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Product Brief

AT&T Synaptic Storage
as a Service
Scalable, Pay-Per-Use Data Storage You Can Access Anywhere
Does anyon...
Product Brief - AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service _______________________________________________________________________...
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At&T Synaptic Storage As A Service


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At&T Synaptic Storage As A Service

  1. 1. Product Brief AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service Scalable, Pay-Per-Use Data Storage You Can Access Anywhere Does anyone ever have enough closet space? Great for Companies of All Sizes Synaptic Storage as a Service is especially Benefits Even walk-ins fill up. You can box the overflow and shift it to your basement or attic, but what suited for data you don’t use every day but • Avoid upfront capital a pain when you actually need to retrieve need to keep for months or years and reach expenditures something. Yet who wants to spend money without hassle. It functions as an expandable • Sidestep planning challenges by building a storage addition? pool of stored data, which you manage tapping elastic storage capacity yourself in whatever way suits your business. For business data, storage is an even bigger, • Save time and hassles with more complicated issue. You can’t stuff data You can add on Synaptic Storage as a Service a one-time procurement and in a closet. You must protect it and be sure no matter where your primary IT infrastructure, setup process people have quick access when they need applications or data may be located: hosted • Meet peak demand without it – and you have to keep adding capacity in your own data center, with AT&T, or with a overprovisioning and shrink to accommodate your ever-growing volume third party. storage as needed without paying penalties of information. Synaptic Storage as a Service is ideal for • Supplement your other storage That’s why we developed AT&T Synaptic companies of all sizes that: systems cost-effectively Storage as a Service: an easy answer to your • Adapt to changing business data retention problems. It’s elastic, reliable • Face exploding data growth or have needs simply and flexibly and retrievable online. And it’s cost-effective, fluctuating data storage requirements because you pay only for what you use. • Wish to find low-cost alternatives to expensive disks for storing data they want Features Avoid Capital Outlays, Procurement Delays to access quickly, easily and reliably, but do A key advantage of Synaptic Storage as a not use constantly • Usage-based pricing Service is avoiding capital outlays. Instead, • Scalable on demand as your you pay a monthly operating expense – as • Retain data that needs to be easily storage requirements fluctuate manageable as renting a storage unit for accessible and always available but is not • Two pre-defined storage policies which the charge depends on how much constantly used in real-time, such as Web to choose from stuff it holds. content or media or medical imaging files • Accessible online from But unlike a physical storage unit, Synaptic • Lack capital to pay for storage capacity anywhere via an application Storage as a Service stretches as you pack data in advance but can manage the monthly program interface inside. Avoid procurement headaches, setup operational expenses of storage as • Enterprise-grade network costs and time delays to obtain additional a service security features storage. Expand your capacity on the spot, and • Portal with developer toolkit later, shrink your storage consumption if you • Have a library of content and media files and storage usage status need to, while paying only for what you use. that people in many locations must access to download items • Access to your storage backed by an SLA of 99.9% availability
  2. 2. Product Brief - AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 2 • Want people in many locations to be able • Pay-for-what-you-use pricing that Setting Up Synaptic Storage as a to upload files includes storage capacity, network Service Is Easy and security services • Seek to warehouse data in a consolidated Order It way instead of maintaining several • Access to your storage backed by Sign up for the service with your AT&T discrete storage units; or create a a service level agreement of 99.9% Account Representative or go to the temporary storage container to hold availability AT&T portal. data during migrations, transitions, or development and testing phases • A unified global namespace for easy Write to the Application Programming administration of your stored data assets Interface (API) • Must keep data safely and reliably for audits, reporting, regulatory compliance, • AT&T’s experience with global network Connect your existing application with security, plus embedded defense against a virtual AT&T Synaptic Storage as a discovery, backup and restore, or disaster recovery distributed denial of service attacks Service container. (DDoS) Set Policies What’s Included in the Service • Optional quality of service (QoS) features Choices are: AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service gives you: that prioritize delivery of your data • Policy 1: Two local copies of across AT&T’s global network to help data to be stored in one location • Adaptive storage that expands or contracts in real-time to accommodate ensure predictable performance for your • Policy 2: Two copies of data to be the amount of data inside applications and users stored in geographically separate locations • Automatic replication of your data on a Why AT&T? predetermined schedule A trusted name for 125 years, AT&T has over Assign Project Codes (Optional) a decade of experience building and running Set a project code for each policy so you • A policy-based process that places enterprise-class IT environments – and has can charge storage costs back to internal copies of data in one or two geographic earned accolades from top industry analysts business units or customers. locations, depending on your needs for its hosting and managed services. Use It • Web services-based access so users We invest in world-class people, processes, Start using AT&T Synaptic Storage can upload or retrieve data anywhere, tools and training and follow high security as a Service. As you add or remove anytime, from any device connected to standards to help protect customers from data, your capacity adjusts the Internet the risks and challenges that confront automatically. Check your storage • The option of creating your own private, businesses today. consumption at any time via the portal. consolidated storehouse connected over With AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service, your corporate network you can count on the same secure, reliable, high-performance services customers have come to expect from AT&T. For more information contact an AT&T Representative or visit 06/17/10 AB-1621-01 © 2010 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T and the AT&T logo are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property.