Project: How to make a survey


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This simple presentation introduces our students to surveys. After that, they are invited to conduct a survey on any topic of interest among other students at school.

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Project: How to make a survey

  1. 1. Do you....?Project: How to make surveys José A. Alcalde López
  2. 2. With this project students...● Will be involved in a real life task● Will work in teams● Will use ICT● Will interact with other people● Will revise maths (statistics,percentages, graphs...)● Will practise some specific grammar(questions, tenses, frequency adverbs...)● Will work on specific vocabularyaccording to the survey
  3. 3. What is a survey? It is a detailed study or comprehensive analysis on aspecific topic to know more about it. It usually includes differentquestions to be answered among a definite population. Statistics can help a lot when showing results, once the survey has been conducted.
  4. 4. Why surveys?Surveys (aka polls) are very frequentnowadays because they offerpeoples opinions and data onvirtually any topic (politics,consumerism, likes and preferences,free time...)Many mass media include surveys ona regular basis.
  5. 5. Who?When conducting a survey it is important to have in mind a target group. Variables like gender, age,origin, education, income, etc., are some possibilities to consider.
  6. 6. QuestionsThey are the simplest straightforwardway to know about peoples opinionsand information. We distinguish:● Yes/No: These questions expect a verysimple answer. Sometimes “Dont know” isalso offered● Wh-: Now the possibilities are widerdepending on the question form (who,when, what, where, how often, why...)
  7. 7. New technologiesToday conducting a survey can bevery simple by using some on-line polls (some of them free).We only have to edit the questions, possible answers and theprogramme will offer all the results in varied attractive formats.
  8. 8. Statistics “It is the study of the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data” (Wikipedia). It will help us to show in a very simpleand visual way the result of our survey. Remember there is also a margin of error in every survey study.
  9. 9. And now your survey...● In groups think of an interestingtopic for teenagers● Write 15 possible questions(including Y/N, Wh-...)● Write a paper version and an on-line one● Conduct the survey among atarget group● Get the results● Present the results to the class
  10. 10. Do you....?Project: How to make surveys José A. Alcalde López