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  • Good morning/afternoon. My name is [x].I’m here today to tell you about what’s changing in workplace pensions and how NEST can help you to save for the future.The presentation should take about [X] mins and we’ll be looking at your new pension rights, how NEST can help and how you can become a member.We’ll also look at what happens to your money and what you need to do as a member.The presentation will give you general information, and we’ll answer some of the main questions that people ask about NEST. There’ll also be time for questions at the end if you’d like more detail on anything.
  • A recent change in the law means it’s now easier to save for your retirement. In the next few years most workers in the UK will get new workplace pension rights, helping them to build a retirement income.Depending on your age and income, we may have to enrol you into a workplace pension scheme. We may also have to make a contribution to your retirement pot.If it’s not the right time for you to start saving for your pension right now you can opt out within the first month of enrolment.You’ll be automatically enrolled again in about three years if you’re still eligible and you’ll have another chance to start saving then. We’ll be letting you know how you’ll be affected shortly.
  • What you’re entitled to depends on how old you are and how much you earn. If you’re over 22 and below State Pension age and earn more than £9,440 each year you’ll be automatically enrolled into our workplace pension scheme.Other workers can ask to be enrolled, but anyone that earns less than £5,668 isn’t entitled to contributions from us. Some, like workers without qualifying earnings, don’t have the option to opt out because they’ve asked to join, while others do. Workers who’ve asked to be enrolled can stop contributing whenever they like.These pay levels apply to the 2013/14 tax year. They’ll be reviewed by the government and will probably change each year.State Pension age State Pension age is 65 for men born before 6 December 1953.For women born after 5 April 1950 but before 6 December 1953, their State Pension age is between 60 and 65.Under the Pensions Act 2011 women’s State Pension age will increase more quickly to 65 between April 2016 and November 2018. From December 2018 the State Pension age for both men and women will start to increase to reach 66 in October 2020.The government announced on 29 November 2011 that State Pension age will now increase to 67 between 2026 and 2028. This change is not yet law and will require the approval of Parliament.
  • If you’re not automatically enrolled you might be able to ask us to enrol you.If you’re at least 16 and under 75 and earn over £5,668 and up to £9,440 each yearyou can ask to be enrolled you’ll get contributions from usyou can opt out within one month of enrolmentIf you’re at least 16 and under 22 years old, or over State Pension age but under 75 and earn more than £9,440 each yearyou can ask to be enrolled you’ll get contributions from usyou can opt out within one month of enrolmentIf you’re at least 16 but under State Pension age and earn £5,668 or less each yearyou can ask to be enrolled you may not get contributions from usyou can’t opt out
  • NEST is all about making it easy for you to save. NEST understands that pensions can seem complicated and reading about them can be a bit boring. That’s why they make an effort to explain things clearly. They don’t like jargon and use plain language so you can quickly understand what’s happening to your money. NEST’s online accounts make it easier for you to keep an eye on your pension. You can find out how much money is in your retirement pot, make extra contributions or change the date you want to take your money out by logging in whenever it’s convenient for you. There’s also a UK-based contact centre that can help you over the phone.NEST has low charges but offers all the services and protection you’d expect from a high-quality pension scheme. You have one retirement pot for life which you can pay into if you change jobs.NEST is an occupational pension scheme run on a not for profit basis. NEST is run for its members, and has been set up to look after your money.
  • In most cases your retirement pot is made up of contributions from you, us and the government.We’ll let you know in writing how much we’ll be contributing to your retirement pot. Once the money is in your retirement pot NEST aims to make your money grow.NOTE: If employer is using qualifying earnings:The legal minimum level of contributions is based on what is known as qualifying earnings. This is a band of your gross total earnings including bonuses, commission, holiday pay, maternity and paternity leave and anything else you’re paid in relation to your work. For the 2013/14 tax year the qualifying earnings band has been set at anything over £5,668 and less than £41,450. It’s reviewed every year by the government. So if you earned £15,668 a year your qualifying earnings would be £10,000. You and your employer would need to pay a minimum percentage of this amount into your retirement pot.Minimum contributions start at 2 per cent of your qualifying earnings. Of this, we need to pay at least 1 per cent, although we can pay more if we want to. 1 per cent of £10,000 is £100, so we would effectively be giving you £100 a year to put towards your retirement pot. You’d put in £80 and you’d get £20 in tax relief if you’re eligible, meaning £200 would go towards your pot each year before charges.The minimum contribution level will eventually rise to 8 per cent by October 2018, of which employers will need to pay at least 3 per cent. There are other ways of calculating your contributions other than qualifying earnings. Speak to us for more information.
