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Map the project plan doc


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Map the project plan doc

  1. 1. Worsham-Map the Project<br />What do students need to know and be able to do to complete the tasks successfully? How and when will they learn the necessary knowledge and skills? Look at one major product for the project and analyze the tasks necessary to produce a high-quality product.Product: Menu/Diet PlanKNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS NEEDEDALREADY HAVE LEARNEDTAUGHT BEFORE THE PROJECTTAUGHT DURING THE PROJECT1. Nutritional Value of different foodsx2. Researchxxx3. Analysisxx4. Generating decision criteriaxx5. Compositionxx6. project tools will you use?□ Know/need to know lists□ Daily goal sheet□ Journals□ Briefs□ Task lists□ Problem logs□ __Checklist______________________________□ _Word Processing_______________________________□ _Social Networking_______________________________□ _Rubric_______________________________□ ________________________________□ ________________________________<br />Do the products and tasks give all students the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned?<br />I think the tasks are varied and give each student a chance to prove they can make good nutritional choices. <br />Map the Project<br />List the key dates and important milestones for this project. See link below the Tuning Protocol with other teachers or a group of students to refine the project design or guide you further in your planning. What other thoughts do you now have on the project?I still need more scaffolding added to guide the students along the path to completion of the products. <br />What challenges or problems might arise in this project?<br />Some of the challenges may include confusion over the finer points of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Student may have difficulty with technology at some points. <br />