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Initial business concept by Josh Mackey

Tworder is a ordering system using a Twitter account linked to a secure payment option allowing users to tweet an order from participating food and beverage outlets, cashless, on the go, using their mobile devices.

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  1. 1. Tworder A Twitter Application for food and beverage outlets. Initial business concept by Josh Mackey Passionate about innovating, communicating, and executing great customer
  2. 2. Observation People want convenient and simple ways to do everything. People are increasing busy and struggle to find time to wait in queues. People don’t always have cash on them and don’t like using their credit card to buy small cost items. Popular micro-blogging site Twitter now has approximately 4M-5M users, the majority of whom joined in 2008 and have contributed to the site’s 600% growth in the last 12 months.
  3. 3. Solution Tworder is a ordering system using a Twitter account linked to a secure payment option allowing users to tweet an order from participating food and beverage outlets, cashless, on the go, using their mobile devices. Meaning…. Twitter users will be now able to conveniently tweet coffee orders to their favorite coffee shop in a meeting, running late, with out needing cash.
  4. 4. Business Model Revenue stream A percentage or fee from each transaction made through the Tworder app.
  5. 5. Tworder User sign up Ordering 1. Link Twitter profile 1. Go to Tworder, in Tworder page. Select appropriate café. 2. Attach either Credit card 2. Start ordering through or PayPal account to drop boxes provided or profile past orders. 3. Follow for your 3. Submit ETA, confirm favorite participating order and payment cafés total.
  6. 6. Café set up Café receiving orders 1. Café set up an Tworder 1. Orders comes through account linked to a once payment is business bank account. processed through Tworder 2. They select 2. Tworder has a single customizable food and tweet/order print function, beverage options linked to once the tweet is printed it changes color and then a monetary value physically joins the walk in queue. 3. Launch Tworder for the 3. The order is made and cafe. picked up from the café by the user giving their Twitter name and order.
  7. 7. Extra information Café account 3. Ability to do an end of day reconciliation which can be checked against bank account 5. Has end of day reporting system. 7. The orders to have an ETA attached to them restricting when they get printed. 9. Ability to directly tweet people who have ordered to pass on current information. 11.Ability to tweet all followers in group. Re specials, wait time, and community events. 13.Link in with a docket printer.
  8. 8. Possible issue… Can the concept be streamlined to simply just sending repeat orders to the cafes after the account has been set up? Or will it have to rely on the users having to go to an additional website to confirm their transactions every order?