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Evaluation of foundation portfolio


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Evaluation of foundation portfolio

  1. 1. Evaluation Of Foundation PortfolioThis is an evaluation of my media project, creating a music magazine. I have created a frontcover, contents page and a double page spread for my own magazine. In the followingevaluation I will be talking about how my magazine reflects the genre R&B and how I havefollowed conventions.My magazine front cover, contents page and double page spread can be related with themagazine Vibe. This is because I have followed most of the conventions similar to thismagazine. However although I have followed most of the conventions, I have also invertedsome like the colour scheme because normally a Vibe magazine would have different colourfonts. However I have just used one or two different colour schemes for my font. These twocolours are not just found on my front cover however they can also be found on mycontents and double page spread. The use of this colour scheme can have a positive impactwith my audience because it creates consistence along my magazine. However my audiencemay also get bored with the same colours. Although my magazine has inverted someconventions, some conventions have remained the same for example the masthead on myfront cover has remained on top of my artists head. As well as this we can also see thestrapline above the masthead. Text can also be seen around the main image of my artist. Ihave highlighted key words just like the vibe magazine located below. As we can see theVibe magazine has highlighted words such as ‘exclusive’, I have also highlighted a main keyword like ‘starring’.
  2. 2. On my contents page I have followed many conventions found on a Respect and Vibemagazine. Such as the name contents to show that this page is a contents page and a mainimage that takes up most of the contents page. As well as this I have also included textwhich can be found on one side of my contents page. A mini logo of my magazine name canalso be found on this page which shows that you are reading my magazine. It is located onthe top left corner of my page because this is not that important.My Double page spread follows many conventions of a standard music magazine forexample, XXL and the Vibe magazine which I was inspired by. I have placed a main image onone side of my double page spread along with a title that reflects the image. On the otherside of the page we can see a small logo of my magazine located on the top right cornerwith the word exclusive next to it. This shows that this page can only be found on mymagazine and that it is an exclusive interview. The main text can also be found on this sideof the page, including a quote that stands out the most along with key questions that areeasily readable, from a long distance.
  3. 3. My three pieces are aimed at a male target audience; however a female audience may alsobe interested with the magazine. This is because there are many female singers/rapperscoming from the underground world of R&B and many girls can look up to these femalerappers for inspiration, an example of an upcoming artist is Mz Bratt. A female reader of themagazine might be interested in it because there could sometimes be an interview or aposter of a popular/upcoming female artist within the magazine.All of my three pieces create a representation of youth, because my magazine containspictures of young males on all of my pages that I have created. This is why I believe mymagazine will influence a young adult or teenager. My double page spread tells a storyabout how two artists turned their lives around from an area of criminal activity. If peopleread this page then it should show that teenagers should not be represented in a negativeway and it should also change people’s perspective of teenagers and show that mostteenagers aren’t that bad. I have decided to represent teenagers in a different way which isnot typical. This is because I believe teenagers can be seen in many ways and not just in atypical stereotype negative way.The following is a link to a news article: (MONDAY23 OCTOBER 2006) - From what we can see here teenagers are not all to blame for mostcrimes caused during this modern age and yet they are seen in a negative way. Although thisarticle was written in 2006, it still makes a point during this modern day. A media institution is a media company that creates markets or distributes media. I wouldlike my music magazine to be owned by InterMedia Partners, this is because they are aprivate equity investment firm focused on leveraged buyout and growth capital investmentsin the media sector. The company was found by Leo Hindery Jr; during the year 1988, andthere headquarters are located in New York, United States. They have invested in cabletelevision, broadcast television, print, programming, and broadband opportunities, as wellas this they own the music magazine Vibe, whom I was inspired by.I believe this media institution would be perfect for owning my magazine; this is becausethey come up with strategies and investments on regular bases to help smaller businessesgrow such as Vibe. Coming up with investment strategies can be good for my magazinebecause it means I can possibly get more readers to read my magazine. An example of aninvestment is when one company merges with another for a better success.Another reason as to why I want InterMedia partners to own my magazine is because theirsenior partners have had over 50 years of operating experience. I believe they can delivermy magazine to its correct target audience because they have had experience helping Vibedeliver their magazine to their correct target audience who are young, urban followers ofhip-hop culture. The audience of Vibe are similar to the audience of my magazine.
