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Assisted Decision Making


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Assisted Decision Making

  1. 1. Assisted Decision Making Big Data and the Law Josh Blackman
  2. 2. "The object of our study, then, is prediction,the prediction of the incidence of the public force through the instrumentality of the courts." -Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. The Path of the Law (1897)
  3. 3. Laws Information Revolution
  4. 4. Disruptive Technologies
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Crowdsourcing The Supreme Court
  7. 7. Predict How The Justices Will Vote
  8. 8. Over 13,000 Players
  9. 9. The Wisdom of the Crowds
  10. 10. Whats next?
  11. 11. AssistedDecision Making
  12. 12. How do we get there?
  13. 13. From Crowdsourcing to Super Crunching
  14. 14. Viewing TheLaw As Data
  15. 15. CrunchData about:•  Cases•  Motions•  Opinions•  Dates•  Judges•  Firms•  Lawyers•  Parties
  16. 16. Introducing Big Data Meets Big Law
  17. 17. Demo
  18. 18. The Future:Assisted Decision Making
  19. 19. HarlanIntelligent Litigation Assistant
  20. 20. "I want to draft a contractwith . . . specifications."I have a few follow-upquestions:1. Where will the contract beexecuted?2. What are the possible remedies incase of a breach of contract?3. Do the parties have adequateinsurance? Shall I draft the contract?
  21. 21. Access to JusticeAssisted Decision Making for Non-Lawyers
  22. 22. "My landlord wont fix myheat."You have several options:- Call Tenants Rights Dept.- Draft Demand Letter- File Pro Se Suit in Court- Contact Housing LawyerSelect an option to learnmore.
  23. 23. Assisted Decision Making Big Data Meets Big Law
  24. 24. email: phone: 202-294-9003 twitter: @JoshBTweets