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Worsham evaluation proposal project


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evaluation proposal

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Worsham evaluation proposal project

  1. 1. EVALUATION OF DETERMINING INSTRUCTIONAL PURPOSES (DIP) TRAINING PROGRAM<br />A Proposal Submitted to Far West Laboratory for Educational Research and Development<br />by<br />Worsham & Worsham Associates<br />Introduction:<br />This document is intended to secure the proposal from Far West Laboratory for Educational and Research Development (FWL). At the agreed upon time, information and recommendations will be provided for use in making decisions regarding dissemination of the Determining Instructional Purposes (DIP) units. Additional information for school administrators that will aid in the purchase process will be available if data shows the units are capital worthy. <br />Description of Program being Evaluated:<br />The DIP training package was developed by FWL to provide training to school administrators and educational administration graduate students in skills related to planning of effective school programs. It includes three units that can be used individually or as a set. A minimum of 32 hours must be spent to complete all three units. Materials need to be read, practiced individually and/or in small groups, and then feedback will be provided by the instructor. <br />Evaluation Method:<br />The Goal based model will be used for this evaluation. This method is popular with evaluators and fits well with the clear goals of FWL's proposal. This evaluation method will use interview and survey results, combined with qualitative data gathered during observation to provide information on and determine the marketability of the DIP training program. Pre-evaluation tools such as meeting with stakeholders, examination of existing data and DIP program materials will also impact the final evaluation report. The C.E.O of Worsham & Worsham Associates (WWA) will participate in the DIP training, while the President formally observes and records data. Surveys using the forced choice scale will be sent to each administrator who has previously trained in the DIP program, asking questions related to its worth and if they would purchase it to train others. Interviews will also be conducted with willing trainees in Mr. Worsham's group. The audience for the information that will be provided is the top level administrators of FWL. They will be provided with a variety of data from previously mentioned levels that will sample how former trainees and prospective consumers rate the DIP program. <br />Task Schedule:<br />TASKAGENCY*DEADLINE<br /> RESPONSIBLE DATE<br />1. Travel to FWL to meet with stakeholders to clarify how WWAAug. 25, 2010<br /> objectives will be met by proposal and evaluation.<br />2. Submit data-collection plan for all instruments and WWASept. 15<br /> draft copies of attitude surveys and interview<br /> protocol to FWL for review.<br />3. Mr. Worsham will undergo DIP training, WWA Sept. 25<br /> while Mrs. Worsham observes and conducts <br /> interviews with other trainees.<br />4. Revise data-collection plan and instruments as WWA Oct. 25<br /> appropriate. Submit final copies to FWL.<br />5. Collect all attitude and interview data. WWA Dec. 15<br />6. Summarize observation, attitude and interview data. WWAFeb. 15, 2011<br />Meet with FWL staff to present and discuss summarized data. <br /> <br />7. Make a judgment as to if it is recommended WWA March 1<br /> for FWL to invest capital into the DIP program. <br />8. Write final report and submit to FWL. WWA April 15<br />*This schedule assumes a project starting date of Aug. 25th, 2010. Later deadline dates may be negotiated with FWL if the contract is awarded later than Aug. 25th.<br />Project Personnel:<br />Worsham & Worsham Associates was started in 2005 by current CEO Joshua A. Worsham and his talented and beautiful wife Dayna. Mr. Worsham is and experienced educator and coach who became and evaluation expert during his master's program at Boise State. He has since helped dozens improve their effectiveness, efficiency and impact of their programs. Dayna Worsham, the President of Worsham & Worsham associates has finally found her passion. After years in retail management, Pre-School teaching and administration, all while raising a large family, Dayna has become experienced in both the latest evaluation techniques, along with the timeless ones. She is extremely detail oriented and tremendous when it comes to understanding the implications of evaluation on the stakeholders. Lastly, she is a woman with strict ethical standards. <br />Budget:<br />StaffPer DaySubtotal (total)Lead Evaluator $300 @ 90/day$27,000Evaluator 2$200*75$15,000Fringe$100*25$2,500Travel, Expensesn/a$500($45,000)<br />