Dead lazy nine frame analysis


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A nine frame analysis of the product

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Dead lazy nine frame analysis

  1. 1. Dead Lazy 9-Frame Analysis By Josh James
  2. 2. In this scene we can see a small dog drinking tea out of a cup. This shot Ismeant to represent how the infection started (transmitted by the dog).This shot challenges the forms and conventions of real media products byhaving a small and ‘wimpy’ dog, which conveys comedy. In a standardmedia product, the dog would probably be bigger and scarier as the movieis a horror.
  3. 3. Here we can see a close-up of the nametag of our main character. The nametag tells us the name of the main character and also tells us a little about the character, namely that he is employed.Standard conventions are challenged because in a horror film you would presumethat the red substance on the nametag would be blood but after the camerazooms in a little you can see that it is in fact tomato ketchup.
  4. 4. In this shot we can see the main character in his car after hearing the radio broadcast.This challenges the forms found in other movies because the main character is not worriedby the broadcast, instead he says ‘Bullshit’ and drives off. Standard forms are developed asthe horror narrative is shown through the radio rather than speech or actions.
  5. 5. In this shot and the other shots of this scene, we see the main character driving home from work with lively music playing in the background.The challenge of this scene is the lively music. In horror films you would expect to hearmusic that helps convey the horror atmosphere but the music from our project is theopposite of this.
  6. 6. Here we can see the main title credits of our film. The use of font challenges standard conventions because the two different fonts used contrast each other. The standard forms and conventions are also used because darkness is used, an icon of horror.
  7. 7. In this shot, the main character falls over while running into the house. He thenpromptly picks himself up and carries on.This shot challenges standard forms and conventions because it adds comedy into ascene which is meant to be all about horror. The trip by the main character removessome of the intensity of the scene which is the opposite to what other horror films do(build tension).
  8. 8. Here we can see our other main character sitting on the sofa, surrounded by emptybeer cans and rubbish. This mise-en-scene reflects on the characters personality. This shot challenges the forms and conventions of other horror films because it almost tricks the audience. The audience would be expecting a horror scene but instead they are met with a more comical scene.
  9. 9. In this shot, the zombie can be seen walking in the background, slightly out of focus.In the foreground we can see one of the main characters sorting through mail.This conforms to standard conventions of horror as the zombie hasn’t been noticed bythe characters, building the tension of this scene.
  10. 10. In this shot we see the zombie sitting next to one character and the other characterentering the room. The character on the sofa screams like a girl.Forms and conventions are challenged through the use of the scream because this sceneis primarily horror and the scream adds comical effect. This helps to break up the horroratmosphere which is what horror films hardly ever do.