Give Me A Viral Video Womma Presentation - Short Version


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"Give Me a Viral Video" Presentation (short vers) given by Josh Warner, president of video seeding company Feed Company at Womma in Las Vegas.

About Feed Company

Feed Company is the video seeding company social brands rely on to get video exposed to users on top blogs, video sites, mobile platforms, and social networks. Our ability to guarantee millions of user-initiated views and social engagements make us the first choice for Fortune 500 companies and their ad and media agencies.

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Give Me A Viral Video Womma Presentation - Short Version

  1. 1. GIVE ME A VIRAL VIDEO WOMMA Presentation November 13, 2008 Josh Warner - President, Feed Company
  2. 2. Who is Feed Company? Feed Company is a leader for seeding videos on the Web for major brand advertisers in the U.S.
  3. 3. What a viral video is? It's a chance to engage your audience online...
  4. 4. What a viral video is not? It's not pre-roll. It's not spam... It's not a commercial.
  5. 5. Myth Viral just happens. Not for brands, it doesn’t.
  6. 6. Myth Click here to play video
  7. 7. Su ns cr ee n sp ee ch (1 9 97 ) Bl ai rW itc h Pr oj ec t( 19 99 ) N ap st er (1 99 9) M ys p ac e Where we started. (2 00 3) Yo u Tu b e (2 00 5)
  8. 8. The Journey Evolution of Dance LonelyGirl15 Here It Goes Again Yes We Can Guys Backflip Into Jeans
  9. 9. The Journey Click here to play video
  10. 10. WHAT NOW?
  11. 11. THE AUDIENCE
  12. 12. The Audience “The only true currency in this world is what you share with someone else.” Lester Bangs, Music Critic
  13. 13. The Audience What interests our audience? Everything. They are students, teens, DJs, office workers, and parents. They are stylish, intelligent, and will embrace anything that inspires and appeals to them.
  14. 14. The Audience • Interacts with content online, on their terms. • Discovers, shares, and promotes what they like. • Is highly social and discriminating.
  15. 15. THE CONTENT
  16. 16. The Content Click here to play video Messing with Driving Instructors Parrot Don't make an ad - entertain your audience, brand and product recognition are secondary
  17. 17. The Content Click here to play video Guy Catches Glasses With Face Ray Ban It’s about a great concept, not always highly- produced, “professional” content.
  18. 18. The Content Click here to play video Ball Girl Gatorade Keep it short. Get to the point.
  19. 19. The Content Diesel SFW XXX Diesel Pick intriguing titles, thumbnails, and tags.
  20. 20. The Content Click here to play video White Gold - One Gallon Axe Music Video Premiere Got Milk? Be transparent. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not, your audience is too smart for that.
  21. 21. Good Creative Is Social Music Videos Cause-related videos Pre-release of traditional ads
  22. 22. THE STRATEGY
  23. 23. The Strategy Planning. Give yourself enough time to research and strategize your campaign roll-out.
  24. 24. The Strategy Audience Mapping and Targeting. Use multiple messages for different audiences to drive reach and engagement.
  25. 25. The Strategy Marketing Blitz. Hit blogs, forums, and site features all at once to drive exponential views. White Gold #4 most viewed of the day
  26. 26. The Strategy Cross-promotion. Embed video in micro-site, social networks, press-releases, email lists. Bring your audience to your video so they promote for you.
  27. 27. The Strategy Subtle brand connection. Make your brand link in video subtly and elsewhere.
  28. 28. The Strategy Strategize and time your reveal. It can be different for different campaigns and even outlets.
  29. 29. The Strategy Transparency In Messaging.
  30. 30. The Strategy Transparency In Tags.
  31. 31. The Strategy Episodic and niche content require a slow build with hyper audience targeting and outreach Campaign: Deloitte - Kid Fakes Job Interview Target: 1st Year MBA Students at Top B Schools Strategy: Seed link to MBA student & MBA alumni blogs, school-hosted blogs & publications, student club & organization officers, MBA information hubs & sites. Message MBA student group admins and users on Facebook
  32. 32. The Strategy Manage your client expectations. Avoid the word viral. Use it to describe your success after it happens. X
  33. 33. THE RESULT
  34. 34. Beyond the View The view is the defining metric for video seeding. But other metrics are essential in establishing reach and engagement.
  35. 35. Beyond the View Mainstream Media Outlet Placements
  36. 36. Beyond the View Mainstream Media Outlet Placements
  37. 37. Beyond the View Video Site Feature Placements
  38. 38. Beyond the View Twitter Famed Silicon Valley venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki tweeted the video to his 18,831 followers
  39. 39. Beyond the View Social Bookmarking - Digg
  40. 40. Beyond the View Forum Thread Discussion
  41. 41. Beyond the View Feature Placement - National Cable Current featured “Kid fakes job interview” as one of the top five viral videos of the day for September 5, 2008.
  42. 42. Beyond the View Facebook Group Admin Messaging Examples
  43. 43. Beyond the View Facebook Group Admin Messaging Email blast sent out to 700 members of MBA Facebook group
  44. 44. Beyond the View Google Search Results
  45. 45. Beyond the View YouTube Search Results
  46. 46. Viral video is a fad.
  47. 47. Creating engagement and brand passion on the Web through video is just beginning.
  48. 48. The platforms for brand reach have changed. Traditionally brands relied on pre-built media audiences (TV, radio etc.)
  49. 49. Now brands must create audiences on social platforms and compete with entertainment content.
  50. 50. This is changing advertising.
  51. 51. Contact: Josh Warner Feed Company 323-469-3052