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Multimedia in classroom_j_reppenhagen

  1. 1. +Final Presentation:Multimedia in the ClassroomJosh Reppenhagen22 October, 2012
  2. 2. + Multimedia in the ClassroomKeep in mind: Everyone learns in different ways – even our students. Using various forms of multimedia can help reach students who learn differently. Students also respond well to things they are familiar with – like technology and multimedia.There are many ways to incorporate multimedia inthe classroom…
  3. 3. + Using Images and Photography  Photography can be a great way to show your students a new perspective on learning.  I use a lot of my own photos to illustrate ideas and also to let the students know a bit more about me.  You can also incorporate cameras into your classroom and let the students show their creativity!
  4. 4. + Using Audio  Linguistic/Auditory learners can benefit from using audio in the classroom.  Additionally, audio can be a great reinforcement for other learning styles.  Using audio can be as simple as playing music or sound effects or creating a podcast or commentary.
  5. 5. + Original Video & Generators  Students love watching videos, so why not use them to teach?  There are countless resources for educational content OR you can make your own! Video Resources: Make your own: iMovie
  6. 6. + Most helpful tools:  ANIMOTO: Allows you to create beautiful and interesting video slideshows in minutes. The only drawback is the subscription fee for videos over 30 seconds.  iMovie: This is video editing at is easiest. You can create professional looking videos with images, transitions, text, sound effects, and credits all with essentially “drag „n drop” techniques. It also allows you to upload directly to YouTube or Facebook.  VoiceThread: Creating podcasts or using my own recorded voice has always been intimidating to me. VoiceThread made it very easy to create an interactive podcast. It also allows the students to leave comments or ask questions, which is a great feature.
  7. 7. + Success & Challenges Created elements I will  Trying to get iMovie to USE in MY classroom! accept file formats (this is one of it‟s biggest faults) Proud of my work!  Having to hear my own Learned about NEW voice (I think it sounds resources! ridiculous) Enjoyed the process!  Using new resources can be a learning experience
  8. 8. +  Getting started with Moodle was not easy – there is a learning curve, especially if you have no prior experience with online classes.  The tutorials helped a great deal!  There is definitely a need for online learning like Moodle. However, I would not want to see all education replaced by “tech teaching.” I‟d be out of a job!  I enjoyed being able to see what others did before me or in the same class.
  9. 9. + My collection of work:  Poe Picture Portfolio:  VoiceThread on Setting & Mood:  How Setting Affects Mood (Animoto & iMovie): B0zH4&  Original Video (Trip to Mexico – this one I did for fun): 1