  • Lots of people struggle to understand what happens to their money in a pension scheme, especially if they’ve not saved into one before. NEST tries to keep things simple and help its members to understand what happens to their money. When NEST receives money from you or us it’s put into a fund. NEST uses the money in the fund to buy shares in things its research suggests will increase in value. This could be shares in companies or property, for example.When companies NEST has invested in do well or the value of the property NEST has bought goes up, you get a share of the profits and the size of your retirement pot increases.NEST also lends some of the money to carefully chosen governments. The governments repay the loan with interest, which is added to the fund. NEST doesn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Their experts look for a range of opportunities in lots of different areas to make sure your money has the best chance of growing.NEST Retirement Date FundsWhen workers join they’ll be automatically assigned a NEST Retirement Date Fund based on the age they’re entitled to the State Pension. You can change this at any time using your online account. For example, you might tell us you expect to take your money out in 2058, 2039 or 2022. If you plan to take your money out in 2058, NEST will invest your retirement pot in the NEST 2058 Retirement Fund. If you plan to take it out in 2039, NEST will invest it in the NEST 2039 Retirement Fund and so on.You don’t need to make any decisions yourself if you don’t want to. NEST’s investment experts will carefully manage the fund that your retirement pot is invested in.Protecting your moneyNEST takes a different approach to protecting and growing your money depending on your age and how long you have until retirement.If you’re in your 20s you’re probably new to being in a pension scheme. NEST concentrates on helping you establish your retirement pot in these years.When you’re in your 30s, 40s and 50s NEST concentrates on growing your retirement pot. It’s possible that you’ll see some ups and downs in the total value of your retirement pot in these years. For the most part, though, your retirement pot will grow steadily.When you’re about 10 years away from when you want to take your money out of NEST the focus shifts to protecting the value of your retirement pot so you don’t lose out to unexpected events.
  • NEST believes that their Retirement Date Funds are the best option for most of their members.However, NEST understands that some people have preferences about what happens to their money. For these people, NEST has a range of fund choices that let you decide how your money is invested.These have been set up for people who want a different approach to risk than the NEST Retirement Date Funds or those who have strong feelings about how their money should be invested. It’s quick and easy to choose a different fund using your online account.You can find out more about NEST’s other funds on their website.
  • You can take your money out at any time after reaching age 55. You can change the year you plan to take your money out if you want, you just need to let NEST know through your online account. You might be able to buy a retirement income or take some or all of your pot as cash when you take your money out of NEST.If you suffer from ill-health you may be able to take your money out early.
  • You don’t have to do anything right now. We’ll be in touch with you soon telling you more about your new workplace pension scheme and the different options available to you.You may then be automatically enrolled depending on your age and salary.When you’re enrolled NEST will send you a welcome pack. Your welcome pack will contain a personalised letter, brochure and forms giving you the information you need to understand NEST. It will include your NEST ID so you can start using NEST online. You’ll be able to switch on your online account, find out the value of your NEST retirement pot, change your details and access a range of information and online tools.They can alsotell us who they’d like their retirement pot to go to should they die before taking their money out of NEST. Alternativelythey can fill in the form included with theirMember welcome packand post it to us.
  • We understand that it might not be the right time to start saving for your retirement. If you’ve been automatically enrolled and don’t want to become a member of NEST just now you can opt out within the opt-out period. Any contributions paid during the opt-out period will be refunded. You can also stop contributing whenever you want.The opt-out period is normally one month after you’ve been enrolled by your employer. For NEST, it begins three working days after enrolment, around the same time you’ll receive your Member welcome pack. At this point you’ll receive your NEST ID.There are three ways you can opt out.By going online, entering the unique ID from your welcome pack and opting out using a simple online process.By using NEST’s automated telephone system.By calling NEST’s contact centre to ask for a paper opt-out form. You’ll need to sign the form and give it to [person in employer’s workplace].Remember that if you decide to opt out you’ll miss out on our contribution and tax relief from the government.
