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Drupal In 1 Hour


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Drupal In 1 Hour

  1. 1. Drupal in 1 Hour What, wherefore, and how. #WIMPDrupalJoshua Simmons, Co-founder of WIMP and CEO of Bluebird Interactive, Inc. Drupalista since 2008. Follow me @joshsimmons
  2. 2. Definitions: What is Drupal?• Content management framework• Open-source• Non-profit• 3rd most popular CMS• Pronounced "droo-puhl" (its Dutch)• Berkeley is ground zero• Built in PHP• SQL-friendly• Nginx or IIS? No problem.*
  3. 3. Drupal: A march of the stars.
  4. 4. What is it good for?• Communities• Media organizations• Advanced e-commerce• Multi-site• Applications• Systems integrationWhen might it be overkill?• Brochure websites• Blogs
  5. 5. Key Concepts:Entities, content types, and fields• EntitiesUsers, nodes, taxonomy terms, products• NodesPage, blog entry, event, page of a book or wiki• Fields o Core elemental fieldsText, textarea, dropdown, checkbox/radios, file o Contributed fieldsNode, user, and taxonomy references; URLs; media; locations; dates; and phone numbers
  6. 6. Key Concepts:Themes• Base themesZen, Omega, AdaptiveTheme, Zentropy• Off the shelfCorolla, Sky, TouchPro, Danland, Acquia Marina, Acquia Prosper• Customizing themes o admin UI is full of goodies  color palettes  responsive breakpoints Diagram of theme rendering process. o o html.tpl.php, page.tpl.php, node--typle.tpl.php, block--block--#.tpl.php• Organized into regions o blocks
  7. 7. Key Concepts:Blocks, regions, and views• Blocks o Types  Packaged with modules  Generated by views, menus  Custom blocks by you o Placement and Visibility  Select a region  Pages by URL matching  Select user role(s)• Views moduleis a gift from the gods of basic page and the theme files Diagram Slicesndices entities every way its composed of. imaginable: blog, calendar, gallery, map, shopping cart, and beyond.
  8. 8. Key Concepts:Views, again.• Not like MVC• Pages, blocks, feeds o Slideshows, calendars o Lists, grids, and tables o JSON?• Overrides at every level o Both GUI and PHP o Fields, rows, containers, etc.• Context sensitive o Can accept arguments
  9. 9. Key Concepts:Modules• Core Blog, Forum, Locale, Book, Comment, Contact, Color, Search, OpenID, Clean URLs, RDF (great for SEO), Update Manager, Toolbar, Dashboard• ContributedViews, Media, Metatags, Date, Feeds, Organic Groups, References, Rules, Scheduler, Panels, XML sitemap, WYSIWYG, Google Analytics,, Boost, Backup and Migrate, Block Revisions, Logintoboggan, Konami Code, Pathauto, Facebook Connect, Twitter, MailChimp, Google Apps, Disqus
  10. 10. Where do pages come from?Entities like nodes,users, and taxonomyterms, mostly. Theyhave pages auto-generated for them.Views and panelscan create pages,too.
  11. 11. Anatomy:Codeless Blog w/ Gallery• base theme & theme• modulesViews, Blog, Views Slideshow, Views Slideshow Galleria, Date, WYSIWYG, Entity, File Entity, Print, Token, Media, XML sitemap• content types & fieldsBasic Page, Blog Entry, Gallery Image• viewsBlog Listing, Monthly Blog Archive, Gallery?
  12. 12. Anatomy:WIMP website• AdaptiveTheme & WIMP subtheme• content types & fieldsBasic Page, Book Page, Blog Entry, Events, Job Listings, Webform• viewsevent listing page, upcoming event block, job listing*, member listing• modules and custom moduleProfile2, Webforms, Commerce & Commerce Stripe, Subscription, Scheduler, Field Collection, Rules, Feeds, Getlocations, Disqus, Google Analytics, Twitter Pull, Meetup Event Importer*, Autocomplete Deluxe, MailChimp, Media, References, References Dialog,, Superfish, Views, WYSIWYG (with CKEditor)
  13. 13. Before Building a Site • What content types and fields? • How will the data get in? (Forms) • How will the data get out? (Views) • Who may create/view/delete data? (Permissions) • What additional functionality? (Modules)• How can we make it pretty? (Theming)Intro to Drupal 7 Architecture, pg 31
  14. 14. Key Concepts:DistributionsCommerce Kickstart - e-commerceDrupal Commons - communityOpenAtrium - intranet & team portalSpark - Drupal 8 UX experiment in D7COD - conferencesOpenAid - collaborative aid deployment toolOpenOutreach - nonprofits & grassroots orgsOpenDeals - Drupal, Groupon-styleOpenPublish - for newspapers & mediaOpenPublic - for governmentOne Page CV - do I really need to explain?Videola - IPTV platform (think: Hulu or Lynda)
  15. 15. Its Not All Rainbows & UnicornsPRO CON• each new version is rethought • familiar, yet different• open-source • learning curve• security • learning curve... every version• multi-user • less out-of-the-box-y• multi-site • power hungry• internationalization • can easily pwn shared hosts• persistent references • lots o files -- encumbers source• portable controlfrustrates front-end• content first approach coders, developers that dislike• command line admina favorite PHP, MVC practitioners, of database designers, shared web hosting packages, command line ninjas, security and minimalists nuts, integration specialists, and people who love Legos
  16. 16. Resources• Sonoma County Drupal User Group (& SF)Monthly on the Tuesday before WIMP at &• 2012 BADCamp in Berkeley, November 1- 4many DrupalCamps, DrupalCons, and Drupal User Groups available• Drupal.orgonline wiki, code repository, groups, and IRC channels•• Case• Acquia and Drupal GardensReally need a convincing argument? Drupal has a wiki page for that:
  17. 17. Resources: Drupalistas in WIMP• Bill Dornbush• Dale Geist• Debbie Smith• Linda Philips Blue• Scott Hildebrand• Nick Topolos• ... and yours truly ;-)
  18. 18. Drupal in 4 HoursDive into Drupal and build something! This Friday at 2pm! Bring a laptop. Check out my blog,! Joshua Simmons, Co-founder of WIMP and CEO of Bluebird Interactive. Drupalista since 2008. Follow me @joshsimmons
  19. 19. Extra ResourcesSan Francisco Drupal Users Group Hook Reference (File Names) API Reference!topics!forms_api_reference.html/7Sampe Data Architecture (Content Types, Fields, and Taxonomies) Rendering Process Diagram Drupal 7 Theming (Page Template File Diagram) to Drupal 7 Architecture for Drupal DesignersUsing Drupal
  20. 20. Extra ResourcesHow-To: Build a Slideshow with Views Slideshow (in this example, testimonials) Article about NYSEs Use of Drupal System Requirements