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Reading aloud techniques


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Reading aloud techniques

  1. 1. READING ALOUD Reading is usually a solitary and individual task but sometimes we canread aloud for an audience. Reading aloud very well can be difficult but hereare some techniques to make it better: • If possible, practise the text before you read it in front of the audience • Try to keep calm, being nervous does not help at all! • Keep your body straighten up, this way the sound of your voice will be better • Keep up the volume not only at the beginning. The bigger the audience and the room, the louder. • Place the text at the right distance (about 20 cm) and position, not covering your face nor too low so you have to look down • Keep the right speed: too fast is confusing, too slow is boring • Respect punctuation. Pauses are important to organize and undertand the text. • Try to pronounce correctly especially those more difficult words. Your audience dont have the text with them!! • Look at the audience sometimes (f. ex.: at the end of a sentence or paragraph) • If you make a mistake, say “Sorry!” and keep on reading