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Learn tactics to improve your site's ability to both rank well and be user friendly

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  • Amazon has long been a staple of how to do things right, but of late, they’ve become a worse example of user experience. On this page, there are a lot of actions that the user is shown, from the drop down shopping list on the left, to the promos for the Kindle Fire, Spring’s Most Wanted, the Camera & Photo shop, the on page ad, the Deal of the Day, and the various other options that await the user.All of these are roadblocks to user interaction with your site.
  • While the example here isn’t the worst for the site’s demographic, it’s a good example of a site that is difficult to use, difficult to see, offers no real direction, and way too much interaction for a user to really take in.Many sites opt for the big visuals, to really draw their users’ eyes. However, more often than not, these sites don’t retain visitors for multiple reasons – some users don’t have Flash, some users get overwhelmed, etc.
  • Seo & UX

    1. 1. SEO & UXWhat’s the deal with these things?
    2. 2. SEO• Search Engine Optimization• Helping your pages rank better in search results• Massaging content, links, HTML elements, etc. to improve your pages’ ability to rank for key terms Portent Inc. -
    3. 3. UX• User Experience• The way a person feels about a process or experience on your pages• Massaging the design, imagery, colors, and layout of your pages to cater to the sophisticated web user Portent Inc. -
    4. 4. Doesn’t mix with others
    5. 5. SEO & UX are like Oil & Water • All SEO focuses on is traffic, ranking, revenue, and web presence • SEO is just getting links any way you can • Everything is about what’s on the site • UX is so focused on the experience that they ignore that the first step for many users is a search engine Portent Inc. -
    6. 6. Examples of Bad UXWindows Start ButtonThe one and only way to stop running your computer Portent Inc. -
    7. 7. Examples of Bad UX Busy sites can confuse your user• Tons of actions • Drop down shopping list on the left • Camera & Photo shop • Promos for the Kindle Fire • On page ad • Spring’s Most Wanted • Deal of the Day Portent Inc. -
    8. 8. Examples of Bad UX Flash, full image sites, and too much interaction• Site that is difficult to use• Difficult to see• Offers no real direction• Way too much interaction for a user to really take in• Don’t retain visitors Portent Inc. -
    9. 9. Examples of Good UX Clean & Clear• Make it easy for the user to interact with your site • easy to use navigation • an obvious reminder to where the user is on the site • a clear call to action.• The proper use of white space, imagery, and buttons goes a long way towards getting users to interact with your site the way you want them to. Portent Inc. -
    10. 10. Examples of Good UX Options without the Confusion• In the world of B2B, sometimes you cater to multiple user types. It’s not easy to figure out what a new customer, current customer, or potential partner want to see first when they visit your site.• In this example, all 3 are catered to without experiencing alienation in the design. Portent Inc. -
    11. 11. SEO & UX• Focused on details • Focused on the user• Content is King • Pleasing layouts• Links! Links! Links! • Color schemes• Code • Menu options• Get visitors • Keep visitors• Generate • Generate leads, sales, leads, sales, etc. etc. Portent Inc. -
    12. 12. An integrated purpose
    13. 13. SEO within UX• Focus the design using principles of SEO – Content for the user & the engine – Pushing for H1 & H2 tags – Working with link equity, menu functionality, menu names – Navigation labels – Product descriptions and names – Application user instruction Portent Inc. -
    14. 14. SEO within UX• Personas & User Paths – Creating different experiences for different users opens up different keywords, content, links for SEO• Action Items – “Buy now,” “download,” “learn more” – lead to content and page elements for the SEO – Order [product name] Today! Portent Inc. -
    15. 15. Search Engines Taking Cues from UXGoogle has been shifting focus away from links and keywords forthe last few years.Their new focus: qualityWhat’s included in “quality?”• Page Speed• Ease of Navigation• Internal Link Structure• No Duplicate Content• Relevant and descriptive Content• Page Layout Portent Inc. -
    16. 16. Make it Work
    17. 17. What Your Website Should Be• Useable• Understandable• Conversion oriented• Ranking well• Generating revenue Portent Inc. -
    18. 18. How?• Useable – Clear design• Understandable – Action items• Conversion oriented – Personas, calls to action• Ranking well – Content & keyword optimization• Generating revenue – Conversion optimization Portent Inc. -
    19. 19. Thank You!Josh PatricePortent SEO Team Leademail – josh@portent.comtwitter – @syzlaklinkedin – Portent Inc. Portent Inc. -