Attention Span Vs. Social Media


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Attention Span Vs. Social Media

  1. 1. Not long ago,one would wait with excitement for along, hand-written letter in the mailImage: Muffet flickr
  2. 2. ...But now,Our generation can’t be bothered to read a post longer than140 characters!Image: Rosaura Ochoa flickr
  3. 3. As social media markets continue toexpandOur attention spans seem toshrinkImage: Charlotte Spencer
  4. 4. Facebook posts of 80 characters orfewer have a 27% higher rate ofengagement than longer postsImage: factoryjoe flickr
  5. 5. Today’s students are increasingly affectedby thisphenomenaImage: Jonathan Rissmeyer flickr
  6. 6. In the classroom, teachers have to do aSong and Danceto capture their attentionImage: mrsdkrebs flickr
  7. 7. Students can be less tenacious if theanswer isnt a few clicks away.They want instant gratificationImage: spanaut flickr
  8. 8. As humans, we havealways been wiredfor instantgratification, buttechnology haskicked up thatbiological need.Image: Rev Dan Catt flickr
  9. 9. It’s like an addictionfueled bySocial mediaImage: opensourceway flickr
  10. 10. The need for instant gratificationunderlies most addictions;Sex DrugsAlcohol GamblingImage: mioi flickr
  11. 11. The hit when you get a good emailis like the hit of winning money.Image: cheukiecfu flickr
  12. 12. We try to prevent ourchildren fromgambling,but there isn’t the samecultural awareness abouthow addicting digitaltechnology can beImage: istargazer flickr
  13. 13. Perhaps the mostdevastating consequenceof this addiction is theabsence ofcommon courtesyImage: Brooklyn Museum flickr
  14. 14. 27 percent of thoseover 25 allow socialmedia updates tointerrupt meals,and 11 percent admit to checkingupdates during sexImage: Mr. I1/4 flickr
  15. 15. The need for a quick technology fixis making people not onlyless focused,but alsoless considerate.Image: Steve Snodgrass flickr
  16. 16. Inevitably, perhaps, instant gratification comes at theexpense of civilityImage: morberg flickr
  17. 17. As a society, we have to remember back, longago, when time spent with loved onesmeant more than a Tweet,when a relationship status updatesimply wasn’t necessaryImage: adwriter flickr
  18. 18. Objects and experiences acquire value throughthe act of waitingImage: Ilyas Imran flickr
  19. 19. Wait long enough,and our lives can be filled with invaluableexperiences.Image: mortimer flickr
  20. 20. So keep waiting...Image: nhburdick flickr
  21. 21. Sources VFS Digital Design flickr
  22. 22. All images are licensed under theCreative Commons Non-CommercialShare-Alike 3.0 agreement andsourced from Flickr.Image: Pryere flickr