Fermentable Sugar - Recent Work


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Recent work from Fermentable Sugar.

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Fermentable Sugar - Recent Work

  2. 2. CLIENT: FLYING DOG BREWERYAs Creative Manager at Flying Dog Brewery, I executed a redesign of all brewerypackaging. The goal was to showcase the unique Ralph Steadman cartoons butcreate better brand consistency on liquor store shelves for 15 different SKUs.
  3. 3. North Station 9.1CLIENT: PL360 BEVERAGE PARTNERSPL360 has a nice portfolio of private label wines. I concepted & designed thepackaging for North Station, a soon-to-be released wine from Washington State.
  4. 4. CLIENT: MAPQUESTI worked with the MapQuest marketing team to develop a unique infographicthat helped visualize the massive amount of routing data they serve annually.I am responsible for much of the design, including all of the travel posters,as shown in the enlarged view on the right.
  5. 5. CLIENT: RACKHOUSE PUBDeveloped brand identity for the Rackhouse Pub, including logo, menus,website, signage, advertising, copywriting, video production, point of sale,social media, and many other design & marketing needs.
  6. 6. K E P T I C T R AV A S EL & TH R S AT I R E A L E WISECRACK • JOKE O W CH SLAPSTICK • STAND-UP OR A S CARTOON • IMPROV • PRANK LD SARCASM • FARCE • PUN T I C K L E • I R O N Y • PA R O D Y IN Y RIDICULE • REPARTEE NN SE SCHADENFREUDE FU A CH S R SITCOM OF G WH H IN AT M A K E S TCLIENT: THE HUMOR CODEThe Humor Code is Peter McGraw & Joel Warner, who are writing a book aboutwhat makes things funny. I developed their branding, business cards &website that talks about their mision & chronicles their experiences.
  7. 7. CLIENT: EMPOWERMENT INTERNATIONALI worked with Empowerment International to create fundraising materials tosupport their educational programs in Nicaragua, aimed to keep children inschool and out of sweatshops. Mi Camera, Mi Mundo was a fall 2011 artauction in Denver, featuring photos taken by the Nicaraguan children themselves.
  8. 8. B ALEMBIC M E D I A LEMBI 1 C A final design 2 6A M EDIA AlembicM E D I A 3 ALEMBIC MEDIA WO R DS . I D E A S . R E S U LT S . I previous rounds of creative alembic M E D I ACLIENT: ALEMBIC MEDIA LLC 4Alembic Media is a media company with specific expertise in the outdoor indus-try, specializing in sailing-related content. Branding & business card design. ALEMBIC MEDIA WO R DS . I D E A S . R E S U LT S .Client wanted branding to reflect both an “A” as well as abstracted racing sails. Alembic Media
  9. 9. CLIENT: ATOM BREWING COMPANYColorado is the home to more than 130 breweries. Atom Brewing in Erie, Coloradois opening in the second half of 2012. In anticipation of their launch, we createda full branding package for Atom.