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This is a power point about Australia

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  1. 1. AustraliaPresentationJoshua White
  3. 3. Australia is in the continent of Australasiaor Oceania. Australia is located south of theequator. Australia
  4. 4. OceansAustralia is surrounded by 3 oceans which are South pacificocean Indian ocean and north pacific ocean. Of the cost of theBondi beach people go surfing and swimming but…they have tobe careful from dangerous predators what lurk in the sea..
  5. 5. Famous peoplekylie Minogue and Dannie Minogue singersRolf Harris -artist, entertainer and singerMel Gibson -actor.
  6. 6. CitysThe capital of Australia is Canberra and the biggest city isSydney. its important citys are: Sydney because of its operahouse.
  7. 7. Population/peopleIts population in 2011 is approximately 22,714,818 people.Australia has a diverse culture and life style due to the closenessof the Asia pacific region.The countrys original inhabitants are they aboriginal andTorres strait islander and have been living in Australia for at least40 thousand years.The rest of Australias people are migrants who have arrived inAustralia since Great Britain opened the first settlement in 1788.Australia needed convict labour to improve its economy and forcheap labour. In 1858 the first seventy five convicts arrived fromEngland, in all over 9 thousand British convicts were sent toAustralia between 1850 and 1868. Australians still call theEnglish Pohms today. This stands for prisoners of her majestiesservice.
  8. 8. AnimalsThere are many different species of wildlife in Australia. Otherpopular animals are MarsupialsAnimals: Kangaroos can jump about higher than 2 meters. theyhave a pouch to hold there new born.Koala bears can climb as high as a tree. They are capable ofclimbing and jumping on your face and rip your eyes out!
  9. 9. SportAustralian Sportsport in Australia is popular particularly in water sports andteam sports.Rugby: Rugby union is a well known sport in Australia and theworld. The first game of rugby played in Australia was on 25 July1839. The first club was formed 1864.Cricket: cricket is Australias national summer sport. The firstAustralian cricket team witch played over seas was 1868Aboriginal cricket tour of England.
  10. 10. Human made land marks• Sydney opera house is on Sydney harbour. the building was designed by a Danish architect Jorn Utzon. it is a famous visitor attraction. you can listen to opera and watch performances• Sydney harbour bridge. it was open march the 19 1932 and took 6 years to build. the bridge is made of steel and contains 6 million rivets. when painted the surface area is about the size of 60 sports field
  11. 11. Natural land marksAyres rock is in the heart of Australia. it is a large sandstone rockformation. there are some aboriginal drawings somewhere onthe rock. it is 9.4 km to climb/walk up it. It changes colour everyday.The Great barrier reef is along the cost line of Queensland. It isthe worlds biggest Coral reef and is over 200 km long. lots ofpeople go diving to see the wonderful sea creatures.
  12. 12. climateClimate: Australia has a variety of climates due to its size. Theweather ranges from below zero temperatures in the snowymountains to the intense heat in the north west. It is one of thedriest continents in the world. It can suffer bush fires and alsoflooding.