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542 social net activity


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542 social net activity

  1. 1. Students, <br />Demonstrate your ability to find the valuable nutritional resources available on the internet. Once you find one, use social networking to share it. This will also allow you to ask for help from others. For this activity, please follow directions carefully. Also sign up for your Blog, by clicking on the link (look for this picture, click and follow directions to get signed up)<br />Use the social networking sites listed below to your advantage, and help each other by finding and sharing great sources on the internet. <br />1. Sign up for a account. Use this tool to track useful educational websites and much more. <br />2. Once signed in, move at least 3 websites into your homepage. Use this to keep your research efforts organized! <br />3. Change your preferences to make your bookmarks public. <br />4. . Find at least 10 friends (min. 5 classmates, and myself,<br />1. Sign up for if you don't already have an account. <br />2. Find at least 10 friends (min. 5 classmates, and myself, josh30000). <br />3. Search for experts in the nutrition field to follow, and follow at least two. <br />4. Share helpful resources by tweeting as you find them. <br />