  4. 4. My target audience are people who are between the age of 14-26 years. Although mymagazine is aimed at a male audience, females who are interested in the R&B genre willalso enjoy it. The readers should be inspired by the lives of modern R&B artists. As well asthat they should also be confident and believe in their own ways and ideas/values. Theyshould also adopt their own fashion trends that suit their personality. A hard working student to a university graduate, the reader should use R&B music as aninspiration for their wonderful work and it should inspire them to work harder. They shouldhave big ambitions of being successful and can be single or in a casual relationship. Duringtheir leisure time they should listen to Hip-Hop and R&B music and enjoy going out with acouple of friends maybe to the cinema to watch an action or a sci-fi, as well as having a bitof fun. As well as that they should also enjoy life and live it to the fullest. They should alsobe interested in keeping up with friends and enjoy buying new clothes every now and then.The reader could also an active internet user and spends time online browsing, purchasing &downloading music & films, as well as socialising with friends via Facebook &Twitter.Music is essential in their life and they should listen to it on a regular basis or even everyday. Songs change to suit what they are doing at a given time. There could be some timeswhere they would like to go old school Hip-Hop and R&B or listen to modern artists such asDrake, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Rihanna. They should find these artistsappealing and be inspired by them to become confident and energetic. – Here is the music video to Fly, byRihanna and Nicki Minaj. Some of the lyrics used are, ‘I came to win, to fight, to conquer, tothrive. I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise’. These are words that people should beinspired by for a greater success.My magazine will be suitable for my target audience because it will suit their needs and willoffer them freedom when required. This can be achieved because my audience should havea particular page that they enjoy when an issue comes out. This is a reason why I will keepmy pages similar when a new issue comes out.My magazine draws in my audience because it is eye-catching as well as attractive to R&Bfans. This is because my artist on my front cover makes direct address towards theaudience. This should draw them in and make them have a look around my front cover andread the text such as the main sell-lines and the ordinary sell-lines surrounded by the artist.The masthead is bold and showy as well as flashy and attention grabbing, this supports thefact that my magazine is aimed for a male audience.
  5. 5. My contents page also draws in my audience because it yet again features another artistwho looks strong and in control. He is a male artist and gives direct address to the audience.This should intimidate my audience, especially males because they will be strongly inspiredby my artist. Another key feature that will appeal to the audience is the small textunderneath the name of each sub title, because this gives a little detail about what isfeatured within my magazine.My double page spread addresses my audience because the masthead stands out the mostalong with the main image that features two artists who look like they have had aninteresting past. We can see this by the way they are making direct address towards theaudience. By looking at these two artists, you can instantly tell that these are R&B artists.This can be seen by the clothes they are wearing and the convention of a cap being worn byone of the artists. The text should also appeal to the audience, especially the quote that canbe found on the second page because this is the second biggest text on that page and it is aquote that has been said by the artists. The text on this page is not much so that myaudience don’t get bored.My magazine will satisfy my audience for many reasons. Firstly, there aren’t that many R&Bmagazines sold in England, especially the outer cities. Secondly this is a magazine aimed atolder teens and not many teens read a music magazine because there aren’t that many tosatisfy their needs. This is what my magazine should accomplish while it keeps thementertained. This is a reason as to why my audience will buy it. - This is a linkto my questionnaire analyse. It contains information about what my target audience wouldlike in a music magazine and what type of music do they listen to such as Rap, Rock andR&B. Other questions that I have asked are also featured within this.
  6. 6. During this project I have learnt many technological skills; I have learnt how to use bloggerand how to upload documents such as Microsoft word and PowerPoint. I have also used awebsite called slideshare which makes my work tidy before I upload them to bloggerhowever, I did not know about this website until I started this project. For slideshare I had tocreate an account just like I had to create a blogger account. Although this was simple, ittook me a while to get use to both blogger and slideshare. I struggled for a bit uploadingstuff to blogger however; I finally managed to get the hang of it.As well as learning new technological skills, I have also improved in a couple like how to usedigital cameras for example; I have learnt that for a magazine a4 size, a picture must betaken portrait. This is because if it is taken landscape then your magazine will look funnybecause you might have to stretch a picture to make sure that it looks correct. Photoshop isanother software that I have also improved in. This is because a new version of Photoshophas recently come out and some key features have changed since I last used it. As well asthis I have learnt a couple features that I didn’t know before like how to transfer stuff suchas shapes to other open Photoshop documents.Ever since the preliminary task, I have progressed in so many different ways. I’ve developednew skills like how to make a magazine look more effective. As well as this I have also had agood understanding about magazines and have understood the main key conventions of afront cover, contents page and a double page spread.My preliminary task, mission statement and target audience profile are not as detailed likemy primary ones. This is because I have had more to say about my primary task and havecompleted more work to do with my primary task. In addition to this my preliminary mockups are not as detailed like my primary ones. We can see this because I have outlined thelines on my primary mock ups and have gone over my text in pen. Although my colouringskills are not that good, we can see an improvement in my primary mock ups. This isbecause I have included more colours.I have learnt many new things since starting this project like how to describe an overviewand analyse in detail. As well as this I have also learnt how to create a case study and make aPowerPoint about codes and conventions of a music genre. I have also learnt many newmedia words such as Institution, brand identity and voyeurism.