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Worst Case Scenario Journal


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Use this daily practice to forge a strong mind and find calm in an uncertain, complex world.

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Worst Case Scenario Journal

  1. 1. Riding a raft down white water rapids, a master has no more control over the water than you do. The difference is that a master is in control of being out of control. - Werner Erhard
  2. 2. I can only control the mayhem that I create around me. - Hannah, Girls
  3. 3. Worst Case Scenario (working title)
  4. 4. A daily journal What is it?
  5. 5. You’ll learn to expect the unexpected. Why should I use it?
  6. 6. In everyday situations, we want to be calm, but instead we end up anxious. - What if I get fired? - What if I get rejected? - What if I look stupid?
  7. 7. Stoicism, a philosophy practiced thousands of years ago, can help strengthen us against the worst that fate throws at us. How? By mentally adjusting to the worst, and realizing it’s not so bad.
  8. 8. & the more you practice, the more resilience you build. use it every day!
  9. 9. a few old ancient stoic examples
  10. 10. “Set aside a certain number of days, during which you shall be content with the scantiest and cheapest fare, with course and rough dress, saying to yourself the while: ‘Is this the condition that I feared?” - Seneca
  11. 11. Seneca understood that possessions make us worry about downside. What if I lose all this stuff? So he took his own stuff away, and realized it wasn’t that bad.
  12. 12. another one
  13. 13. “When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself: the people I deal with today will be meddling, ungrateful, arrogant, dishonest, jealous and surly… But to feel anger at someone, to turn your back on him: these are unnatural.” - Marcus Aurelius
  14. 14. Anger usually stems from expectations clashing with reality. How other people act, is totally out of your control, so it doesn’t make sense to get upset about it.
  15. 15. How it works
  16. 16. Do this one simple thing.
  17. 17. Every morning, assume the worst possible thing will happen that day.
  18. 18. Today I might lose..
  19. 19. Today I might have to deal with:
  20. 20. In the evening, check what you wrote.
  21. 21. Did it happen? YES NO
  22. 22. That’s it.
  23. 23. After using this journal for a while… You’ll learn to expect the unexpected.
  24. 24. * Like losing all your stuff. * Or dealing with a difficult colleague. And it won’t be that bad.