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Worsham manage the process_wk_6


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Published in: Education
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Worsham manage the process_wk_6

  1. 1. Manage the ProcessList preparations necessary to address needs for differentiated instruction for ESLstudents, special-needs students, or students with diverse learning styles.I will provide ESL students with various types of content (text, video, audio,transparencies, etc.) so that the chances of them linking the concepts to prior knowledgeare greater. If possible, another student who speaks both English and the ESL studentsnative language will be allowed to consult with each other as needed.The most important way to assist students with disabilities is to read their individualizedEducation Plan. This tells you what they can do and what their current learning goals are.After reading this plan, you can make accommodations for these students that will assistthem in successfully achieving the learning goals of the project. Although ParaProfessional support will not be available in my classroom, I do have the option to sendstudents with disabilities to get support in other classrooms.I also have accessibility resources for students with blindness: will you and your students reflect on and evaluate the project?Group Observation Checklist, Progress Report Following an Investigation, and an Endof Project Self Evaluation□ Other:□ • What do you expect to learn from this project? • 1. Ability to identify healthy food alternatives to what they currently eat. • 2. Write out a healthy meal plan for at least 8-12 meals. • 3. Identify food eaten and estimate calorie content.
  2. 2. Group Observation ChecklistProject: A Week of Eating Group Members: Date:Observe a group for All Most Some Few Notfive to ten minutes. Members Members Members Members ApplicableCheck the boxesthat best describegroup memberparticipation.When starting a new task, group members:Agree on an agenda □ □ □ □ □or planBegin work □ □ □ □ □promptlyGet out project □ □ □ □ □materialsFigure things out □ □ □ □ □without teacherassistanceShare □ □ □ □ □responsibilitiesWhen conducting research, group members:Consult primary □ □ □ □ □sourcesTake notes □ □ □ □ □Have relevant □ □ □ □ □conversationsEvaluate the □ □ □ □ □significance of newinformationStay on task □ □ □ □ □When discussing project work, group membersAsk clarifying □ □ □ □ □questionsGive each other a □ □ □ □ □chance to speakMake decisions □ □ □ □ □efficientlyRecord decisions □ □ □ □ □and plansShare essential □ □ □ □ □informationStay on task □ □ □ □ □This form was adapted from:
  3. 3. End-of-Project Self-AssessmentProject: A Week of Eating Student: Date:I completed the following tasks during the project:As a result, I learned the following: About the subject matter About working in a group About conducting an investigation About presenting to an audience About
  4. 4. I learned that my strengths are:I learned I need to work on:I would make the following changes if I were to do the project again:This form was adapted from: