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Dairy Equipments

The dairy industry has an important role in socio-economic development of India.

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Dairy Equipments

  1. 1. Dough Mixer MachineDairy EquipmentsThe dairy industry has an important role in socio-economic development of India. The dairyindustry in India is in providing cheap nutritional food to the vast population of India and alsogenerates huge employment opportunities for rural places instrumental.The Institute of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, under the Central Ministry ofAgriculture is responsible for all matters related to the development of the dairy industry in thecountry. This department advises governments of the states and Union Territories in theformulation of programs and policies for the development of the dairy industry.It also deals with all matters relating to the production and conservation of animals (cows andsheep). To focus on the dairy industry to maintain a leading institution that the National DairyDevelopment Board established known. This institution is a public corporation that wasfounded in 1987. The main objective was the creation of the Board to accelerate the pace ofdevelopment of the dairy industry in the country and new investments.India is a haven for investors seeking investment opportunities in the dairy industry. Dairyindustry has a huge potential for investment in India and promises high returns for investors.The reasons that the industry has a huge potential to attract new foreign investment are:1. Basic necessity for good dairy i.e. milk is available in abundance.2 India has a rich supply of technically skilled workers.3 There is easy availability of technical infrastructure.4 India has all the essentials needed for a free market system.
  2. 2. There are several areas within the dairy industry, companies promise great investmentopportunities:• Biotechnology:First Indian cattle produce less milk compared to their foreign counterparts. The indigenousfarmers are looking for ways to improve their milk yield by crossing. So there is great potentialfor foreign investors in dairy cattle of high quality buffalo hybrid cows invest.2 There is also much scope for investment in different cultures dairy products, including dairybiologics, enzymes, probiotics and other colorants for food processing.3 Ingredients biopreservative producing lactic fermentation based, as pediococcin, aciophilincontain bulgarican and nisin in milk powder, also promise a great investment opportunity.• Dairy / Food Processing Equipment:It is a great potential for foreign investment in manufacturing and marketing costs, foodprocessing machinery high quality low.• The food packaging tools:There is a huge investment opportunity for foreign investors in both manufacturing packagingmachinery and materials to support the development of brand loyalty and is a clear advantagein the marketing of dairy products.• Retail:Dairy retailers also promise great investment opportunities for standardization andmodernization of dairy products in major metropolitan areas.• Preparation of ingredients:Several components are involved in the production of various dairy products such as cheesecondensed milk and ghee. The production of the ingredients of these products has greatpotential for foreign investment in India.• Finished products:There is great scope for investment in the production of finished dairy products such as cheesesauce and cheese powder.• The technically advanced manufacturing units:
  3. 3. Its a great opportunity for foreign investors to invest in establishing production facilities dairyproducts. Investors build world class facilities allow hire. Build support activities specializeddairy production, cutting like cheese, cheese packaging, butter and printing divisions have morepotential than other activities.Therefore, the dairy industry has huge investment opportunities in a variety of industries inIndia. Investors are set to get good returns on their investments.India is one of the fastest emerging economies today. With the government encouragingforeign investment in India, it has become easier for foreign companies foray into the Indianmarkets.Honey Combb are manufacture and export food processing machines such as Dairy Equipments andFood Processing Equipment , Chapati Making Machine, roti making machines, potato chips makingmachines, papad making machines, Khakra Making Machine etc.