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An Invitation from the DEPT. of Recreation-


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This is our initial demo deck for a space we are hoping to open in Venice California. We have a lot of good partners working with us but we need more to secure it. We are looking for investors, brand partners, and really anyone that shares this vision. Hope you enjoy. Please share if you do!

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An Invitation from the DEPT. of Recreation-

  1. 1. A Full service Sales and Marketing Agency for Creative ProfessionalsDIGITA L & C RE ATI V E ST R AT E GY M E E T R E TAIL AND WH OLESALE BRAN D SH OWROOM FOR COM P LE T E M ARK ET DOM INAT ION
  2. 2. WHAT IS ? DEPT. is a new kind of agency. It is a place where creatives from different disciplines align to inspire, swap, exchange and create. Part retail & wholesale showroom, part cultural think tank, DEPT. is an all- encompassing experience designed to enlighten the senses. It is a complete brand gallery. A new world bazaar that celebrates and promotes the best young talent and minds of now. A collaboration with technology that provides solutions for brands and a culturally enriched shopping experience. 1
  3. 3. THE AGENCY • DEPT. is a full service agency servicing the fashion and lifestyle industries • Our core competency is in digital marketing and creative consultation • We work in music and excel at pairing brands with cool bands • Placement in our Abbot Kinney Brand Gallery to gives brands instant street cred and publicity • We offer wholesale as well as retail sales services • We handle full brand launches, events, motion graphics, publicity, and video & photo production • We make Ecommerce sites work! From development to management to fulfillment 2
  4. 4. OUR PRINCIPLES• Design• Curation• Innovation• Community• Local• Natural• Creative 3
  5. 5. THE SPACE• Industrial• Raw brick and concrete• Beautiful natural light• Open space / flexible with rolling walls• Atrium gathering space in the center of the space• Located on one of Los Angeles’ hippest and prestigious shopping avenues, great foot traffic potential• 1118 Abbot Kinney in Venice, California• Zoned for multi-use, retail, events, and food• 12 spaces for parking 4
  6. 6. THE OPPORTUNITYCalling all dreamers and doers.DEPT. is primarily an agency but because of the location of the space weare able to do so much more. The space will be ready for use as:• Event Space• Shooting Location• 1500 sq. ft. Retail Pop-Up area in the front• Wholesale Showroom• Micro Retail Space for rent in the Brand Gallery• Artist Collaborations & Installations 5
  7. 7. THE SPACE 5
  8. 8. THE SPACE 5
  9. 9. THE SPACE 6
  10. 10. THE SPACE 7
  11. 11. THE SPACE 8
  12. 12. THE EXPERIENCE• When people enter the DEPT. they will be confronted with a land of wonder. Items displayed in a gallery style everywhere with iPad exhibits• Flower cart and plants hanging from the ceiling• Landscaped back patio• A concierge sits at a desk ready to help anyone who has questions about the store or Venice in general• A host will come immediately if a customer requires assistance. Customers can also buy things directly via the iPad display and our custom Stripe based checkout system• Complimentary same day delivery will also be on offer• Coffee, smoothies and juice produced by our in-house specialists 9
  13. 13. THE WEBSITEDept. is just 4200 sq ft. in Venice but it’s website is something far larger.We intend to build a socially curated shopping experience which brings together all elementsof the space and beyond. The offerings in the store will encompass a complete lifestyle change.A consumer could enter the site completely uninformed about what’s cool and leave with awhole new life. We are calling it a lifestyle design center. A few things on offer:• Apparel• Media- Books Records Video (digital as well as physical)• Homewares• Recreational Equipment (Camping, Surfing, Cycling)• Service Referrals- Landscape Design, Healing, Contractors, Delivery Service• CSA- A carefully curated food delivery experience in collaboration with the regions best farmers and ranchers 10
  14. 14. THE AREAOver the last few years Venice beach ca has been making the shift fromlazy beach community with some crime problems to a thriving metropolisby the sea, full of artistic, tech savvy, forward thinking & affluent people.The community has been called silicon beach It is now home to several techstartups such as Viddy, Blackboard Eats & Google.Abbot Kinney is rapidly becoming one of America’s premier shoppingdestinations. 11
  15. 15. THE PEOPLEJosh Fishman- Founder and Principal We: Creative Agency [ ]ADVISORY BOARDElena Bodnar- Founder, Two Wings Non-Profit Women’s Organization [ ]Alexandra Van Iden- Creative & Digital Media Specialist [ ]Dakota Solt & Lisa Niven- Crybaby presents- Lifestyle shop, wholesale and retail apparel [ ]Aric Meidl- Destroyer, Online Radio network and Web Development [ ]Chris Juarez- Social Media SpecialistDrew Lumsden- Wholesale and Retail Apparel SpecialistMarisa Brickman- Communications Strategist, publisher ‘SUP MAGAZINE [ ]Oli Isaacs- Music management and Record Company THIS IS MUSIC LTD 12