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Active and passive voice by jjrr


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Active and passive voice by jjrr

  1. 1. República Bolivariana de VenezuelaRepública Bolivariana de Venezuela UNIVERSIDAD YACAMBUUNIVERSIDAD YACAMBU NUCLEO ARAURE- PORTUGUESANUCLEO ARAURE- PORTUGUESA Integrante:Integrante: - Rivas, Jose J- Rivas, Jose J.. -- HCO-16100153PHCO-16100153P AND SOCIAL COMMUNICATION
  2. 2. Overview • Introduction • Types • Advantages • Disadvantages • Media
  3. 3. Introduction • Social communication refers to the way information, ideas & personal viewpoints are shared between two or more individuals. • It is defined as the field of study that primarily explores the ways through which information can be perceived, transmitted and understood, and the impact those ways will have on a society.
  4. 4. Types Social communication is of two types :- •Formal social communication: – Plans or ideas are conveyed in an organization/firm or institution. – Here people talk about same subject as a part of their profession. •Informal social communication: – People pour their views about any subject which they might like or be interested in share their views about. – Here people enjoy their participation and are not forced to communicate with others.
  5. 5. Advantages • Enjoying the conversation itself. • Sharing one's viewpoints & information. • Learning new things • Getting fresh information • Targets a wide audience
  6. 6. Disadvantages • May lead to debate. • Leakage of personal information • Opens up the possibility to commit fraud or crime. • May confuse a person or change personal viewpoint. • Damage of reputation
  7. 7. Media Social communication basically takes place by means of social media in the form of :- • Meeting • Social Networking • Email and Phone • Blogging • Group Discussion • Get Together
  8. 8. Active and Passive voice orations 8 ACTIVE VOICE 1 Publishers use these machines to print newspapers 2 We place the article in the newspaper today. 3 She bought a book about locution. 4 I photographed a traffic accident. 5 They interview the singer. 6 They don't help you. 7 He does not record the news. 8 You do not write the letter. 9 The chronicler rejects your press article 10 The UNY newspaper reported on the new registration period PASSIVE VOICE 1 Newspapers are printed on these machines by publishers 2 The article is place in the newspaper today by us. 3 About locution a book is bought by her. 4 A traffic accident is photographed by me . 5 The singer is interviewed by them. 6 You are not helped by them. 7 The news is not recorded by him. 8 The letter is not written by you. 9 Your press article was rejected by the chronicler 10 On the new registration period was reported by the UNY newspaper
  9. 9. Thank You ! Any Query ?
  10. 10. Thank You ! Any Query ?