  • The new employer duties affect different organisations at different time, depending on their size. Our staging date is [x]. You’ll be enrolled on [x].
  • Any questions?
  • Welcome to NEST

    1. 1. © NEST Corporation 2013 About this deck We’ve included key information which we think is pitched at the right level for most of your workers You can make changes to some slides if you want to. The slide numbers include these first three slides. – slide 9 you can change employer and worker contribution levels – slide 15 you can add your staging dates and postponement dates – slide 16 you can add your contact details If you make changes it’s your responsibility to make sure they’re accurate You can delete these instructional slides from the deck when you present it
    2. 2. © NEST Corporation 2013 Staying on brand We’ve created a brand that works for our members and this deck follows our brand guidelines Please keep the font and font size we use in this deck Please don’t add any images or change the images or colours we’ve used, as they belong to us We’ll update this deck as information changes so keep an eye on our website to make sure you have the latest version It’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re using the latest version of this deck
    3. 3. © NEST Corporation 2013 Legal information © NEST Corporation 2013. All rights reserved. This information does not constitute financial, investment or professional advice and should not be relied upon as such. Reproduction in any form of all or any part of these slides is prohibited.
    4. 4. © NEST Corporation 2013 Welcome to NEST
    5. 5. © NEST Corporation 2013 Your new workplace pension rights Millions of workers are getting the opportunity to save in a workplace pension scheme We may have to automatically enrol you into a pension scheme if you’re not already in one We may have to put money into the scheme on your behalf if you’re eligible and you may get tax relief from the government If you don’t want to remain a member you can opt out
    6. 6. © NEST Corporation 2013© NEST Corporation 2013 Who’ll be automatically enrolled? If you’re at least 22 but under State Pension age and earn more than £9,440 each year you’ll be automatically enrolled you’ll get contributions from us you can opt out within one month of enrolment you’ll receive a letter giving you more information
    7. 7. © NEST Corporation 2013 What if I’m not automatically enrolled? © NEST Corporation 2013 Asking us to enrol you You can ask to join if you’re aged over 16 and below 75 You’ll qualify for employer contributions if you earn over £5,668
    8. 8. © NEST Corporation 2013 Your new workplace pension scheme NEST is for the millions of people who want a great value workplace pension scheme that does the hard work for them. Easy to understand You can look after your account online Low charges Manages your money carefully according to your age One retirement pot for life which you can pay into if you change jobs
    9. 9. © NEST Corporation 2013 Who pays into your retirement pot? [£0.00] [£0.00] [£0.00]
    10. 10. © NEST Corporation 2013 Retirement funds designed around your plans NEST 2058 Retirement Fund NEST 2039 Retirement Fund NEST 2022 Retirement Fund
    11. 11. © NEST Corporation 2013 NEST’s other fund choices NEST offers choice for those who want it NEST Ethical Fund NEST Sharia Fund NEST Higher Risk Fund NEST Lower Growth Fund NEST Pre-retirement Fund
    12. 12. © NEST Corporation 2013 Taking your money out of NEST You can take your money out at any time after reaching age 55 You can buy a retirement income, take a cash lump sum or a combination of both If you suffer from ill-health you may be able to take your money out early If you die before taking your money out you can make sure it goes to your loved ones
    13. 13. © NEST Corporation 2013 What’s going to happen? We’ll send you a letter letting you know your options If you’re automatically enrolled or opt in, NEST will send you a welcome pack with your NEST ID Once you’ve got your NEST ID you can switch on your online account
    14. 14. © NEST Corporation 2013 What if you’re automatically enrolled and want to opt out? You can opt out within a month once you’ve got your NEST ID: Online By telephone By post
    15. 15. © NEST Corporation 2013 When is this happening? The new employer duties affect different organisations at different times, depending on their size. Our staging date is [x] You’ll be enrolled on [x] Oct 2012 Feb 2014 Apr 2014 Apr 2015 Jan 2016 Aug 2015 Oct 2015 April 2017 Oct 2017 Oct 2018 Employers with 250 or more staff Employers with 50 to 249 staff Employers with 30-49 staff Employers with fewer than 30 staff
    16. 16. © NEST Corporation 2013 Want to know more? Speak to [Employer to insert internal contact] Visit nestpensions.org.uk Email support@nestpensions.org.uk Call NEST on 0300 020 0090