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Corruption Within World Footabll


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Published in: Sports, News & Politics
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Corruption Within World Footabll

  1. 1. Student u3052775
  2. 2.  Recent World Cup Scandal Involving Qatar and Russia In this essay I will look at:  How is Football Corrupt?  How is Corruption is affecting football?  How is Corruption being handled?
  3. 3.  The World Cup Scandal is not the first time we have seen this level of corruption  Juventus, an Italian premier club, were stripped of two Italian Serie A titles and dropped to a minor league for two seasons back in 2006 due to bribery of officials and players.  In 2004 in Portugal, 171 people, including two mayors and a league’s president, were accused of being involved foul play and fixing championship games.
  4. 4.  All footballing nations are subject to some form of corruption Corruption is fueled by the wealth involved in football Fans are excited by large money exchanges for players The people who involve themselves in corruption are those who hope to get a share of these transfers  Agents  Club Officials  Organization Officials e.g. FIFA Sepp Blatter, head of FIFA /Sepp-Blatter_5.jpg
  5. 5.  Agents have the power to be tempted from either end, they can make bribes or receive bribes"Ive encountered it once abroad when I was taking aninternational player to an Italian club and I was offered a suitcasefull of money to make sure the deal went through. I didnt want it. Ihad no interest in it.”"Lets say I buy a player from eastern Europe. I find out he is valuedat £2million by his club. I say to that club: I can sell him for £5m inEngland? There will be £500,000 in it for you but the other £2.5mmakes its way back into this account.( , retrieved 20/10/2011)
  6. 6.  “Are agents corrupt? No, not all? But the majority.”( , retrieved 20/10/2011)  These sources show us the areas of football that corruption is involved in.  Temptation is to much for people involved to handle mb/355/-/football-in-poland-is-more- corrupt-than-in-italy-poland-football- corruption-scandal-euro-2008.jpg
  7. 7.  Destroys the reputation of those involved in the sport  Players  Coaches  Officials Clubs Being involved in corruption contains severe consequences  Heavy Fines  Loss of job  Long term suspensions from the sport
  8. 8.  “Corruption destroys the essence of football” football&catid=47:issue-4&Itemid=183  What is the Essence of football?  Values and Sportsmanship  Fans and Players love for the game  No singular thing can be labeled as the essence of football  Corruption has a way of effecting everything within in the sport no matter what you define as the essence
  9. 9.  If corruption continues it will destroy the sport People will no longer want to support their teams because they will not want to put their time and energy towards supporting something that they know to be fake If no action is taken, corruption will find its way into all levels of football Every football league around the globe will in way way or another be effected by the repercussions of corruption=
  10. 10.  Strict consequences apply to those proven to be involved in corruption Special task forces are being put in place to specifically look at cases of corruption within all avenues of football Main focus is on preventing corruption from happening in the first place so there is no need for further investigations
  11. 11.  By stopping corruption before it begins, the battle against it is already half won Sepp Baltter resigned as head of FIFA, small win against corruption /wp- content/uploads/2009/03/corruption.j pg
  12. 12.  Recent World Cup scandal has brought corruption to everyones attention If we do not begin the fight against corruption it will end up running the game Fans will no longer support their teams and players and officials will no longer want to be a part of the sport Fight against corruption has begun with special investigation teams being set up and prevention methods being examined so we stop corruption before it happens If we can get control of corruption, we can focus on what really matter, the game