Project uncommon sports


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Make your students use to create digital posters (including pics, video, text, links, audio...). This time they can choose not so common sports.

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Project uncommon sports

  1. 1. PROJECT “Not so common sports” Lacrosse Air racing Curling Kite surf Parkour Korf Ball Underwater Hockey Foot Volley Wrestling Quidditch Criquet Basque Pelota Squash Bossaball Sepak Takraw Kabaddi Kayak polo Hurling Skeleton Softball Racquet Ball Zorbing Slamball Street luge Skibob Please, remember: Students in pairs will prepare a poster on Glogster ( to show to the rest of the class on the smartboard. The idea is to offer visually attractive information about the sport they got so other people can get a good idea about it. The poster MUST include text, audio, pictures, video and website links with: ▪Basic facts • Cool pictures • Famous players or places where it is played or done • Anecdotes or unusual information about it • Some tips / suggestions when playing or doing that sport