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iPad Design Headaches: Take Two Tablets and Call Me in the Morning


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I gave this talk at Design for Mobile in Chicago on Sept 22. I added an outline of what I said to the speaker notes section. Here's the scoop:

The iPad has introduced a new style of computing, confronting designers with unfamiliar aches and pains. Learn the symptoms (and fixes) for a range of new-to-the-world iPad interface ailments, including Greedy Pixel Syndrome, the dreaded Frankeninterface, and the "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" bait and switch. Explore practical techniques and eye-opening gotchas of tablet interface design, all grounded in the ergonomics, context, psychology, and nascent culture of this new device. The presentation inoculates you against common problems with close-up looks at successful iPad apps from early sketches to final design. Genial bedside manner is administered by Josh Clark, author of the O'Reilly books "Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps" and "Best iPhone Apps: A Guide for Discriminating Downloaders."

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iPad Design Headaches: Take Two Tablets and Call Me in the Morning

  1. 1. iPad Design Headaches TAKE TWO TABLETS & CALL ME IN THE MORNING @globalmoxie
  2. 2. Photo: Aldo Cavini Benedetti
  3. 3. IPAD DESIGN MALADIES • Greedy pixel syndrome •Media hypertrophy •The frankeninterface •Popover pox •iPad elbow •Content stutter
  4. 4. IPAD HEALTH CHECK Low resting heart rate
  5. 5. BUILD FOR LEISURE, BUT... Optimize for quick sprints
  6. 6. IPAD DESIGN MALADY Greedy pixel syndrome
  7. 7. THE PRESCRIPTION • Big chunky elements • Generous space • Clarity trumps density • Tap quality trumps tap quantity
  8. 8. IPAD DESIGN MALADY Media hypertrophy
  9. 9. IPAD DESIGN MALADY (Media overkill)
  10. 10. A word about page flips
  11. 11. NOT BEING DIRTY… HONEST Familiarity & intimacy invite touch
  12. 12. THE PRESCRIPTION • Feature content, not interface •Honor overall brand identity •Old and tested ≠ old fashioned •Ask: Is different actually better?
  13. 13. IPAD DESIGN MALADY The frankeninterface
  14. 14. THE PRESCRIPTION • Avoid mixed metaphors • Love the one you’re with • Provide touch cues and hints •Don’t abandon digital advantages
  15. 15. IPAD DESIGN MALADY Popover Pox
  16. 16. THE PRESCRIPTION • Use popovers to act on content • Use popovers for quick peeks • Avoid popovers for exploration and navigation
  17. 17. IPAD DESIGN MALADY iPad Elbow
  18. 18. I hate the iPad’s back button with the heat of a million suns.
  19. 19. Buttons are a hack
  20. 20. THE PRESCRIPTION • Seek alternatives to buttons • Controls at top and at left • Avoid popovers for exploration and navigation
  21. 21. A PLEA Explore multitouch gestures
  22. 22. Two hands
  23. 23. Uzu
  24. 24. THE PRESCRIPTION • Gestures = keyboard shortcuts • Embrace multitouch for modes • Play • Experiment, talk, share
  25. 25. IPAD DESIGN MALADY Content stutter
  26. 26. Exciting!
  27. 27. Thanks! @globalmoxie