynnwood Macon Madison Mahtomedi Malden Malibu Mammoth Lakes Manahawkin Manchester Manchester Manchester Manhattan Beach Mankato Mansfield Mantua Maple Shade Maplewood Maplewood Margate Margate City Marina Marlborough Marlton Marple Tshp. Marquette Marshallville Massillon Maui McKinney Medford Melbourne Melrose Menlo Park Meriden Meridian Meridian Tshp. Merriam Mesa Miami Miami Beach Miami Gardens Miami Lakes Michigan City Middletown Middletown Milan Milford Mill Valley Millbrae Millburn Milwaukee Milwaukie Minneapolis Minnetonka Minooka Miramar Mission Missoula Moab Moline Montclair Montebello Monterey Monterey Park Montville Moorpark Moraga Morgan Hill Morgantown Morro Bay Mount Iron Mount Kisco Mount Vernon Mountain View Muskegon Naples Narberth Nashua Nashville Nederland Neola Neptune Nevis New Albany New Bedford New Berlin New Bern New Castle New Egypt New Haven New London New Orleans New Rochelle New Smyrna Beach New York Newark Newark Newburyport Newport News Newton Niagara Falls Norfolk Normal Norman North Kansas North Little Rock North Miami North Miami Beach North Olmsted North Pole Northampton Northbrook Northvale Norwich Novato Nutley Nyack Oak City Oak Hill Oak Park Oak Park Heights Oakland Oakland Park Ocean City Ocean Gate Ocean Tshp. Olympia Omaha Oneonta Opelika Orangetown Oregon City Orland Park Orlando Oro Valley Orrville Oshkosh Ossining Oswego Overland Owensboro Oxford Pacific Pacific Grove Pacifica Pagosa Springs Palatine Palm Bay Palm Beach Palm Beach Gardens Palm Beach Shores Palm Springs Palmetto Bay Palo Alto Paradise Park City Park Forest Park Rapids Parkland Parkridge Parkville Parma Parsippany-Troy Hills Pasadena Pawtucket Pembroke Park Pembroke Pines Pennington Peralta Peru Petaluma Philadelphia Phoenix Pilot Mountain Pine Beach Pine Hill Pinecrest Piscataway Pittsburgh Pittsfield Pittsfield Charter Tshp. Pittsgrove Plainfield Plainfield Plano Plantation Pleasant Garden Pleasant Valley Pleasanton Pocatello Pompano Beach Port Isabel Port St. Lucie Portage Portland Portland Portola Valley Portsmouth Portsmouth Portsmouth Prairie Village Princeton Bor. Princeton Tshp. Prospect Providence Provincetown Pt. Pleasant Beach Quogue Racine Rake Raleigh Rancho Palos Verdes Raytown Reading Red Bank Red Lodge Red Wing Redlands Redmond Redondo Beach Redwood City Reno Renton Rialto Richardson Richmond Richmond Richmond Ridgefield Ridgewood Ringwood Rio Rancho Rittman River Falls Riverside Riverside Riverside Robbinsville Rochester Rochester Rochester Rock Falls Rock Hill Rock Island Rockaway Rockville Rockville Centre Rocky Mount Roeland Park Rohnert Park Rolling Hills Estates Rolling Meadows Rosemount Roseville Roswell Royal Oak Ruidoso Runnemede S. San Francisco Saco Sacramento Saddle Brook Sageville Saipan Salem Salem Salinas Saline Salisbury Salisbury Salt Lake City Sammamish San Antonio San Bernardino San Bruno San Buenaventura San Diego San Fernando San Francisco San Jose San Leandro San Luis Obispo San Mateo San Rafael Sandpoint Santa Ana Santa Barbara Santa Clara Santa Cruz Santa Fe Santa Monica Santa Rosa Saranac Lake Sarasota Saratoga Sauk Rapids Sausalito Savannah Schaumburg Schenectady Seattle Sebastopol Selma Shavano Park Shawnee Shawnee Shenandoah Shepherdstown Shishmaref Shoreline Sierra Madre Signal Hill Signal Mountain Silver City Sioux City Sitka Snoqualmie Snow Hill Solana Beach Somerset Somerville Somerville Sonoma South Bay South Bend South Brunswick South Euclid South Miami South Padre Island South Portland South Roxana South Salt Lake Southampton Vill. Southfield Southgate Southold Sparks Spearfish City Spirit Lake Spokane Spring Valley Springfield Springfield St. Augustine Beach St. Cloud St. Louis St. Paul St. Peters Stamford Steamboat Rock Stevens Point Stockton Stow Stratford Sturgis Sudbury Sugar Land Summit Sumter Sun Valley Sunfish Lake Sunny Isles Beach Sunnyvale Sunrise Sunset Hills Superior Surf City Suttons Bay Sweetwater Sykesville Syracuse Tacoma Takoma Park Tallahassee Tamarac Tampa Taos Tarpon Springs Tarrytown Taylor Teaneck Telluride Tenafly Texarkana Thousand Oaks Toledo Topeka Torrance Towanda Tower Traverse City Treasure Island Trenton Troy Truro Tryon Tshp. of Elk Tshp. of Toms River Tshp. of W. Bloomfield Tucson Tukwila Tulare Tulsa Tumwater Tupelo Turtle River Tuscaloosa Tybee Island Union University City Upper Nyack Urbana Utica Utuado Vallejo Valparaiso Vancouver Vega Baja Vernonia Vero Beach Vill. of Bald Head Isl. Villa Hills Villa Park Vineland Virginia Virginia Beach Visalia Vista Wake Forest Walton Hills Wapello Warren Warren Warwick Warwick Waseca Washburn Washington Washington Tshp. Washougal Waterford Waterville Watervliet Waukegan Waukesha Wauwatosa Waynesville West Allis West Caldwell West Des Moines West Hartford West Hollywood West Milford West Orange West Palm Beach West Park West Sacramento West Salem West Windsor Westfield Westlake Westlake Westland Westminster Westmont Westwood Westwood Hills Weymouth White Bear Lake White Plains Whitehall Tshp. Whiting Whittier Wilkes-Barre Williamsburg Williamsville Willimantic Willoughby Hills Wilmette Wilmington Wilmington Wilton Manors Windsor Windsor Heights Winona Winslow Winston-Salem Winters Woodbury Woolstock Worcester Yarmouth Yarrow Point Yauco Yonkers York Youngstown Yountville Ypsilanti Yucaipa Zanesville
    8. 9. The Competition Source: NASA/GISS Pfounder Kiva MPlace GrowVC Calvert ? Kstart