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Top 10 Links
                    for Language Assistants in Andalucía

What is a Language Assistant?: This presentation in...
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Top 10 links for language assistants in Andalucía


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Top 10 links for language assistants in Andalucía

  1. 1. Top 10 Links for Language Assistants in Andalucía What is a Language Assistant?: This presentation in Slideshare provides a basic but also wide perspective on the role of language assistants in a bilingual school. It includes many tips for future Language Assistants as well as the facts everyone must know before setting foot on the host school. Here is the PDF version. Bilingual schools in Andalucía: Get to know the program you are about to join. This presentation hosted in Slideshare has loads of information on different aspects of the bilingual program in a secondary school. You’d better take a look at it. Remember… a stitch in time saves nine!! Here is the PDF version. This is the ultimate in links to Spanish links. It includes in a very visual format links arranged into different topics like newspapers, TV, radio, free time activities, sport, culture, leisure, travel, cooking, maps, nature, business, housing, etc. Ven: This is the start of your journey to know more about Spain in general and the region you have been assigned to in particular. Get to know in advance major cities, dream destinations, cultural agenda, useful maps, etc. Transport in Spain: This Wikipedia link (in Spanish) offers you a whole arrange of possibilities and links to virtually all and every kind of means of transport in Spain. It includes links to airlines, airports, the National road map, ports, trains and stations, undergrounds, trams… You name it! This is the ultimate go-to website for everything related to Andalucía. You can find historical and cultural information on all the provinces and their cities and towns, advice on places to visit and what to do there, monthly what’s-ons, and even recipes for tapas and other traditional dishes. Additional sections on accommodation, education, flora and fauna, government, health and beauty, and recreation and sports really make this the most comprehensive resource on Andalucía. Official Andalusia Tourism Website: Andalucía’s official tourism website has information on destinations, accommodation, restaurants, transport, and more. You can check the weather, search for a flamenco school, and even find the perfect beach according to location and type of sand. There are also dozens of free brochures available for order. Dictionary of Spanish Idioms and Sayings: Even advanced speakers of Spanish can be thrown off by the rich variety of Spanish idioms. This website provides clear explanations and examples of around 2,000 idioms and sayings that can be browsed by either verb or noun. It’s a lifesaver in those head-scratching moments and a good way to impress your Spanish friends! The British Council's Language Assistant Website: It doesn’t matter if you’re from the UK or not, this resource-packed site has advice, support, and ideas that all English language assistants can use. You’ll find lesson plans on UK topics, games for all ages and levels, ideas for primary school groups, and activities for secondary level classes. It’s also a great place to communicate with other language assistants. Pete's Power Point Station: PowerPoint presentations are a great teaching tool because they support the language with visuals. This website has hundreds of free, downloadable presentations in virtually every subject area, as well as free interactive activities, clip art, and templates. Language assistants can save themselves a lot of time by checking here before starting from scratch.